Tips For Strengthening The Immune System & Remaining Calm During These Challenging Times


For those who are looking for some natural ways to strengthen the immune system and remain balanced and as anxiety-free as possible during these times of challenging conditions in the world, here’s a short article from the Doctors Are Dangerous newsletter recommending that “miracle” multi-purpose health aid coconut oil, plus ginger, as well as a list of some Self-health Health posts you may find helpful…..

Fight Colds, Flu and Other Viruses with Coconut Oil and Ginger

Coconut oil contains a fatty acid called lauric acid, which has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has anti-viral properties, which make it perfect for fighting winter colds, viruses including Coronavirus and other respiratory illnesses. Studies have shown that coconut oil can bolster a weakened immune system by improving the white blood cell count, which helps the body directly fight viruses and infections.

To prevent colds, adults can consume 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil or more per day. This can be added to other foods or used in cooking. Some people like the flavor so well that they eat it directly from the container. Regular consumption can strengthen the immune system, so we have a better chance of fighting colds before they ever start.

Once cold symptoms manifest, however, coconut oil can help alleviate many symptoms and even shorten the duration of the cold. In order to help clear sinus passages, an ill person can rub organic, cold-pressed coconut oil with two drops of peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil on his or her chest. It should be massaged into the upper back and the head as well. Being able to breathe more easily will allow the sufferer to sleep better, and a good night`s rest is important to the healing process.

When added to tea or broth, coconut oil can gently soothe a sore throat and ease coughing in addition to boosting immunity and fighting the virus directly. It can also be mixed with foods, or you can have coconut oil in a smoothie.

To further support your health through the winter months try incorporating ginger into your health routine. It can also be taken as a tea added to smoothies, juices, soups, broths or other meals. Ginger is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful health benefits. In particular, it has been demonstrated to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, anti-ulcer, antioxidant, anticancer, anti-microbial, anti-hyperglycemic, anti-allergic, antioxidant, and anti-platelet activities at different doses/concentrations.

With the combined benefits of coconut oil and ginger you should be able to sail through winter and into spring vibrant and healthy.

Source: Doctors Are Dangerous newsletter

I also recommend having a high quality colloidal silver on hand; this can be used internally, as well as sprayed up the nose and/or used in a neti pot to keep viruses and bacteria from adhering to the mucus lining of the nasal passages. Also, liposomal vitamin C  (and see this article about using high doses of C),  the Master Tonic, and Wisdom of the Ages Advantage grapefruit seed extract are great DIY “first aid” products to help keep immunity strong and “bad bugs” at bay, regardless of what flu or virus is currently going around. And check out these past Self-help Health posts for more useful ideas:

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And from a more metaphysical perspective, you might reflect on this information from Abraham-Hicks. Not giving into fear, reducing stress and anxiety, and having an attitude of  gratitude are probably the most potent immunity boosters there are:

Your sophisticated physical body exists because of the intelligence of your cells. And the intelligence of your cells exists because of their Connection to Source Energy.

When doctors and scientists try to find cures for diseases without taking into consideration the Vibrational relationship between the physical Being and Source Energy, they are looking for cures in all the wrong places. If the resistance that disallowed the Well-Being to begin with is not released, it will show up in the form of another and another disease.

Your cells, because of their connection to the intelligence of Source Energy, know exactly what to do in order to become the incredible variety of functioning cells in your magnificent physical body. And in the absence of the hindrance that is caused by your resistant negative thought, that communication stays open to clear, up-to-the-moment interaction, keeping your physical body at peak and perfect performance.

In the absence of negative emotion—and therefore the allowance of complete alignment and communication with Source Energy—your physical body can reclaim its balance and recover from any imbalance. And once balance has resumed, it is easy to maintain with consistently good-feeling thoughts.

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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

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