When Organic Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

How interesting. I was just talking to someone the other day about how I felt that even eating organic these days didn’t insure that you were safe from all the toxins in our food supply and that people were fooling themselves if they thought it did. Then I came across this article by Mike Adams of Natural News, who is probably one of the most health conscious people on the planet. It talks about how he discovered he was being poisoned by exposure to toxic elements lurking in organic foods. The one nice thing about the unfortunate things he’s been going through with his health is that he is well-known and will be able to get the word out to a large audience about some of the hazards of our food and health supplement, plus also has the ways and means to actually test things to find out if they’re as health-promoting and pure as we’ve been led to believe. An eye-opening and scary situation…. 


(NaturalNews) I’d like to thank all the Natural News readers for your support as I’m engaged in intensive laboratory research and not posting very many stories right now. This will continue through early January up until we break our big announcement on food science.
You may have heard some rumors that I discovered I’ve been exposed to a chronic, accumulative, low level of toxic elements (poisons) over the last couple of years. This rumor is true, and over the last several months, I have been able to identify the sources of those poisons and remove them from my diet and my environment. Some of these poisons are still coming out of my hair and urine, but overall levels have dropped dramatically. At no time were the exposures acute. I’m talking about an ongoing low level of exposure that builds up over time, not an emergency level at any one time.

What’s shocking is that I was being exposed to these toxic elements even though I thought I was living a pristine lifestyle with an incredibly clean “organic” diet rich in superfoods and supplements. It turns out that many organic foods are a total myth because they’re incredibly contaminated. More on this point in future articles…

What’s also shocking is that you, too, are almost certainly being chronically poisoned in the way I was being poisoned, and details on all this will be forthcoming as part of our announcements in 2014. I can assure you that you are being exposed to surprising levels of cadmium, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum and even uranium — another element that I am now finding at trace levels in nearly all food. (And yes, I will report more details on that later, too… we are all eating FALLOUT!)

Just to give you concrete examples of some of what was going on, here’s some of what affected me personally over the last few months:

• I was being poisoned with cadmium from eating USDA certified organic jerky product. It contained 4,000 ppb cadmium. (Fortunately I didn’t eat much of it.) I was also being poisoned with cadmium found in organic brown rice at 3,000 ppb.

• Shockingly, I was being poisoned with lead from growing and eating my own sprouts. Through analytical testing, I discovered that these sprouts contained 400 ppb of lead due to the seeds coming from an unclean source. This was absolutely astonishing because I always assumed sprouts were healthy. It turns out they can also be toxic if the seeds are contaminated. Unless I had access to my own lab, I never would have gone to the trouble of testing sprouts for lead.

• I was being poisoned with high levels of aluminum from a dietary supplement that almost no one realizes is loaded with aluminum. In detailed laboratory testing, I was able to show that this substance releases massive amounts of aluminum into the GI tract, drastically raising blood aluminum levels and also increasing aluminum levels in urine. I’ve gone to great lengths to try to avoid exposure to aluminum, so this finding was especially disturbing.

Thankfully, all these exposures were of relatively low levels, and because my diet is so rich in healthful nutrients, botanicals and whole foods, I was able to eliminate these toxic elements rather quickly once I nailed down the sources of exposure. The truly shocking thing is that as the toxic metals came out, my brain “awakened” and my outlook on life shifted dramatically. On the physical side, you may have noticed from my lab photo that I’ve slimmed down considerably as my body weight is coming back into healthful balance.

I will share much more of this story with you in January, when we launch a series of breakthroughs in food science and environmental medicine. These findings on toxins in our food are one small part of what we have in store for you.

Why it’s crucial that I share this information with you

This experience of discovering I was being poisoned by “healthy” foods and products has made an enormous impact on my mission for Natural News readers and fans. I’ve come to realize that it is crucial that I share these findings with you so that you can avoid the chronic poisoning under which we are all suffering. And while eating organic food was exposing me to low levels of toxins, people who eat conventional processed foods are being poisoned to a far greater degree — with devastating results for their health.

We will not survive as a civilization if we do not reverse the chronic poisoning of our food, our planet, our farms, our bodies and our own children. As part of what we are unveiling in 2014, I will also be presenting critical findings to you about high levels of toxic elements found in off-the-shelf products. On the positive side, I’ll also let you know which products we are discovering to be incredibly clean and safe to consume in very large quantities. (By the way, one of these is any hemp product from Nutiva. All the Nutiva products we’ve tested are ridiculously clean [available at discount prices at Vitacost and iHerb, as well as other on-line sources].)

I feel incredibly blessed that I have been granted the intellectual and financial capacity to have identified these toxic exposures in my own life, and now the next most important step is sharing these findings with you. Your support of Natural News and our Natural News Store has made this possible, so thank you for your generous support.

Get ready for a whirlwind of mind-blowing information from Natural News in 2014. We are going to empower you with new findings, knowledge, wisdom and a wealth of data that will revolutionize your life for the better. What I’ve hinted at here just barely scratches the surface of what we will be unveiling in just one month!

Learn more: 


1/7/14 Update: Here’s a follow-up article to the one above; it includes a link to where you can find out the lab results on foods and supplements Natural News is testing. Sounds like a great resource to be aware of:


Personal Note: As disheartening and scary as it was to read about what’s lurking in some of our “healthiest” foods, at least there are things that can be done to help off-set the toxins in our food supply, such as using Vibes Up Earth Energy Place Mats and structured water. The mats help negate any non-beneficial energies/substances in the food, beverages, or whatever is placed in contact with them. You can find out more in two of my previous posts:



And here are two posts about the many uses and benefits of structured water, which is able neutralize toxins it comes in contact with, so it would be helpful for rinsing your foods, as well as in cooking and for drinking as you eat your food:




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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

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