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Well, I meant to do a follow-up on the previous post Just Say No To “Pinktober”? long before now, but other things have been vying for my attention. Better late than never though, right? And it IS still Pinktober, er, October. 🙂

Anyway, if you or a family member or friend have been affected by cancer (which, unfortunately, is probably just about everyone), then I think it’s more than worth your time to read the previous article and this one. Awareness is the first step toward informed action and the ability to create better health and well-being for us all!

First up, the “Cliff Notes” version of an article about cancer research from The Truth About Cancer. Then, some depressing statistics having to do with the Susan G Komen For the Cure Foundation from Magdalena Wszelaki, and information about how hormone imbalance can play a key role in the cause of breast cancer…..


Stopping the Cure: Why Cancer Research isn’t Focused On the True Cause of Cancer


Article Summary

  • In the past 50 years hundreds of billions of dollars have been poured into cancer research. However all that research has failed to keep the incidence of cancer from continuing to increase.
  • There is a very good explanation for why cancer research has failed so badly… it has been directed away from the true main cause of most cancer – toxins.
  • If toxins were recognized as primary causers of cancer, this would focus attention on the industries which produce toxins as well as the companies whose products contain toxins.
  • To ensure the spotlight is kept off toxins, cancer-causing companies have placed representatives in key positions in both government agencies and non-profit organizations. These include the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society (ACS), and the Breast Cancer Awareness Movement.
  • The cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. The inescapable reality is that all those profits, salaries, and perks can only be maintained if we do NOT find a cure for cancer.
  • There are cancer organizations out there who appear to be independent of ulterior influences and are working to actually make a difference. A partial list includes:
    • The Independent Cancer Research Foundation
    • The Annie Appleseed Project
    • The Cancer Prevention Coalition
    • The Breast Cancer Fund

You can read the full article here:

And during the first part of October I received this e-mail from Magdalena Wszelaki at Hormones Balance titled “Pink Ribbons– Help or Scam?” with more eye-opening statistics and information about how she believes hormone imbalances are a key cause of breast cancer……

You will be hearing it everywhere throughout October: “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and you will be seeing Pink Ribbons on products, websites, marches, runs and events.

I have a problem with all of it.

For one, “awareness” is passive knowledge. Most women know that breast cancer is a serious issue and it’s not going away. 1 in 7 women will develop breast cancer.

“Awareness” has turned into an industry of the pharmaceutical companies and their stooges (allopathic doctors) sending us for mammograms, MRIs and biopsies.

As educated women, we are well aware of breast cancer. And what do you do? Go and get scanned as a “routine procedure.” You check your breasts for lumps. And every time you feel something, a moment of panic sets in.

I’ve been there. At first I was in denial for a few months, and then my partner forced me to get them checked out.

That fear. That uncertainty. That internet search that brings even more questions and anxiety.

Breast Cancer “awareness” creates a false sense of security that you are going to be OK. And, it takes us away from one key thing that most women do not do enough of: PREVENTION.


“Awareness” IS NOT prevention. Awareness is waiting.

There are many reasons I dislike Pink Ribbons and here are a few (gathered by my friend Chris from Chris Beat Cancer):

*  Only 21% of money that Susan G. Komen for the Cure raises goes to cancer research “for the cure.”

*In 2010, Susan G. Komen for the Cure partnered with KFC who sold pink buckets of chicken “for the cure.” Apparently the folks at Komen don’t know that fast food consumption is directly linked to obesity, and that obesity is the 2nd leading cause of cancer.

*In 2011, Susan G. Komen for the Cure created and sold a perfume called “Promise Me” containing potentially cancer-causing toxic ingredients coumarin, oxybenzone, and toluene. After criticism, they pulled it from the market.

*In 2012, Komen Founder/CEO Nancy Brinker was paid $684,717, a 64% increase from her $417,000 salary in 2011. And this was AFTER a big drop in donations and half their 3-Day races were canceled.

* In 2013, Susan G. Komen for the Cure partnered with Real Water to sell pink water bottles, even though disposable plastic water bottles contain BPA, which is linked to breast cancer tumor growth.

*In 2014, Komen partnered with Maybelline, a company that is well known to use the very chemicals linked to estrogen dominance (and the leading cause of cancer).

*As a result of some of the shenanigans above, in 2014, Charity Navigator downgraded Susan G. Komen for the Cure to 2 stars (out of 4).

So no, I will not be going to marches and runs. I wont be buying products with Pink Ribbons on them. More importantly: Pink Ribbons makes you disillusioned that “all that support” will save you and other women.

That is far from truth.

Millions of dollars are poured into research and yes, some of it is needed. But let’s not forget about this basic fact:


A hormonal imbalance that can easily be managed and reversed with FOOD, supplements, herbs and lifestyle choices (like your cosmetics, skin care products etc).

Let’s shift gears and go into actions (and let’s move away from just passive “awareness”).

What can you do to prevent breast cancer?

Lots. My team and I have worked really hard for the past month to create a lot of new resources for you on the types of breast cancers, what can you do to reverse estrogen dominance (ED) to reduce your risks.

This is what I suggest you do:

*Step 1* : take this quiz to figure out if you have symptoms of ED:

*Step 2*: read our new article “The Breast Cancer and Estrogen Link. 15 Ways to Prevent and Manage Breast Cancer Naturally” : https://www.hormonesbalance. com/articles/breast-cancer- estrogen-link-risk/

*Step 3*: share this info with women who:
a.      have a history of breast cancers; themselves or in the family
b.      have a history of breast lumps
c.      have a history of thyroid nodules or cancer, uterine polyps, ovarian cancer or endometriosis (all connected to ED)

I hope you find our new resources empowering. Among all the hormonal imbalanced, I find ED to be the easiest to reverse and manage, so I hope you jump on board and get started too!


P.S. After adopting a Estrogen Dominance Protocol, my breast lumps have disappeared in 2 months. I outlined many of the things I did in this article:

https://www.hormonesbalance. com/articles/breast-cancer- estrogen-link-risk/

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And unfortunately certain cancer organizations are not the only places to reconsider donating your funds. There are a number of charities that have bad track records for not spending monies where/how they’re supposed to, plus giving people in charge huge salaries and perks. Just the other day on Facebook there was a post asking that people NOT donate to the Red Cross to help victims of the hurricane. I’d heard and read in the past about the Red Cross not being the best place to donate to, as far as very little of the resources actually being used to help the people in need, but wasn’t sure how true that was. Interestingly, there were many people who left comments on the post about their terrible experiences w/ the Red Cross and its misuse of funds. And the video that was part of the post gave some eye-opening statistics of how little got spent on actual aid relief several years ago in Haiti. So, just do your research before you go shelling out your dollars.



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Disclaimer: Please note that any information provided here is as a guideline only, and not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.


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