The Yoga Code Free Virtual Conference Is Coming!

Here’s another free event from EnTheos that sounds interesting and expansive, so sign up now so you won’t miss out on all the health-promoting information and insights that will be shared….

Get ready to shatter what you thought you knew about yoga, and join Jackie Dumaine, founder of The Yoga Code™ as she unveils the “other side” of yoga…..the side that doesn’t involve downward dogs or the ability to touch your head to the ground.

You’ll be learning from a panel of 17 dynamic and visionary thinkers in the field of Parenting, Money, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness, Body Image, Yoga and more on how the 10 Universal Principles  of ancient yoga wisdom can be used to create a life with more peace, balance and joy.  Yea!  Forget the postures! Do some soul yoga 🙂


Sure, yoga seems relaxing and can be a great practice for a healthy body, but what if I told you that there’s a completely different side of yoga that doesn’t even involve a rubber mat or black stretchy pants?

Yoga has inspired people for generations to excel in areas of their lives that go beyond just health and fitness.

Author and creator of The Yoga Code, Jackie Dumaine, has created a 3-day virtual conference that includes 15+ interviews with some of the world’s visionary thinkers​ as they open up about the 10 Universal Principles​ of ancient​ yoga wisdom and how you can use them to start creating a life with more Peace, Balance and Joy. ​

The Yoga Code virtual conference is available for streaming FREE online March 17 – 19, 2014. 
This wisdom can create immediate transformation in your parenting, relationships, finances, happiness, body image and so much more!
Don’t worry about the headstands and spinal twists, just dive in and reflect on yoga’s ancient wisdom to create more happiness and passion in your everyday life.

What You Need to Know:
Dates: March 17 – 19, 2014
Price: FREE
Where: Sign up online here.

PLEASE NOTE: Rubber mat and black stretchy pants not required. 🙂

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