Free Unstoppable Energy Event And Orawellness Does A “Floss-Off” :-)


Okay, today’s featured information is not based on a hard-hitting exposé, like the ones on the 14 ingredients in McDonald’s french fries or all the toxins in tea, but I have to admit it caught my attention, partly because I could identify with the dilemma of being overwhelmed by all the choices for floss these days. In fact, I was doing some shopping recently for my father, who’s in assisted living, and floss was on the list and I didn’t know where to start when I saw all the brands and options the store offered.

Anyway, I appreciate that the good folks over at Orawellness, who make a great organic Healthy Mouth Brushing Blend by the way, took the time to do all the research and comparisons I don’t have the time and background knowledge to undertake. AND I now have 2 new brands of floss I am going to start buying because of their results. Saved me a lot of time and effort, plus now I’ll feel like I’m investing in the best products and supporting companies that are more eco-friendly than some of the others……


What is the Best Floss on the Market and Why?

What is the best floss on the market and whyHave you ever gone to buy dental floss and felt numb by all the choices? I recall feeling confused by all the options and had lots of questions come up.

Should I get the dental tape, the fluffy stuff, or even the flosser picks with the cute kid’s heroes on them?

Which one is going to remove the most plaque from between my teeth?

Which floss is going to hold up and not shred on that one spot in my mouth where floss always seems to snap?

I’m sure you have your own version of these questions…

So we decided to do an analysis of 12 national brands of dental floss, test them and rank them based on several criteria and share our findings with you.   We selected from a wide range of companies (from big brands to smaller, ‘healthy’ brands) and types of floss (from traditional waxed to tapes and picks)

We chose to score each floss in 4 categories:  value, benefit/risk of floss, environmental friendliness, and quality of floss.  Here’s a quick description of each so you know where we are coming from in the analysis.

Cost Value:  This is simply the cost per use.  To determine the cost per use, we have assumed that you will use an 18” piece of floss for each use or a single flosser pick.  (We priced each floss online either at the website of the company who produces the floss, at, or in our own store if it carries the floss.)

Benefit/risk of floss:  In this category, we share best uses for the floss as well as any design type drawbacks of the floss.

Environmental friendliness:  Here we discuss the pros and cons of packaging, floss material, etc regarding the overall environment impact.

Quality of floss:  This is where we share our personal experience testing the floss, whether we liked it, whether it functioned well between tight contacts, tended to shred, etc.

We gave an amazon like 1-5 stars rating on each of the above categories, then averaged the scores for an overall OraWellness rating on each floss.

Instead of including all the flosses Orawellness tested, I will only feature the top 3 choices they came up with here, but I highly recommend reading the full article to see where your floss (you DO floss, don’t you?! ;-)) is on the list. I was surprised where some of the brands ranked.

Here are the winners:

Oral B Complete Deep Clean Ultra Floss

Health Benefit & Risk/Best Use:   It’s nice because it ‘fluffs out’ when you release pressure on the floss.  This is particularly beneficial if you have any bigger gaps between teeth as the floss is a matrix of filaments so grabs plaque and food better than many flosses.  The down side is it tends to snag on any filling/crown sharp edge or calculus and can shred, which is really a bummer when you get a tiny piece of floss stuck between two tight teeth.

Environmental Friendliness:  Plastic packaging, plastic container.

Quality of floss/ingredients:  This floss was our favorite many years ago and if we are traveling and need to purchase some floss in a pinch, this one functions pretty well.  Made of nylon.

Cost value:  $.03 per use.

Overall OraWellness score:  3.75 stars

Dr Tungs Smart Floss

Health Benefit & Risk/Best Use:  Dr Tung’s is one of our ‘go to’ flosses these days.  In fact, it’s Susan’s preferred floss.  This floss replaced the Oral B Ultra Floss several years ago when we found Dr Tungs.

Environmental Friendliness:  plastic packaging, ‘biodegradable’ plastic dispenser, nylon floss

(In their defense, Dr Tung’s is making a real effort to bring their packaging up to a more environmentally friendly status.)

Quality of floss/ingredients:  This floss is strong, it’s ‘fluffy’ and a bit stretchy.  It removes plaque better than most flosses we’ve tried.

Cost value: At $.10 per use, this floss is on the higher end of the cost for floss.  The cost factor is really the only downside to this floss.

Overall OraWellness score: 3.75 stars

Eco-Dent GentleFloss

Health Benefit & Risk/Best Use:  Great floss.  Very, very slightly waxed which makes the floss slide better.  But it’s not so waxy that using the technique we teach to put our Healthy Mouth Blend on the floss won’t work.  (If a floss is too waxed, the floss won’t absorb the Healthy Mouth Blend to use this powerful technique.)

Environmental Friendliness:  Finally, an awesome packaging solution!  Paperboard dispenser, no extra plastic packaging.  The only downside to the packaging is if it gets wet it will not function well.  But hey, that’s the idea of having a floss container made of pressed paper, right! :)

Quality of floss/ingredients:  nylon floss with quality ingredients included in the floss (various beneficial plant botanicals)  Like we stated above, the amount of wax on this floss is just right.  This is Will’s favorite floss and the one that we carry in our store.  Given the combination of value/cost per use, sustainable packaging, and quality of floss, this is tied for #1 for us.  (Among the lowest cost per use + great floss = no brainer)

Cost value:  $.03 per use

Overall OraWellness score: 4.5 star


FYI, you can get both the Dr Tung’s Smart Floss and Eco Dent Gentlefloss, as well as numerous other flosses, at discount prices at Vitacost and iHerb, two of my favorite on-line places to shop. I’ll be ordering some myself in the next few days.

How about you?  What’s your favorite floss and why?  Was it one of the ones in the “floss-off”?  Please share your input in the comments below, especially if you know of an awesome floss that didn’t get reviewed!

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