Vibes Up Is Having A Sale!

One of my favorite lines of health care products is on sale! Yep, Kaitlyn Keyt at Vibes Up is celebrating her birthday by offering any product that is not already on special or part of a package deal at 40% off. I meant to tell you about this sooner, but you still have until July 31st to take advantage of the sale. Just use coupon code ‘BDAY40’ at check-out. And these products are not just good for humans…..just read two of the stories/testimonials below that were featured in a recent newsletter and you may want to get some things for your furry friends, as well…..


And speaking of furry friends, this Therapy Bear is a great item for young and old alike…people or pets. Just be aware that it’s tummy is stuffed with nurturing and grounding earth energies of flowers, plants, gems and tree extracts in vibrationally conductive comfy VU special squishy material, so you want to be sure it doesn’t get torn apart.

My daughter got this one last year for Christmas. Since the first night she slept with it in her arms, she stopped having nightmares (and stopped waking up totally terrified in the middle of the night, mama’s collateral gain!). Now she sleeps well, falls asleep easy, and on the tough days for mama, she lends it to me in the evening.
p.s. As we travel a lot, this is extra-handy for traveling too! 🙂 –Iona

I wear my Vibes up stuff every day and share with all of family and friends.  I have spent thousands of dollars on my Vibes stuff, but worth every penny.  My son grabs the healing mats all of the time and he gets a lot of bumps and bruises because is an active 8 year old; he loves the bears, we have 2 a large one and a small one. He always picks what one he wants and then gives the other one to me. –Karen

The Earth Energy Mats are one of my favorite VU products because they can be used in so many ways and have so many benefits, including off-setting EMFs/radiation and providing grounding, balancing and harmonizing energies.


I could go on and on about all the amazing things that have happened to us with all of the Vibes up stuff.  In March, one of our dogs was sick and we took her to the ER vet.  They kept her overnight and then told me to take her home so that my son could say goodbye.  That little angel of mine, took his (VibesUP Mat) healing pad and kept it on her all night.  The next day we took her back and all her organs and her stomach were normal.  The Vet said that if he didn’t see her the day before, he would have thought it was a different dog.  We do have another dog that is her sister so at first I thought that I brought the wrong dog.  We do talk to our angels a lot also so I do think it was a miracle combination of both.  We now have one of the old mats in their crate. –KAREN K. and SON


I had a similar experience with my sons Kitten he got at the pound. They gave it shots and a surgery too young and sent it home with us very sick, it got worse and worse each day. It stopped eating and one day it crawled out of my sons room and I knew it was finding a place to die like animals do. I touched it and could feel death moving in. So I followed my heart and put a VibesUP mat under kitty and a squishy on top. I also said thank you to nature from my heart for helping the kitty. The next morning my sons came busting into my room saying “MOM MOM! The kitty is not only eating she is PLAYING!” Kitty went on to become a big beautiful happy cat. 

Keep in mind if its an animal’s natural TIME to transition, Nature will not interfere with that. But it’s always a good idea to give your pet’s body the energy and let it decide what it wants to do with it. 🙂 I have helped revive so many wounded animals with the mat and squishies that I feels like a earth energy Doctor Doolittle! I LOVE animals so much, it makes my heart so happy that I can help them in anyway.— Kaitlyn

Check out  more Vibes Up products here.

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