“Phone It In”: 7 Free Apps To Increase Your Fitness

I don’t own a cell phone (yes, I know, I’m probably the last person in the US that can say that), but for those of you who do, here’s an article from Naturaly News by Sandeep Godiyal about 7 free apps you can download to help you with your health, weight loss and fitness routines….

(NaturalNews) Getting into the best shape of your life starts in the palm of your hand with free mobile phone apps designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Track the steps you take each day, generate and stream a customized exercise playlist to keep you going, or learn how many calories to cut to help you reach your goal weight.

If you’re just starting out, almost at your goal weight, or looking to rev up your reps, there’s an app for that. Don’t just feel the burn. Free the burn.


Check these seven free apps to get fit:

Daily ab workout. A personal trainer that fits in your pocket. Get five- and 10-minute ab-sculpting workout tips (for targeting all major abdominal muscles), video demonstrations, and on-screen instructions and a timer. A paid version adds workouts for other body parts including arms, butt, leg, full-body, and a full cardio workout plan. (iOS)

Nike+ Running Billed as “the most popular running app on iTunes,” you can map your runs, track your progress, share your times with others in your social network and set daily and weekly goals. The app works regardless of where you run – treadmills, trails or tracks. (iOS)

Daily cardio workout. Gets your heart and legs pumping and boasts one app convert. After one week’s use, we have to agree. A certified trainer demonstrates different cardio routines which can all be done without leaving the house. The best part? Most routines can be done in 5 to 10 minutes. (iOS and Android)

LiftPro3 fitness tracker. Track all of your workouts, customize routines, and focus on muscle groups or total body workouts. Easy-to-read graphs and tables track your stats and progress while exercise instructions come with diagrams. Exercise for Dummies if you will. (Android)

Weight pad Losing the battle of the bulge? Bring in some help as this app lets you record your weight every day, track your progress, and view weight by week and month. Set a goal and let the app do the rest (diet and exercise not included). (Android)

Healthy recipes An app that combines tips for losing weight AND saving money on monthly food bills. Browse healthy recipes (submitted by more than 10 million users), instantly see nutrition content (fat, calories, and more), and see if you’re about to commit one of the 5 Worst Sins in American Diets. (Android)

Heart fitness. The app that detects how heart-healthy you are in less than a minute. The lower your heart rate when you’re at rest, the healthier you are. (iOS)

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