Science Confirms Music Is A Multi-purpose Health Aid


They say that music can “soothe the savage beast,” and I’ve always known listening to certain pieces of music was “good for my soul,” and that listening to the Mozart Effect albums had multiple benefits for my mind and body. But I didn’t realize music came with all the pluses mentioned in this article from…..


15 Amazing Effects Music Has On Your Health - Backed By Science

by Eevee G

Many people don’t know this, but listening to music is not just something that brings joy, it can also improve your health in a variety of ways and scientists have proven that through many researches. Read on to find how music can make your life more awesome.

Helps you sleep better

Music contributes for a healthy sleep. Researchers have found that classical music can help us deal with insomnia, especially college students. This is definitely a healthier and much cheaper fix for your sleeping disorder than taking pills.

Fights stress

It is no surprise that listening to music helps relieve stress from your shoulders. Studies have found that music stimulates biochemical stress reducers, which helps us feel more relaxed.

Helps you get in touch with yourself

As it puts us in a better mood, music helps us get in touch with our emotions, a 2013 study suggests. The participants marked “self-awareness” as one of the most important advantages of music.

It relieves pain

Music has the ability to decrease the intensity of pain. It activates sensory pathways that fight pain pathways and takes a person’s attention away from the pain.

Fights anxiety

When we are feeling anxious, listening to music can help us fight it as it has the same effect on the brain as a massage has on the body.

Acts as a motivator for bikers and runners.

College students conducted research and proved that the people who rode stationary bicycles were able to work harder while they were listening to fast music compared to those who weren’t listening to any music during the experiment. If you are like me and prefer running, listening to your favorite songs can help you beat your personal records and even strengthen your endurance. Long story short, music helps you perform better during your workouts and also makes them a lot more enjoyable.

Helps you recover faster after a workout

It’s proven that your body recovers faster after a hard workout when you are listening to your favorite music.

Fights sadness

Researchers have found that music can successfully fight symptoms of depression, but the genre is very important. Classical and meditation music can boost your mood when you are feeling down,  but listening to heavy metal or techno music won’t help that much with chasing away the bad thoughts.

Personal note: I’ve read studies where some of the heavy metal music actually has a negative effect on health and mood.

Helps the function of the blood vessels

Science has proven that the emotions that people have while listening to music contribute to healthier functions of blood vessels. As music makes you feel happier, it boosts the blood flow in your blood vessels.

Helps with stroke recovery

A Finnish study found that if stroke patients listened to music for 2 hours a day, they recover faster. Not only their moods improve, but also their verbal abilities and attention span, too.

Improves performance in high-pressure experiences

Fast music can help you fight stress before a high-pressure experience—an important game, for example. Research have proven that listening to fast music just before a basketball game helped players relieve the stress and perform better.

Makes you mindful while you eat

Playing some music in the background is proven to help people slow down and enjoy their feeding process. This makes them more aware of what they are consuming and really tasting the food, rather than eating quickly, which leaves them feeling hungry and dissatisfied with the meal.

Improves cognitive functions 

Playing background music while working on tasks that need your mental focus can boost your performance. Research has found that music can boost one’s cognitive abilities, but only if it has the same effect on the emotional state.

Music can get you into a state similar to meditation

Slow music can have an effect on the speed of your brainwaves and makes them similar to someone who is in a meditative or hypnotic state. This can have a healing effect, as it eases the symptoms of PMS and behavioral issues.

Eases patients going through a surgery  

Research discovered that when patients are played music just before cardiovascular surgery, they start feeling less worried. Moreover, music reduces the stress after the surgery, if it is played while the patients are resting in their beds.

It doesn’t matter what the music of your choice is. The information above has probably assured you that music will not only bring joy and inspiration to your life, but is a great source of health as well.



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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

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