Yea! Health-promoting Holiday Gifts On Sale!

Yea! Vibes Up makes some of my most favorite things on the planet and they are having their big sale of the year right now, offering 52% off on everything that isn’t already discounted! Use code ‘THANKFUL52’ at checkout to get the special deal. This is a great opportunity to get a head-start on any holiday shopping you plan on doing AND save big time on some really special and unique gifts for those near and dear to you (including your pets). I love all the things I’ve gotten from VU, but especially recommend the Divine Soles and Earth Energy Mats (both now available with the new higher-powered formula containing puffy crystals and zeolite), Lotus Happy Mist and Therapy Bears. The mats have over 100 different ways they can be used and provide balancing, harmonizing, grounding energy, while at the same time off-set EMFs and other non-beneficial things in your environment. How does it get any better than that?!

Image 1

Actually all the products provide multiple benefits and almost all can be used in a variety of ways. That’s why I love them so much. Two items I got awhile back, the eye mask and Earth Ion Lapdesk, I hesitated buying because I wasn’t sure I would use them enough. These have turned out to be things I use multiple times a day. The eye mask rarely gets used as an eye mask, but more as a “feel better, heal better,” ouchy relief pad. I had several surgeries on my face earlier this year and whenever I’m lying down I use the mask wherever I need some good vibes on my face or body. Of course it also works great as an eye mask when sleeping or meditating, or when you just want to rest your eyes and clear your mind a bit. 🙂

And I use the LapDesk not only for working on my laptop, but also whenever I’m sitting around reading, writing something, or as a little mini table when eating out on the balcony or elsewhere. I’ve also used it during energy work and had people hold it over their solar plexus to provide balancing, harmonizing and grounding energy during their session.

I’m not sure how long the special 52% off will be good, but at that rate you can get two of whatever you want….one for you and one as a gift for someone you care about!  Just put THANKFUL52 in the coupon/comment box on check-out. So visit the Vibes Up “Vibrational Wonderland Webshop” and get crackin’.  🙂


Read my post on Vibes Up and EMFs here:


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