Jin Shin Jyutsu For Weight Loss And Restoring Energy + Interesting Research On The Keto Diet


Here are a couple of good Jin Shin Jyutsu holds/flows to know about from Astrid at FlowsForLife.com. Both of these are great ones to keep in mind, especially during and after the holiday season, since that’s a time we are prone to over-eat and over-do in general. How fascinating that you can hold one cheek to lose weight, the other if you want to gain, and both to allow the body to adjust to what it needs. How cool is that?!


Flows For Life How to Lose weight with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Every year when Spring is around the corner, I feel the need to shed those few extra pounds I put on in Winter. In this article, I share how to lose weight with some simple Jin Shin Jyutsu exercises.

Two ‘energy sites’ that help us lose weight

We have two different ‘energy sites’ on the body (four if you count the right and left sides) that help with weight loss. These energy sites are officially called Safety Energy Locks, or SELs for short. They are spheres of concentrated energy on the body about the size of a tennis ball.

SEL 21: Release mental and physical weight

Safety Energy Lock number 21 is found right under the cheekbone on the face. Place the right fingers on the RIGHT side of the face just under the cheekbone for weight LOSS. Place the left fingers on the LEFT side of face just under the cheekbone for weight GAIN. If you forget which side is which, hold both sides and the body will adjust itself to what it needs. It will! The body is very clever that way.

Placing the hands on either cheekbone helps weight balance, helps relieve MENTAL STRESS and ‘frees us from mental bondage’. So when I feel mentally stressed, I use this self help hold to calm my mind and calm me down.

This self help hold is also really good to relieve DIZZINESS.

SEL 25: Regenerate all body functions

Safety Energy Lock number 25 is found on the right and left sitting bones.

Sit on your hands (with the palms up against the body) at least 20 minutes a day to stay fit, to take lactic acid out of the muscles after exercising, and to lose volume from the hip and thigh area. Because SEL 25 is all about quietly regenerating all the body functions it is very helpful to keep the body fit and toned, as well as increasing alertness and mental clarity.

If you want more energy, sit on your hands!

Flows For Life how to lose weight with Jin Shin Jyutsu 2

Both these exercises are easy to do and can even be practiced while sitting watching TV, so there’s no excuse not to put them to use. 🙂 For a more meditative experience, sit or lie quietly with your eyes closed.

Source: https://www.flowsforlife.com/how-to-lose-weight-with-jin-shin-jyutsu/

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And here’s a short article I found interesting. I’m not very knowledgeable about the Keto Diet, but I know many people are into it. And suddenly everything on the grocery shelves is being labeled keto-friendly, so I thought this research might be good for people to know about….

Keto diet reverses early signs of diabetes—but only for the first week image

Keto diet reverses early signs of diabetes—but only for the first week….

(by Bryan Hubbard ) The high-fats, low-carbs ketogenic diet could be good for you—but only for one week. After that, it starts to have negative health effects, a new study suggests.

The keto diet is a dramatic way to kick-start the immune system and reverse signs of diabetes and inflammation. And it delivers all those positive health effects in just seven days.

But continue the diet any longer than that and the body starts storing the fat it’s supposed to be burning, say researchers from Yale School of Medicine.

The diet tricks the body into thinking it’s in starvation mode by dramatically reducing carb consumption; as a consequence, it starts burning fats instead of carbs and this triggers the release of chemicals called ketone bodies as an alternative source of fuel. This process also releases immune T-cells, and these reverse signs of diabetes and inflammation, and also improve the body’s overall metabolism. After a week on the diet, blood sugar levels and general inflammation reduce.

But these health benefits go into reverse after around a week on the diet and the body begins to store the large amounts of fats we’re consuming.

With one in three Americans pre-diabetic—their blood sugar levels are already too high—anything that can reverse that should be welcome. And even better, it can be done on just a seven-day diet. “Who wants to be on a diet forever, anyway?” said researcher Vishwa Deep Dixit.

(Reference: Nature Metabolism, 2020; 2: 50)

Source: https://www.wddty.com/news/2020/02/keto-diet-reverses-early-signs-of-diabetes-but-only-for-the-first-week.html


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