A Must Watch Documentary & The Detox Challenge

A few days ago a friend sent me a link to a documentary titled Resonance: Beings of Frequency. I already had a back-log of stuff on my “To Do” list to watch or read, so I thanked him for sharing, but planned on  just deleting the link. However,  I couldn’t really tell what the film was about from the title and figured I should at least check it out before sending it to the trash. Well, after the first few minutes I was hooked and ended up watching the whole thing in one sitting, even though it’s about 1 1/2 hours long.

The film is full of really fascinating and often scary stuff and does a great job of weaving together a number of topics I was already at least familiar with and cared about…..like the Schumann Resonance and how our bodies and the planet literally operate “on the same wavelength,” why the bee population is so important and what is likely causing its decline, how birds find their way during migration, and the health issues that come from all the EMFs and microwaves that are an unseen, but ever-present part of our lives. Startling, depressing statistics, …..eye opening scientific data. If this movie was required viewing, I feel there would be a big outcry and demand from the general public for immediate regulation and reform in the technological industry and elsewhere. I urge you to watch Resonance, so grab some popcorn and get comfy. Then pass this post along to others.

Here’s the lead-in to the film….


In the mid eighties fewer than 3% of all people in most of the countries were using cell phones, but if you fast forward to today almost 100% of the people are using cell phones.

By the time they’re 19 or 20 years old, our children will have used the phone for 10 years, and we have no idea what type of risk that’s carrying. Now we live an an ocean of electromagnetic radiation.

It’s all around us now, invisible, but we know it’s there. Every time you lift up your mobile phone you know it’s there. It is very hard to turn the clock back, in fact it is impossible, but we need to be aware of the adverse health effects so that we can have the choice of taking precautions against the exposures.

How could we have possibly thought that putting microwaves to our brain was safe? We just don’t fully understand what we’re doing.




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On another note, The Detox Challenge is starting in September. If you are interested in participating in this 21-day, step-by-step, Functional Medicine-based detoxification program, here’s what you will receive:

  • Daily instructional support via e-mail

  • Recipes, tips and downloadable tools, including the Dietary Guidebook and Tracking Journal

  • Weekly webinar calls with Deanna Minich, PhD, with special Functional Medicine guests

  • Online support and Q&A led by Functional Medicine practitioners in a private Facebook group

  • New expert speaker audio interviews on detox

You can find out more here.

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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

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