Free Conscious Living Event

One of the great things about being alive during the technology age is that the internet makes possible an abundance of FREE on-line events that offer a wealth of health and wellness related information and tools, and I will be mentioning some of them here as I become aware of them. One event I just found out about that certainly sounds like it will be a great resource for self-help health information is the 4-day on-line epic 2013 Conscious Living World Summit, also called Evolvepalooza (got to love that name!), where you will have access to over 30 leaders in the field of conscious living, including Dr. Sue Morter, Dan Millman, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and Gay Kendricks, plus several that you normally don’t get to experience at these kinds of events, such as Braco and Caroline Casey (love her spirtual astrology books). The event runs from the 16th to the 19th and you’ll learn how to recognize and release toxic emotions, facilitate increased qualities of health and wellness, hear about ancient plant medicines that are changing the world, and much more. So sign up now and get ready to amp up your self-help health quotient!


p.s. Also check out my website’s To Your Health page and Evolution Made Easier blog for more self-help health tips, tools and information.

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