Have A New You By Next Year…..Literally! Plus Free 2017 Events


I was aware that the body is always replacing/renewing itself, but I didn’t know the specific time periods for certain parts, …..like the stomach lining rebuilding in ONLY 5 DAYS and DNA renewing itself EVERY TWO MONTHS. Wow, pretty amazing! If you really let this sink in, it makes you realize we should never feel like some current condition or health issue is written in stone and can’t be changed for the better. Consider what might be possible between now and the end of the year if you really work with your body’s amazing ability to rebuild itself! 


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And while you’re building a whole new you, here are some upcoming events to help you support your body along the way……


The Winter of Wellness starts January 11th!

Ready to discover medicinal plants for cooling inflammation and the cutting-edge science on autoimmunity and inflammation? Then mark your calendar for the kick-off on January 11th of the month long Winter of Wellness event, and prepare to be inspired by 40+ top experts who’ll reveal proven practices for whole-body health and wellness.

Some of the most esteemed doctors, teachers and healers will be presenting at this extraordinary on-line gathering — including David Wolfe, Donna Eden, David Crow, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Gregg Braden, Sue Morter, Alberto Villoldo, Reef Karim, Crystal Jones, Bernie Siegel, Anita Mckenzie, Mingtong Gu, Dawson Church, Ocean Robbins, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci — and many others.

By saying “YES” to this live event, you’re on your way to discovering secrets for becoming the best version of yourself in 2017 — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Access Details:
You’re invited to join Winter of Wellness on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Listen in via webcast to access the program sessions when they air and for 48 hours following their broadcast. You can access the FULL Program Schedule here.

You can sign up here for the series: http://winterofwellness.com/

Note: All sessions are in Pacific Time, and a Timezone Converter is also included for your convenience.

Access Your Bonus!
YOUR Uncompromised Commitment to Self-Care & Wellness in 2017 
Audio Recording with Dr. Robyn Benson
Listen in to discover the absolute roadmap for living healthy in today’s world — with our host of The Shift Network’s most popular annual summit, Winter of Wellness, Dr. Robyn Benson.

In this session Robyn explores the emerging self-care revolution and what’s happening in the world of wellness. Plus, she’ll share exciting previews of coming attractions — preparing you to reap ALL the benefits you’re about to receive in this incredible health series.


Want to get in better shape in 2017? Here’s a great resource that gives some top-notch work-out moves and each links up to a different free full-length exercise routine…..

The 15 Toughest Do-Anywhere Workout Moves



For you yoga enthusiasts, here’s an invite to a free class from Lucas at Absolute Yoga Academy…..

We have a new LIVE format for our monthly online professional development series. This month’s “Applied Anatomy” class is hosted by senior trainer, Julie Sceeny, and it’ll allow you to ask questions, get answers, and learn in real time.

This is a 1 hr Yoga Alliance Continuing Education class on January 24th at 9:30 am EST, and everyone who attends will get a certificate. It’s free to join us live, and if you’d like access to this and all our previous classes (you can get certificates for all of them), you might consider our Online Yoga Academy. 

To join this free, live class, please register here: 


And Dr Pedram Shojai has put together a free on-line training called The Urban Monk 7-Day Reboot. You can start as soon as you sign up and there are sections on food (including a nice recipe book that has a number of things I’m going to try), stretching/exercise, Qi Gong, sleep, dealing with stress, and more….


You can sign up here:  https://go.theurbanmonk.com/umr/opt-in/ 



p.s. Be sure to give Self-help Health a follow so you don’t miss out on future posts. Also check out the To Your Health page at my website Evolution Made Easier and my other blog for more helpful information, tips, tools and resources.

Disclaimer: Please not that any information provided here is as a guideline only, and not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

9 thoughts on “Have A New You By Next Year…..Literally! Plus Free 2017 Events

    • zirah1 says:

      My pleasure. My desire to share information and resources that I think might be helpful to others is why I have a website and 2 blogs. 🙂 So knowing you found something I posted useful is very gratifying for me. So thanks for taking the time to leave your comment!


  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Zirah 🙂 Thank you! ❤ I am thinking about signing up for the 7-day Urban Monk series and bookmarked the exercises page. I've been in the winter sleepies. I think I will be out of them soon. I decided that this year I would let myself sleep instead of trying to up my energy level with caffeine as I have done in the past. More exercise would be good, but I have some kind of resistance to exercising inside and it has been too cold outside except for a few mornings out with the camera. I was thinking the other day that it is funny how when spring arrives, I forget what I feel like in the winter. The winter slow-down is real. I don't know if it is better to respect it as part of my natural cycle or keep trying to find a way around it. The busy-busy-busy part of my mind thinks I need to be more peppy. 🙂


    • zirah1 says:

      I can totally relate to all you said, except I usually don’t do well w/ caffeine, so I would normally try other ways to up my energy. I think the slow down in winter is part of our natural cycle and we definitely should honor what our body wants/needs/organically does. That’s where listening closely to the body and turning down the analyzer/judgment part of ourselves (and the busy busy part/inclination of our society in general) comes in handy. My usual form of regular exercise is long walks, but the weather lately has been extremely cold (below zero at times, w/ the wind chill factor, plus over 6 in of snow the other day), so I have been relying more on some indoor stuff….like the rebounder a friend passed along to me, some yoga stretches, a little planking, and the 5 Tibetans. p. s.Fortunately I don’t think the exercise page/link and the 7-day reboot are time sensitive, in that you can start them now or when you feel the urge. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sarah says:

        I saw that there was winter weather out your way. I am happy to hear you are doing alright. 🙂 I thought about a mini-trampoline after reading the article in your post a few months ago. I haven’t had much success with my attempts at indoor exercise, though, so I haven’t tried it yet. I have tried a mini-stepper a couple of winters and couldn’t manage enough enthusiasm for it and ended up donating the stepper. I also tried exercise DVDs, but that didn’t last either. 🙂 I like walking as well. I think it is the out of doors that makes it enjoyable. Until a year ago, I was running regularly. Running time was taken over by photo time and now I feel intimidated by starting up again. It is something I only do outside and maybe when spring arrives I will try again. Right now, I am making a point to stretch every day or almost every day and do simple dumbbell exercises to strengthen my arms. It will be a lot easier to hold the camera steady when my arms are stronger. 🙂


      • zirah1 says:

        HA! I had to laugh at the comment about doing dumbbell exercises so it will be easier to hold the camera steady. And I was fortunate that my friend couldn’t fit her rebounder in her vehicle when she moved a number of months ago to AZ, so I became the grateful beneficiary. It can be boring if you’re doing long stints on it, but I try to do at least a short period almost daily because it’s so good for the lymph system.

        Liked by 1 person

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