Free Detox & Weight Loss Programs To Start The New Year Off Right!

Want two early holiday presents that will actually be good for your health? The first is Holistic Nutrition Coach Nancy Desjardins’ Fresh Start Detox program, and since our digestive systems can easily get out of whack this time of year with all the extra eating and rich foods, I thought this might be of interest to a number of people. Here’s what Nancy has to say about the program….

I am giving away something very dear to me. “Fresh Start Detox” is now yours for free! We’re entering the holiday season, and this is a program that everyone can benefit from.

The only thing I’m asking is this: Please share this program with someone you know who could benefit from the program!

The Fresh Start Detox is a program that covers several critically important health topics, including natural ways to detoxify your body as well as the relationship between emotions and weight loss.

In addition, this program offers you a sample seven-day meal plan that’s designed to provide you with nutrition without stressing your digestive system, plus recipes and meals, including simple dressings to encourage people to start eating more vegetables.

The beautiful part of this sample meal plan is that it doesn’t leave you feeling hungry.

The program is also very alkalizing. It’s gluten, dairy, and soy free.

Everything I share with you in “Fresh Start Detox” is what I do at home! And now I’m giving it to you.

What a lovely way to end one year and begin another!


Nancy Desjardins ROHP/RNCP
Holistic Nutrition Coach

And here’s another “gift” to help you stay on track during the holidays and beyond…
The Holistic Weight Summit is kicking off Monday, December 9th (that’s today!) at 5:30 pm PST and will run until Sunday, December 15th. It has a great line-up of speakers, and since the holidays are often a time of over-eating or unhealthy eating, this might be “just what the doctor ordered.” The event will be broadcasting two holistic weight loss speakers each day and you will have complimentary access to their sessions for 36 hours. Presenters include David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis and Dr. Gabriel Cousens. You can sign up here.

Also, if you act quickly, here’s another free health-related resource…

The curtains are up!  For the next 48 hours (or less, depending on when you read this) you can watch the ENTIRE ground-breaking health movie Food Matters for FREE

If you’re SICK and TIRED of feeling sick and tired, and if you’ve had enough of our medicine-obsessed, treat-the-symptoms-not-the-cause society we live in, you’re going to love Food Matters. It lifts the lid on why, despite billions of dollars being spent on research, we continue to suffer as a population from a raft of chronic illnesses and disease. Then it shows you exactly how you can repair, rebuild and rejuvenate your body using real, natural nutrition. 

The film features David Wolfe, Charlotte Gerson, Patrick Holford and many more of the world’s leading nutrition, medicine and health experts. Food Matters will teach you how to: 

– use FOOD as your medicine

– how to detox, lose weight and keep it off!

– the foods to fight anxiety, depression

– natural therapies to fight degenerative disease

– how to eat for optimal health & energy

And you can WATCH IT FOR FREE HERE for the next 48 hours!


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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.


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