EMFs, Your Health & Vibes Up


If I had had a better understanding of the effects of EMFs on our health several years ago when I was writing my book A Healthier You From the Inside Out I would have included them in the Important Health Factors section because, like parasites, heavy metals and the other problems discussed there, EMFs often go unrecognized or unaddressed as a cause of ill health.

Suffice it to say that forms of radiation and “electronic toxins,” such as EMFs, are all around us and on a much larger scale than ever before due to the increasing number of positive ion generating items, i.e. computers, large screen TVs, cell phones, wire-less printers, cars, etc., we keep adding to our lives. For some people, such as those with Vata constitutions (you can learn more about body types/constitutions at http://www.banyanbotanicals.com/constitutions/), chronic Lyme’s Disease, or who are suffering from heavy metals and/or compromised immune systems (all things that have applied to me personally), EMFs and other positive ion based energies can have an even greater impact on health than on the general population.

But instead of focusing on the problem of EMFs (see this article http://emf.mercola.com/sites/emf/emf-dangers.aspx for more on this) and feeling like a victim, what I wanted to present here is a delightful solution,….Vibes Up! I realize there are a number of companies and individuals out there offering products to deal with “electronic pollution,” but none that I know of that have blended Science, Nature and Spirituality in such an ingenious way and come up with items that are actually fun to use, yet highly effective. And Kaitlyn Keyt, creator of the Vibes Up line, does such a good job of taking away the sense of EMFs being scary and us being victims. Instead, what she stresses in her presentations and on her website is how positive and negative energies are just a part of the life process. And she has managed to come up with creative ways to bring balance and harmony to these opposing energies by supplying computers, cell phones, etc. the negative ions they crave so they don’t etch them from our bodies.


Earth Energy Mat

All the Vibes Up products are made from natural substances, such as gemstones, plants, essential oils and quartz crystals and are easy and fun to use. Plus, they are also multi-purpose, e. g. the water bottle not only balances, enlivens and harmonizes the energy of whatever liquid it contains, but the special “power pack” bottom can be used to relieve pain and energize and harmonize anything (food, heart chakra, you name it) it’s put in contact with. I don’t even have a cell phone (yes, I realize I’m probably the only person on the planet that doesn’t), yet I have found numerous uses for the small “squishy pads” (aka icky shields) designed specifically to be used with them. These pads, as well as Kaitlyn’s other products, supply negative ions to generators of EMFs like cell phones to off-set their harmful effects, but that’s not all they do; they also work to ground, balance and harmonize our bodies and draw in beneficial energies that nourish and sustain us. Plus, at the same time they are helping balance our bodies and electronic equipment, they are also doing the same for the environment (e. g. when you use the shampoo or liquid soap and the bubbles go down the drain, they actually help bring balance to the water supply system!). How does it get any better than that?!


Lily Therapy Bear (has earth energy material in her tummy to give you all the same benefits as the rest of the Vibes Up products)

What makes the products so unique is they incorporate Nature’s intelligence, the power of Phi, the 8 to 5 “divine ratio” of creation, and the Piezo electric energy of quartz crystals (which emit 1,000,000 blasts of infrared energy per second) to accomplish what they do. And they’re capable of recharging themselves, so you don’t have to worry about periodically replacing them! You can go to the Vibes Up site to find out more about Kaitlyn’s visionary award-winning products, how and why they work, and how easy and fun it can be to quickly increase your health quotient and that of your family and the environment. All products have been tested by German Bio Resonance for effectiveness; you can also test them for yourself using kinesiology/muscle testing.

I believe strongly in what she is doing and love knowing that my purchases support a company and technology that is so heart-centered and forward-thinking. So far I have purchased several bracelets, a pendant, the toothpaste, deodorant, crystal “buzz” cream, big and small squishy pads/energy mats, charging coasters, lapdesk, Therapy Bear, and the water bottle….and plan to incorporate even more items into my daily routine. I love everything I’ve gotten so far and also love knowing that when I use the products I am not only energizing and balancing my body, but also the surrounding environment, including my *indoor plants, which are thanking me for the enlivened water they’re now receiving.  How can it get any better, and easier, than that?!

*You can also use the products to enrich the lives of your pets. Here’s a testimonial from Darius Barazandeh, Creator & Host of You Wealth Revolution Series:

“People have been asking me what my personal experience has been with Kaitlyn Keyt’s VibesUp program, so here’s what I am seeing….First I decided to try it out on my pet. I figured that if my pet acted differently and felt differently, then definitely this would be something to report. I put one of the vibrational grounding mats under Gigi’s food dish. Before, usually every morning after she eats she gets a slight upset stomach and throws up a little. It’s not fun to clean up either. Well, since I’ve added the mat under her food and water dish she has not gotten sick. It’s been 6 days. I’ve never seen that. Pretty interesting!

Also, I’ve been using the grounding mats, water bottle, creams and ionizer pendant and never felt better….I use the Crystal Cream on my 3rd eye and temples a couple of times per day. When I do, I feel a blast of energy. I also put my drinks and food on the mats and feel the same effect, as well. I am not sure if it is the Piezo Electric Energy or the Divine Ratio, but I love it!”

UPDATE 9/1/19: Vibes Up has created a version of their very popular, multi-purpose Earth Energy Mats that includes SHUNGITE, so now they are more powerful than ever. Check them out at Vibes Up now! 

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