Free 10-Day Hot Yoga Challenge

A quick post to let you know about a free event you may be interested in signing up for. Here’s the invite from Lucas at Yoga Body Naturals …..


Our first yoga challenge was such a huge success (over 6K attendees) that we’ve decided to launch and bigger and better 2nd challenge this month. It’s a 10-Day Hot Yoga Challenge, and here’s how it works.

STEP 1: signup here (it’s free)
10-Day Hot Yoga Challenge – Free Online Video Series w/Prizes

STEP 2: every day during the challenge, you’ll get a very short tutorial video with 1 pose to do.

STEP 3: take a selfie doing the pose, and post to Facebook or Instagram with #HotYogaChallenge and @AbsoluteYogaAcademy and you’re automatically entered to win.

We have over $1000 in prizes, really cool stuff including mats, clothes, yoga props, coaching sessions and much more. This is going to be a big event, and it’s just for fun. Hope to see you there!

Stay bendy,


p.s. This challenge is produced by Absolute Yoga Academy, my professional yoga teacher training school… in case you’re wondering. 🙂

p.p.s. It all starts on the 25th of August, but please be sure to reserve your spot now (there is no cost)
10-Day Hot Yoga Challenge – Free Online Video Series w/Prizes


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