Free Thyroid/Adrenal Tele-seminar, Transforming Aging Summit, “Dirty Dozen” Infographic, and More


I have several free health resources for you today….The first is a tele-seminar from Medical Medium Anthony William that I’ve signed up for that I thought you might be interested in. He will probably have a different take/slant on things than a regular doctor or healthcare practitioner would and that could prove interesting and informative, as least from my point of view. And I like that you’ll be given a link for accessing the replay, if you can’t make the live presentation.



Secrets behind Adrenal Fatigue & Thyroid Issues - Free Teleseminar with Anthony William

Free Teleseminar:
Healing Adrenal and Thyroid Issues
Wed Feb 25th @ 10am ET

If you register for the event, a link to a recorded copy will be emailed to you.

As many of you may know, my mission here is to help you heal. You and the millions of other people around the world who are suffering with disease and illness, even after decades of failed attempts to get better.

What makes me different is my one of a kind, direct access to Spirit, who tells me exactly what is wrong with you and how you can heal. It’s an extremely powerful and rare gift, one that has the potential to heal you and give you back your health and enjoyment of life.

In an effort to offer more support to more people, I will be doing a free tele-seminar that will cover one of the greatest epidemics affecting people today, often unknowingly: Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Issues.

To register or for more info, please click here.

Poorly functional adrenal glands and thyroids are causing endless amounts of pain and burden for people today.

Symptoms can include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Weight gain
  • Poor Digestion
  • Brain Fog
  • Irritability
  • Constipation
  • Hot flashes
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep issues
  • Hair Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Dry skin

And while these symptoms can ruin or cripple your life, it doesn’t have to stay this way. Adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues can be healed. You can get your energy and strength back so you can spend more time doing what you love and enjoying your life with freedom.

In this tele-seminar, you’ll learn:

  • More about my life and how I started to hear Spirit at age four
  • Secrets to what adrenal fatigue really is and how you can start to heal it
  • How to increase your energy, reduce irritability, and improve metabolism
  • Secrets to why your thyroid isn’t working optimally
  • How to detox your thyroid & reduce thyroid nodules
  • Valuable steps to heal your thyroid
  • Answers to some of your health questions

There is no fee for this teleseminar. It is my gift to you to help you heal. I hope you join me for this healing journey. It is my greatest wish to see the world become healthy.

To register or for more info on how to attend or get your free recording, please click here.


And here’s an event that should be of interest to almost everyone…

The Shift Network is sponsoring the Transforming Aging Summit, a global teleconference offering a new paradigm of aging — one of vast potential — infused with vitality, purpose, continual growth and service.

Founder and director of The Center for Conscious Eldering, Ron Pevyny, will be hosting this summit in partnership with The Shift Network on March 3 – 5th.

Join some of the world’s top conscious aging experts like Marc Freedman, Gabriele Cousens, Marilyn Schlitz, John Robbins, Jan Hively, and Richard Leider in establishing an empowering and meaningful conversation around the hot topic of aging!

You can sign up for the series on my What’s New page.


And I haven’t watched the documentary Bought yet, but I plan to, especially since it’s going to be available to view for free until March 6th. If you are interested in knowing more about vaccines, GMOs and the Big Pharma connection, you may want to check it out. Here’s the “blurb” I received about it…..

Quick question…

…How disturbing would it be, if you legitimately found out your family’s health has been purchased away from you all?  Intentionally, and with malice cover-up?

Well get ready to be very DISTURBED. (And enlightened!)

We’ve all heard a lot of people talk about concepts like this, or how “Big Pharma” is out to screw us… but, it’s pretty eye-opening to see exactly how Monsanto, Merck, and GlaxoSmithKline are actually profiting off human lives!

So all of the (outrageous) evidence has been packaged into a film documentary called BOUGHT (it was titled that because our “personal health decisions” have apparently been “bought” from us, by Wall Street and Big Pharma lobbyists). 

You can sign up to view the film here:

3/1/15: I just finished watching Bought and I hope as many people as possible in the US watch it, especially moms with growing children. The statistics about what’s happening to our health and way of life because of overuse of vaccines, GMOs and more is alarming, and that’s an understatement.


And finally, the last tip about free health resources is this great infographic from Juicing with G that shared in a post….

Pesticides have been linked to cancer, developmental disabilities, endocrine disruption, and many other serious problems.

This infographic from Juicing with G gives critical information about which are the most, and the least, pesticide contaminated fruits and vegetables.

Dirty Dozen Infographic

This chart does not address GMOs. So sweet corn shows up as being less contaminated with pesticides, mainly because the husk catches most of them. But if the corn is genetically modified, then it is itself literally registered with the EPA as a pesticide. Watch out for that!



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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.


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