Walnuts + Ice Cream = Good Nutrition? Yes!

Walnuts are a powerhouse of good nutrition and an easy and delicious way to improve overall health, as this excerpt from an article by Nanditha at Natural News points out…


(Natural News) Walnuts are the same shape as the human brain. So what’s new here? Considered the ultimate superfood, walnuts are now being served up as brain medicine for many reasons, not the least of which is because they are replete with omega-3 fatty acids, an essential fatty acid to keep the brain functioning normally.

Research says that low omega-3 intake can be linked to depression and cognitive degeneration. Eating a fistful of walnuts regularly then can keep the spirits up and prop up the grey cells for good measure. What is more, walnuts are known to raise melatonin levels by a whopping three times, promising relief from sleeplessness and insomnia. So if you’re tired of counting sheep at night and would appreciate a knock-out sleep instead, then consider ingesting a few walnuts as a pre-bedtime snack.

What is more, the walnut is considered a potion of sorts for the heart – it reduces cholesterol and enhances heart health. This nut is a powerhouse of nutrients – manganese, copper, iron, calcium, phosphorus – the stuff of a good, healthy, happy body. Walnuts contain more antioxidants, folic acid and vitamin E than any other nut, and specifically black walnuts have the highest content (among nuts) of an amino acid called argenine which is essential for cell division and protein synthesis.

If you are struggling to win the battle of the bulge, then turn to this ubiquitous nut for help. Walnuts are full of healthy lean protein, polyunsaturated fats, and are a powerhouse of polyphenols. Walnuts are easy to incorporate into the daily diet. If eating an ounce of nuts a day is not your thing, however, then throw them in your oats, salads, pasta and rice dishes or discover and share new wholesome ways of eating this delicious nut.

It is reasonable to assume that a healthy diet is medicine for the body and soul – your ticket to health heaven, all things considered, in your own hands.

The term food pharmacy is actually a reference to a real thing – the well endowed kitchen pantry that has healing foods as a matter of course, with answers to many an ailment, not just the common cold. So if you are not a serious snacker, better become one and give the medicine corporations a run for their money.


And here’s an easy to prepare dessert from The Earth Diet that offers a fun way to pack more nutriton into your your meal. What a yummy way to get your walnuts!


Makes one large tub for yourself or for sharing

2 cup walnuts
2 cup water
1 cup  maple syrup or honey
2 tablespoons cacao powder
1 tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)
1/2 teaspoon himalayan or celtic sea salt (optional)

ACTION: Either use an ice cream maker, Vitamix or high speed blender.
1. On high speed mix all ingredients until smooth fluffy ice cream like consistency.
2. Place in the freezer overnight!
TIP: Freeze for a few hours and then process again in the blender to make it even creamier!

+ ADD EXTRA cacao if you like super CHOCOLATE, add extra maple syrup if you like SUPER SWEET!
+ To replace the nuts (for nut allergies) use hemp seeds or sunflower seeds.


MY INPUT: I like chocolate, walnuts (read about how nutritious they are here) and ice cream. I also like good nutrition and simple recipes, so I’ll be making this sweet treat soon. But I don’t like real hard/frozen ice cream, so I won’t be freezing it overnight….maybe for just a couple of hours.  I would think you could speed up the freezing/hardening process by using ice cubes or very cold water in the recipe, so it could be ready to eat fairly soon. Make it before dinner and it could possibly be ready by dessert time!

 I will likely add some coconut oil and substitute coconut milk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk for some or all of the water, not only to add richness and creaminess, but to boost the nutrient value and ward off Alzheimer’s. How great to think you can be eating ice cream and helping keep your brain in proper working order! Sort of like having your cake/ice cream and eating it, too. 🙂

And I’ll probably experiment with different combinations of alternative sweeteners (e. g. agave, coconut nectar, coconut crystals, xylitol, liquid vanilla creme stevia) to see what ends up tasting best, with the lowest glycemic effect. As you can see, I love to find a recipe I like and then tinker and tweak it to make it my own. What would you do to “improve” things?

p.s. You can get the ingredients for the ice cream at a discount price at my favorite places to shop on-line…..iHerb and Vitacost. Go to my Links page and find out about all the ways to save even more when you shop there.



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