Greetings and welcome to my new Self-help Health site! I’ve been blogging at Evolution Made Easier for a number of years now and often include information about health and well-being in my posts there, but decided it was time to create a site devoted strictly to health-related information and resources,…. especially anything that is all-natural, simple to do/use, inexpensive and “self-help” oriented… things we can easily incorporate into our daily routine without expending a lot of time, effort or money.

Like a lot of people, I took my health for granted when I was growing up and was fortunate enough to enjoy physical well-being without even thinking about what I was eating or how much I was exercising. Then I started facing a number of  health “challenges” and in the process was diagnosed with chronic Lyme’s Disease, severe degenerative bone disease, skin cancer, heavy metal toxicity, anemia, and more. In my search for relief and better health I have done extensive research, tried tons of protocols, taken supplements too numerous to mention or remember, done a variety of cleanses, etc., etc. And I’ve learned A LOT along the way, often about what NOT to do. 😦  I have to say that often the things that seemed to make the most difference for me were those simple, inexpensive things I could do on my own, or things that mainstream medicine and even many alternative-minded healthcare practitioners leave out of the equation when advising individuals on how to go about regaining their health. Two things I think are key to health and healing that are often overlooked are self-love and self-testing, both of which will be discussed, along with numerous other things, in upcomings posts.

So stay tuned and come back often!

Salud (“to your health”), Zirah

p.s. Also check out my website Evolution Made Easier and companion blog  Evolution Made Easier for a wide variety of information and resources on health and well-being  on every level….mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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