Cleansing the Liver: Part II

I had meant to get this information posted right after my other post on cleansing the liver and gallbladder, but I was involved in a great Drunvalo workshop called Awakening the Illuminated Heart this past week and not spending time on the computer, so I apologize for the delay.

Anyway, in Cleansing the Liver and Gallbladder I talked about several popular routines for cleansing and detoxing the liver, thus the name of the post :-). Here are a few more options, including the routine I finally settled on after experimenting with several different protocols. Hopefully between the information given here and in the previous post you will find something that will work well with your schedule and body. Talking about coffee enemas and yucky stuff coming out of your system are not really fun topics, but these protocols can often make a BIG difference in your health, so…..


How to Clean Your Liver with 5 Natural Liver-Cleansing Tips


Andreas Moritz’s Liver Cleanse Protocol:

You may want to try a couple of different cleanse routines and see which one works best for you. After trying the Great Smokies and Hulda Clark protocols mentioned in my previous post, I settled on a version of the one outlined in the book The Amazing Liver Cleanse, by Andreas Moritz.

His routine is much like Clark’s, but also mentions the possibility of substituting malic acid capsules for people who have blood sugar problems or can’t handle or don’t want to drink all the apple juice required to help soften the gall stones and make them easier to pass. It’s basically the malic acid present in apple juice that has a softening effect and helps dissolve stagnant bile, so taking a specific number of capsules several times a day can be used in place of drinking a lot of juice. I find this makes things much easier than using juice or having to get the phosphoric acid used in the Great Smokies routine, although I think I got the best results with the phosphoric acid—but that may have been because I had a lot more stuff that needed to come out when I first started cleansing.

To follow Moritz’s version of the cleanse, you take from *1500 – 2000 mg. of the malic acid, divided into several doses throughout the day, and always with a full glass of warm water. I notice that my stomach sometimes feels a little queasy (maybe because of the acid content of the malic acid) if I take the morning dose on an empty stomach, so now I make a point of taking it with some food. See what works best for you. And be sure to use a straight malic acid supplement, not one that contains a mixture of malic and magnesium or something else.

Start this dosage 6 to 7 days before the day of the actual cleanse. During that preparation time Moritz recommends avoiding meat, dairy, fried foods, and cold food (harder for the body to digest than warm) and suggests timing the actual cleanse to coincide with the full moon or a few days after. On the day you’ll be taking the Epsom salts and olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture, avoid sweetness, spices, fats, and proteins, and don’t eat or drink anything but water after 2 pm.

The rest of the routine is basically the same as many other liver cleanses (see my previous post), with a dose of Epsom salts at 6 pm and again at 8 pm, and the oil and grapefruit juice mixture at 10 pm.  After downing the oil/juice, Moritz suggests lying down flat on your back, with several pillows propping you up, or if that’s uncomfortable, on your right side with knees pulled up toward your head, then going to sleep. The next morning between 6:00 am-6:30 am drink the 3rd Epsom salt dose, followed by the last dose 2 hrs. later. After a couple of hours you can drink freshly pressed fruit juice, but should eat light for the next couple of days.

Moritz also says to cleanse the colon or have a colonic before and after the liver cleanse, and that you might want to take the malic acid for a few days following the cleanse in case there are some gallstones still in transit out of your system. There are more details about cleansing and maintaining a healthy liver given in his book. It also contains information about ways to improve overall health and well-being, so it might be something you’d want to invest in (you can purchase the book at

 *You can get the malic acid at several sources listed at the end of this post. Also, I recommend self-testing or having someone muscle test you for the amount of milligrams your body wants/needs to take, although the range mentioned should give you a good idea of how much to use.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gallbladder Flush:

I haven’t tried this routine yet, but it incorporates raw apple cider vinegar, of which I’m a big fan. The basic directions are as follows:

A week before the actual 2-day flush, start preparing your body by drinking (slowly) ½ tsp apple cider vinegar (ACV) with 6 oz. apple juice upon arising, at mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and again after dinner. If you’re hypoglycemic or diabetic, then dilute with half distilled, filtered, or structured water. Organic apple juice is rich in malic acid, potassium, pectins and enzymes that act as solvents to soften and help remove debris and small stones from the body. During the actual 2-day flush, no food is eaten, only liquids. Combine 1/3 cup Bragg’s Organic Olive Oil (no substitutes), 2/3 cup organic apple juice, and 1 tsp. ACV. Drink this mixture 3 times during the first day, and twice on the second day. At night, sleep on your right side, pulling right knee toward chest to open pathway for stones to leave.

About mid-morning on the third day, eat a salad made with raw cabbage, carrots, celery, beets, tomatoes, sprouts, and lettuce, topped with ACV and olive oil. Or, if desired, have a bowl of lightly steamed kale, collards, chard, or other leafy greens. Season with Bragg’s ACV, olive oil and a spray of Liquid Aminos. When on the flush, some nausea may occur. This likely shows that toxins, mucus, and bile are being dumped into the stomach, and you may need to regurgitate to relieve the situation. Drink 1 to 2 glasses of purified/structured water and depress your tongue, if necessary, to help get things up and out of your system. (NOTE: This flush is not for diabetics, unless supervised by a health professional.)

3-Day Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse:

In case you’d like still another option for cleansing the liver, and don’t mind drinking a lot of apple juice, here is one more routine. I haven’t tried this one, but it was given to me by a colon hydro-therapist, and I figured she would be someone who’d be “in the know” about such things. After the numerous times I’ve had trouble getting down the ½ cup of olive oil you take in other protocols, I was more than a little nervous about the ½ pint this one calls for, but, hey, it just may be your cup of tea (er, I mean, oil :-)). The instructions are as follows:

For 2 days eat very light. Take 2 TBS. of cold pressed organic olive oil in ¼ cup of apple juice in the morning and evening. Drink 6 to 7 glasses of apple juice throughout the day, plus lots of water. On the 3rd day, do not eat any food! Drink 2 TBS. of olive oil in ¼ cup of apple juice and the usual 6 to 7 glasses of apple juice during the day. That night mix ½ pint of olive oil in some lemon juice and water with stevia drops, and start drinking it 1 hr. before bed. Go to bed and lie on your right side with left leg up to your chest until at least 3 to 4am. Using a coffee enema at 4 to 5 am is very helpful in clearing out the system. If you feel sick, chew on some ginger or drink ginger tea.

Coffee Enemas:

It is believed by many healthcare practitioners that coffee enemas provide quick relief when fatigued, sleepy, headachy, or feeling just plain lousy. The protocol can also help with spasms, precordial heart, throat or chest pain, and difficulties resulting from the sudden withdrawal of all intoxicating sedation. Coffee enemas also work to release toxins from the liver, so they are often included as part of cleansing routines, especially those involving the liver and gallbladder.

Drinking a cup of coffee has an entirely different effect on your system. It can cause problems such increased reflex response, lowered blood pressure, increased heart rate, insomnia, heart palpitations, over-stimulated adrenals, stomach irritation, and leaves a toxic residue in the body. A coffee enema on the other hand, when done properly, causes the liver to produce more bile, opens the bile ducts, and causes the bile to flow. In this process, a toxic liver can dump many of its toxicants into the bile and get rid of them in just a few minutes. This can give great relief to all parts of the body, and often makes the difference between having to lie down after your cleanse or quickly recuperating and being active.

Colon therapies and enemas help to remove the toxic mucoid plaque around the colon walls and the elimination of parasites in the gut. They also facilitate better gut mobility and frequency of healthy bowel movements.

Coffee enemas give an added benefit over typical water based colonic therapies by stimulating the liver to produce greater amounts of glutathione. Glutathione is the bodies master antioxidant and helps protect the intracellular DNA and eliminate toxins from within the cells.

Studies, in test mice, have found that green coffee beans increase glutathione production in the liver by 600% and by 700% in the small intestine. The enema is the most potent way to gain these powerful effects because the enzymes of the digestive tract do not interact with the nutrients before they reach the liver.

Coffee enemas are known to help individuals with gallstones, liver problems, digestive problems, low energy, autoimmune diseases and cancer. They are used in almost every natural health retreat center, around the world, for their remarkable ability to cleanse and detoxify in a short period of time…..

If coffee cannot be tolerated due to allergy, then one could use a diluted raw, apple cider vinegar or green juice enema. You could also try an organic tea such as green tea or an assorted blend of organic herbs that the individual is able to tolerate. Obviously, if you suffer from a serious health condition, it’s best to find an experienced healthcare provider to help guide you through the process. – Dr David Jockers of Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, GA

When I first heard about people using coffee enemas years ago, I thought “Boy, what is the world coming to.” Seemed like some strange routine Hollywood must have come up with. But they kept showing up as part of certain healing routines (coffee enemas, not Hollywood celebs :-)). Then two different hydro-therapists mentioned them, and a naturopath said she used them on a daily basis to help cure her cancer. So I figured I might as well give them a try. During one of my first liver cleanses I found that even after all the stuff I got out with the Epsom salts and oil/juice mixture and the colonic I had scheduled the next morning, I was able to get even more stuff out by following up everything with a coffee enema. Disgusting, but amazing. So you may want to at least consider trying one.

The two routines listed below are very similar, but you may want to experiment and see which one works best for you. Also, there are a number of different substances that have been used over the years in enemas, such as wheat grass juice, aloe vera, and garlic, that you could try using. But because coffee has a direct effect on the bile and liver, it’s the ingredient most often recommended in conjunction with a liver/gallbladder flush.

Coffee enema routine #1: 

Put 3 heaping TBS. of organic coffee in a glass pot and boil uncovered for 10 min.; strain into a qt. jar and fill the rest of the jar with spring/structured water.

Fill enema bag and hang approximately 18” (if you hang the bag too high the fluid will run into the colon too quickly and may cause discomfort) above the body (it seems to work well and make for easy clean-up to set the enema up in the tub, so that if you have any leakage during the process it will just go down the drain; you can suspend a coat hanger or two from the shower head and hang the bag from that); lie on your left side and insert tip (lubricated with non-petroleum jelly or vitamin E) into rectum.

Pinch/clamp tube to control flow of liquid; when all coffee has run through, turn over on your back and raise your hips off the floor/bottom of the tub. Massage abdomen on left side, going up towards your rib cage for a few minutes; then turn over on your right side and bring both knees up to your chest (all this helps move the fluid up through the colon and toward the liver).

Relax and do some deep breathing; try to hold the enema for about 12 min. (yikes! I found that seemed like forever!) to give the intestine a chance to absorb the caffeine (if you can’t hold for that long, repeat the process—but not more than twice). Then sit on the toilet and void.

Later drink some orange, grapefruit, or apple juice, or 1 TBS. apple cider vinegar in a cup of water.

Coffee enema routine #2 (based on Dr. Gerson’s book A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases):

Take 3 TBS. of organic ground coffee and add to 1 qt. of water; let it boil for 3 min. and then simmer for 20 min. Strain and use at body temperature.

Lying down on your right side, with both legs drawn close to the abdomen, insert the lubricated tip of the enema tube.

Breathe deeply as the enema flows into the body in order to draw the greatest amount of fluid from the bag into the necessary parts of the colon. It also helps to let all the air out of the lungs and suck the gut in and out while in this position.

Try to retain the fluid for 10 to 15 min. (it helps to have a clock within easy view and something to read while waiting; I even put a pillow in the tub so it’s more comfortable for my head). The caffeine is absorbed from the fluid within 10 to 12 min. and goes directly through the hemorrhoidal veins into the portal veins, and into the liver (lying on your right side helps move the fluid in the necessary direction).

Sit on the toilet and void.

Often it’s hard to really see what’s coming out when you’re on the toilet because of the dark color the coffee gives the expelled fluid. But, depending on your current health situation and condition of your liver, you may notice more stones (how nice that they float!) and strands of mucus, yeast, etc. After you’ve voided as much of the enema fluid as possible, be sure to clean out the “dregs” from your colon by administering a second enema with purified/filtered/distilled or structured water. You may want to break open a probiotic capsule and add the contents to the “final rinse” water to help re-populate your colon with friendly bacteria.

WARNING: It’s important to remember that any time you cleanse the system, have a colonic, or administer an enema, you are flushing out the good bacteria as well as the bad, so be sure you replenish the friendly flora, either by taking a probiotic or eating naturally fermented sauerkraut, yogurt, etc. Also, coffee enemas cause bile to be excreted, which contains many valuable mineral salts. To lose these salts without replenishing them could be harmful, so be sure you are on a good diet of broths and fresh juices (or take something like Best Whey) to assure vital nutrients are replaced.

Also, you can get many of the ingredients, including organic coffee, for the various cleanses from one of my favorite places to shop; use code CJG192 if you are a new customer and spend more than $40 and you will get $10 off, plus you can take advantage of their wonderful specials and trial offer section. Shipping is free on orders of $20 and up, and there’s no sales tax. There’s an extra 5% off on orders over $60. is another on-line favorite of mine and also has a huge selection of products.  If you are new to Vitacost and make your first purchase of $25 or more through the link on my webpage you will receive a $10 off coupon. And if you plan on shopping again after that, be sure to sign up for a free acct. at, if you don’t already have one. That way you can use the eBates portal to shop at Vitacost (and 100s of other popular stores) and earn cash back on your purchases. Plus, eBates also offers some reward–I got a $10 gift card–when you place your first $25 order at a store through them. How does it get any better than that?!

Or you can check out Global Healing Center and the liver cleanse kit they offer. Type “liver cleanse” into the search function and it will bring up info about the kit, plus other useful liver/gallbladder related information and articles.

Background information on how and why coffee enemas work:

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UPDATE 9/5/14: I just happened across this article and it had information and a couple of liver cleanse protocols, including one that uses walnut oil, which is supposed to be more palatable than olive oil. You may want to check it out:



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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.


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