Structured Water: Part Deux :-)

Water,….it’s the basis for all life on this planet, makes up about 70% of our bodies, and, like the air we breathe, is something we can’t live without. So it just makes good sense that we should be as well-informed as possible about something so important, which is why this is my third post now about this life-giving liquid. If you haven’t read my previous posts Water, Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink and Structured Water: H2OMG!!, I recommend doing so before reading this post, since those two help “set the stage” for this one….

More On Structured Water & Why I (Highly) Recommend It

I read somewhere recently that, if I remember correctly, water is involved in virtually every process that goes on in the human body and comprises 90% of every cell, which is why giving your body enough of the right kind of water is so important and why this is my second post to discuss structured water.

As I mentioned in my H2OMG!! post, up until about 6 months ago I was barely aware of what structured water was or the many benefits it offered. Then I happened to hear Clayton Nolte, creator of Natural Action Technology™ Structured Water Units, interviewed on several tele-series. I was impressed by the “testimonials”of the various hosts and also the fact that a number of people bathing in structured water (SW) were surprised to notice that their scars were starting to fade. Although there were many things about using SW that appealed to me, the scar thing really peaked my interest since I’d had several surgeries a few months prior. And since Clayton’s devices come with a 90-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, I decided to give one a try.

I ended up purchasing the shower unit because it offered the huge benefit of not only be able to drink structured water, but also bathe and shower in it. Since the body soaks up to 7 cups of water through the skin and lungs during a 10 minute shower, the water you bathe in is as important, or more so, than the water you drink (read more here).

The first time I showered using the unit I felt like a kid again. Hard to explain, but somehow the feel of the water reminded me of how water felt in “the good ole days.” It was soft, smooth, wetter, and just felt better on my body. The unit took less than a minute to install; I just had to unscrew the water filter I was using and shower head and screw on the SWU. I liked the feel of the water coming straight out of the device so much….it’s like standing under a refreshing mini-waterfall…that I decided to not even put the filter or shower head back on. Plus, that way it’s a snap to remove the SWU for using as you would one of the portable units.

I know this sounds sort of flaky, but taking a shower became almost like a sacred or transcendent experience and I quickly got to where I looked forward to standing under my mini-waterfall each day. I also started doing long soaks, especially when my body was aching or felt “on the verge of coming down with something.” Spending time submerged in the water always made me feel much better and I noticed that the scar on my leg was fading faster than it had been before.

But apparently after awhile this all seemed so normal to me that I forgot how different it was from showering in regular water or even filtered water. When I visited my father about a month ago, it unfortunately jogged my memory and gave me a chance to re-experience the “bad ole water days.” I had actually taken my shower unit with me and planned on using it for showering and structuring drinking water while at my father’s, but I couldn’t get the shower head in the bathroom there loose, so no refreshing mini-waterfall showers for me. 😦 I was unpleasantly amazed and surprised at how harsh, sticky and drying the water was while showering, and the accumulation of heavy vapors in the air from, I assume, fluoride and chlorine. Boy, what an eye-opening experience! It gave me a whole new appreciation for my SWU,  plus I vowed to take a big wrench with me on my next visit so I can hopefully get that old shower head loose.

But the way my body and skin feel during and after a shower or bath in structured water is just a small part of what has sold me on Clayton’s devices. I also feel more centered/balanced, stronger and more upbeat. And what’s interesting is I use to always have to heat the filtered water I drank. I didn’t realize it then, but I think this was to help make it easier for my body to process and assimilate. Also, I think heating water actually helps restructure it because of the spin it puts on the water as it boils. Since switching to a SWU, the only time I heat water is when I’m making hot tea. I talked to someone familiar with Clayton’s devices and  they happened to have the same experience, too. It’s like my body doesn’t have to expend extra energy now making the water more compatible with and accessible to the cells.

Anyway, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the benefits I believe are possible from switching to one of Clayton’s units. In my previous post H2OMG!!, I listed a number of pluses, including neutralization of bad bacteria and toxins, less joint and muscle pain, increased bio-photonic energy, improved skin and hair, and decalcification of the pineal gland. I have to admit that until recently I didn’t know much about the pineal gland, other than it was connected with the 3rd eye chakra and expanded consciousness. But I recently read an article that stated:

With the recent admittance by Harvard University that fluoride was bad for health, and the continuing news that points to fluoride being responsible for depleting brain capacity to causing ADD and ADHD, or even calcifying the pineal gland, (which inhibits important hormonal secretions like Melatonin and Seratonin, and DMT), it is wonderful news that such a simple remedy has been found.

The article was about the ability of tulsi, or Holy Basil, to help remove *fluoride from water (you can read more at:, but it made me realize how de-calcifying the pineal gland may be one of structured water’s biggest benefits.

Illu pituitary pineal glands.jpg

Another fascinating article about the pineal gland was in a recent issue of Om Times. It mentions a number of interesting facts, including:

The pineal gland is made up of mostly water, the same material your physical eyes are made of. The water also serves as a conductor with the gland, associated with vibrations and light..

Calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride deposits in the pineal gland have been correlated with aging, but more importantly, the damage done by fluoride to the gland is directly linked to dementia, and Alzheimer disease.

So the fact that structured water provides the pineal with the same type of water that it’s made of, de-calcifies the gland and neutralizes any fluoride present in the water is a BIG DEAL!

*For more on the dangers of fluoride, refer to my first post on water:

And the uses and benefits of having an SWU go beyond what is does for the body directly. There are multiple ways SW can have a big impact in the kitchen. It helps raise the energy, improve the taste and off-set any toxic effect of any foods you add it to or beverages you brew with it, such as coffee and tea. You can also rinse or soak fruits and vegetables in SW to negate any pesticide residue, while at the same time improving their nutritional level (also helps revive shriveled or wilted produce). If there’s something you don’t want to put directly into the water, for example a piece of meat you are going to cook, just put it in a baggie, seal and put in the water for several hours. The process will help tenderize the meat, improve the taste, and off-set any toxic effects it would normally have on the body.

Any plants you have will also benefit from you having an SWU. My plants are going gangbusters and I may have to quit using the water on the aloes because they are starting to take over the place. 🙂 I also put out structured water for the backyard critters and they seem to love it, as well (pets do, too).

And I will be having some celebratory champagne at a Thanksgiving get-together coming up, so I plan on trying something I’ve heard about several times. The first time I heard it mentioned was during one of the interviews Jennifer McLean, of Healing With the Masters, did with Clayton Nolte. She talked about how they structured all the liquor/beverages at a party she had and no one experienced any  kind of hangover effects later. Apparently you can either run whatever you’re going to drink through a portable SWU or just add a few drops of structured water to the drink, and it will not only help take away any bitterness and improve the taste, but also help neutralize any toxic effect it would normally have on the body.

That’s one of the great things about Clayton’s portable model; you can easily take it wherever you go and structure the water or whatever else you are drinking. Actually, all of the SWUs are portable because they are fairly small and light-weight, but the portable unit is specifically designed to be used in that capacity. If you travel and/or eat out a lot, this can really be a big plus. In one of his recent articles, Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about how the ice in many beverages served at restaurants is unhealthier (contains more bacteria) than water taken from their lavatories; he also recommends drinking structured water in the article:

“Scientific tests have shown that ice from branches of McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks, Cafe Rouge and Nando’s all had higher levels of bacteria than samples of water taken from their lavatory bowls…..

One of my new passions is structured water as pioneered by Victor Schauburger. *Vortexing appears to be one of the best ways to produce this and I’m currently doing some research to help define this better.”

Dr. Mercola also mentions the possibility of finding a natural spring in your area and getting your water there. That’s what I used to do before getting an SWU, but it was time consuming and part of the year the outlet to the spring was not easily accessible because of snowy roads up the mountain.

*Vortexing is how Clayton’s SWUs structure the water….just like in nature.

You can read more of the article at:

In my opinion, you really owe it to yourself to at least check out Clayton’s devices. You, your pets, plants and the planet will all benefit in a variety of ways. And there’s a device available for every kind of need or situation….a portable unit, one for the shower, under-the-sink, garden, a whole-house model, and even a unit designed for use in commercial properties (I heard one of the Westin Hotels in Las Vegas is jumping on the band wagon and having units installed throughout their facility).

And here is just some of the impressive feedback from people using Clayton’s devices:

MOST IMPORTANT PURCHASE FOR HEALTH & WELL-BEING “I consider the purchase of the DE Portable unit to be the most important purchase a person can make especially with regards to a person’s health and well-being.” ~ Brian T.

NO MORE BUGS ON MY TREES, JUMBO SIZE CROPS & AMAZING TASTE! “Last August ago when I installed Clayton Nolte’s structured water home unit to my property in Arizona, I was fighting an extremely troublesome problem. There is a very beautiful, desirable Texas mountain laurel tree in my yard, but it continually had worms that live in these type trees….and as the owner I was constantly spraying the tree to preserve its beauty and get rid of the aggressive worms. Guess what! Now, months later, the tree is in full bloom with no worms!!! Clayton’s information told us that bugs would not be able to tolerate this water….and he is right. So far, I have seen no worms…or the big desert roaches that try to creep inside our houses. I may never need an exterminator again!

Of course I was already elated about having the whole house unit installed because of the wonderful pure water taste, and feel…when taking a bath or shampooing my hair. Also it was a good thing to be able to disconnect from the reverse osmosis equipment and the soft water system that I had before, because there is no need for them now. My structured water unit also flows into the pipes that supply the water to the plants and garden area around my house, and you should see the crop of fruit that it is producing this spring…pomegranates double in size, lemons almost as large as grapefruit, and the best tasting grapefruit and oranges ever. Also, the fig tree is full of lively, new growth and figs, the roses are fantastic, and the scent around the house is out of this world. The same structured water also flows through my pool, and the water looks and feels so silky. You need to come for a visit so you can experience this in person. Please pass this along to Clayton Nolte and tell him how much I appreciate his genius for designing this incredible fluid machine.” ~ Lil in AZ

AMAZING TOMATOESI am retired close to the city of Pau, in France, and let me inform you about the results I have, thanks to Natural Action Structured Water. The pictures I send you are proving the results I had in my garden. Baths feel better, pH is stabilized to 7, I don’t have to use pH reducer anymore. And these tomatoes are out of this world! The one in the first picture is over 2 lbs (1kg) all by itself!” ~ Laphon Puyo, Pau, France

GROW MORE FOOD & REVITALIZE YOUR GARDEN “Last year our garden was absolutely the worst it’s been in years. This year, however, I used the structured water unit and WOW what a difference. I have never seen sweet corn that has looked as good as ours did. The cobs were huge! A number of plants got planted late, but they all caught up in growth in record time. The structured water has me sold. We planted some cabbage plants at least a month late and we now have wonderful heads of cabbage, the same with our tomato plants! AMAZING! THANK YOU!” ~ Sally Reed, Boyceville, WI

USE LESS SOAP, SMOOTHER SKIN “Hi Clayton: Our Natural Action Technologies device is producing amazing changes in our water! My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing. I use less shampoo. Less soap is needed for washing the clothes. The new water has rejuvenated our plants. My husband says our water tastes better, too; and morning coffee is smooth – no longer bitter. We love the new device and the new life it has produced in our water.” ~ Lileth B. Randall, Salt Lake City, UT

Since the body is over 70% water, the quality of the water we drink (and bathe in) has a big effect on the health of our bodies, so using structured water just makes good sense, and, in truth, improves all levels of your well-being…not just the physical. And your pets, plants and the planet can benefit as well.

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For anyone who still thinks bottled water or any product that causes more plastic containers to be added to the environment is an acceptable option, be sure to read:

FYI, I love all the Vibes Up products I have (read about them in this post) and think their special water bottles and beverage snap wraps make ideal “accessories” for maintaining the high energy of structured water. A marriage made in heaven! 🙂 Also, something I’m getting ready to experiment with is making blue solar water using structured water. The resulting water should end up with amazing beneficial energies and properties. I found a good deal on some cobalt blue bottles on eBay to use and they should be arriving any day now.



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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

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