Fascinating Information On Aging, Alzheimer’s And More

I recently watched a segment on 60 Minutes about an on-going NIH study of people in their 90s and older to find out what was contributing to their longevity. Even though I saw the live broadcast, I watched the replay available on CBS News and enjoyed it just as much the second time around. Some of the senior citizens taking part in the study are a hoot and very inspiring. I highly recommend watching…..very entertaining and informative. You may be surprised, as were the doctors and researchers conducting the study, to find out that gaining a little extra weight in old age can be good for you, as is high blood pressure (what?!). And that moderate in-take of coffee and alcohol seem to support living longer, as well. And some of the things they’re finding out about Alzheimer’s are turning that field of study and research on its ear.




Be sure and watch both segments; the second part should start playing automatically after a short commercial

And I just found this while on Facebook. Wonderful pictures and fits so nicely with the spirit of the individuals filmed in the 60 Minutes segment. Sure to bring a smile to your face :



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