BPA: What’s In YOUR Cans?


 If you are concerned about eating as healthy as possible and supporting companies that truly care about your well-being, here’s a helpful article from Samara Geller, Database Analyst and Sonya Lunder, Senior Analyst at EWG (Environmental Working  Group). Moms of young kids might want to pay special attention to this information because youngsters’ systems have a harder time in dealing with the effects of BPA. So interesting to see how Wolfgang Puck’s organic soup is packed in BPA containing cans. Seems like an in congruent thing to do, doesn’t it?



Behind the Brand Curtain

You may know that bisphenol A, a synthetic estrogen found in the epoxy coatings of food cans, has been linked to many health problems. Many companies have publicly pledged to stop using BPA in their cans. But consumers like you have had no way to know which canned foods use BPA-based epoxy. Until now.

EWG analyzed 252 canned food brands, mostly between January and August 2014, to find out which of them packed their food into cans coated with BPA-laden epoxy. Here’s what we discovered.

78 brands used cans with BPA-based epoxy lining for all their products


31 brands used BPA-free cans for all their canned products

BPA-Free Brands include Ace of Diamonds, American Tuna, Amy's, Annie's Homegrown, Beach Cliff, Bearitos, Bionaturae, Earth's Best Organic, EarthPure, Farmer's Market, Genova, Gluten Free Café (From Health Valley), Health Valley, Health Valley Organic, Imagine, Juanita's, Jyoti Natural Foods, King Oscar, Lucini Italia, Muir Glen, Native Forest, Natural Sea, Pillar Rock, Port Clyde, Raincoast Trading, Read, Seneca , Sprouts Farmers Market, Tyson, Walnut Acres, Westbrae Natural

Don’t see your favorite brand on these lists? Use EWG’s Food Scores to look up individual products and see their BPA status – and so much more.

Source: http://www.ewg.org/research/bpa-canned-food?inlist=Y&utm_source=201506BPARelease&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201506BPARelease

Here’s a great document from EWG you can download. It’s got more in-depth information on the topic, plus detailed input and lists on which brands are the best and worst for using BPA in their cans. If consumers made a point of spending their food dollars supporting companies/brands that care enough to protect our health, then it would go a long way in helping change things for the better.

Want more information about the state of BPA in the canned food industry?

Click here to read EWG’s full analysis of BPA in canned food.

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