Free Events: Metabolism Training, Abundant Energy Summit, Qigong AND MORE!


I have information on lots of free on-line events to share with you today. First up, an invite from Niki Gratix and the folks at Health Talks On-line to the Abundant Energy Summit starting on August 24th……

Abundant Energy Can Be Yours!

The 30 powerful, expert sessions at The Abundant Energy Summit, Aug 24th – 31st, will benefit anyone with chronic fatigue syndrome or ME and related illnesses, including Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, as well as those with burnout, people who are “tired all the time” or those who want to supercharge their energy.


Niki Gratrix, award-winning, internationally-renowned registered nutritionist and health writer, created The Abundant Energy Summit to present participants with the most comprehensive set of possible solutions covering body, mind and spirit. These are based on cutting edge, state-of-the-art science, research, clinical experience and perennial wisdom from Eastern cultures.

During the Abundant Energy Summit, you’ll enjoy a synthesis of experts sharing:

  • State-of-the art research to optimize physical, energetic, psychological and spiritual energy
  • Comprehensive framework for your approach to reversing fatigue
  • Practical steps to personalize your program and improve energy
  • Guidelines and examples to reverse serious forms of chronic fatigue

Here are a few of the incredible experts who will speak at The Abundant Energy Summit:

  • Ken Wilber, 4 Quadrant Theory and Defining Integral Medicine
  • Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Moving from Conventional to Functional Thinking
  • Rollin McCraty, PhD, Connecting to Heart Energy
  • Tom O’Bryan, DC, Is Gluten Stealing Your Energy?
  • Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, 5 Levels of Healing

With 25+ additional presenters sharing their expertise about energy, this free resource is intended for men and women everywhere! And as soon as  you register, you’ll have access to the following gifts :

  • Is Gluten Stealing Your Energy? by Tom O’Bryan, DC
  • The 4 Quadrant Theory and Defining Integral Medicine (Part 1) by Ken Wilber
  • Gluten Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue and Autoimmune Disease eBook by Tom O’Bryan DC
  • Healing Yourself and Others by Mastering Energy and Information eBook by Harry Massey

Here’s the line-up for the first day:


And another event that sounds very interesting is this one sponsored by The Shift Network about using Qigong for overcoming stress and disease…..

The Shift Network

A remarkable number of popular and effective modern holistic modalities are based on Qigong, a set of ancient practices developed in China.  Qigong literally means “Life Energy Cultivation.” Qigong is a discipline perfectly tuned for our modern lives — a practice that empowers our physical healing, mind expansion and spiritual transformation.

This is why The Shift Network is excited to welcome Qigong Master, Mingtong Gu on Wednesday, August 26th as he shares: Transforming Stress & Disease Through Qigong: How to Release Old Blockages & Heal Your Body, Mind & Emotions.

Mingtong is among the foremost teachers of Qigong in the West, who apprenticed and learned in his native China. He’ll teach listeners how to take “energetic care” of their body and lay the foundations for a long and vital life through this time-honored practice!

During the hour-long presentation, you’ll learn to:

•    Circulate more Qi to weaker parts of the body
•    Use specific sounds to activate your organs
•    Engage with Qigong to transform and release emotions

I invite you to discover how to connect with the powerful energy (Qi) that supports and nourishes your body. It’s free to attend and as a registered participant, you’ll receive a downloadable audio of the presentation.

You can sign up for the Abundant Energy Summit and Mingtong’s Qigong training on my website’s What’s New page.

Another free resource is the replay of a webinar on How to Detox in Body and Mind…….

Interesting Image

A replay of Deanna Minich’s webinar conversation about detoxification in the body and in the mind with Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, integrative medicine physician and author of Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind is available this weekend.

Here is some of what you will learn about in the webinar:

  • The importance of emotions in a detox
  • How to detox mercury from the body
  • The role of dairy in a detox – good or bad?
  • Why tackling stress is essential to detox
  • Why detox is good for the brain

And mark your calendar for August 28th – 30th because there will be a free FMTV screening of $tatin Nation ……

Discover the truth behind the cholesterol-lowering drug industry and learn why statins are doing more harm than good. This incredible documentary could save your life or the life of someone you love!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, and up until recently, it was believed that high cholesterol and saturated fats were major risk factors for these diseases. But in this documentary, $tatin Nation features cardiologists, nutritionists and medical experts from around the world who reveal the research that shows this may not be the case.

You can reserve your spot here.

And I think this 4-part video series on metabolism by Dr. Josh Axe may still be available for a few more days. In the first video he talks about how sugar, grains, hydrogenated fats and artificial sweeteners wreck your metabolism and keep you from losing weight. He also discusses phytic acid, coconut oil and coconut flour. Here’s the invite from Dr. Axe…..

These are the surprising hidden foods that you’re probably eating right now, that are keeping you from losing weight. And it all starts with “The 4 Metabolism Death Foods

Watch the video here: 

Metabolism Training

If you’re working out and doing everything you think you should but still aren’t losing the weight or getting as lean as you’d like, there’s a reason… 

Eating any (or all) of these four foods can:

  • Cause you to store body fat
  • Throw off your hormones
  • Negatively impact your digestive tract
  • Ruin your weight loss efforts
  • And much, much more…

Sign up here to get FREE access to this entire training series.

And finally, this weekend free access is being offered to the entire 11-part “The Quest for The Cures…Continues” docu-series. Simply click on any of the episodes at the following link to instantly watch that episode:

p. s. Ooops! Just came across something else to tell you about in my morning inbox. It’s documentary that should be relevant to almost everyone because it has to do with cell phones. Here’s the invite from Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense……

For 3 days only, I’m pleased to bring to you a FREE STREAM of Kevin Kunze’s acclaimed film MOBILIZE.
“Mobilize is an investigative documentary that explores the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation, including cancer and infertility. The film examines the most recent scientific research, follows national legislative efforts, and illuminates the influence that technology companies have on public health. Mobilize features interviews with numerous doctors, politicians, cancer patients, and technology experts.
Filmed over three years and edited together from hours of footage, Mobilize includes accounts from individuals at the following organizations and universities: Apple Inc., the World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the National Cancer Institute, the Cellular Telecommunications Internet Association, Yale University, Harvard Univers ity, USC, UCSF, UC Berkeley, and Virgin Mobile.”



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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.


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