A few days ago I got a newsletter from Kaitlyn Keyt at Vibes Up about how we’ve been impacted by all the changes from analog to digital formatting, and I found what she had to say very insightful and thought-provoking….


I remembered when phones where switched from analog to digital. I could hear it and FEEL IT. 

And it set off little alarms in my system. 

It was my insurance company and I called them back and said I am sorry this will sound strange, but I talked to a couple of your employees today that I have spoken to before and today they sounded very robotic. 

Rather than tell me I was kooky, they said “Oh yes, we just had our phone systems switch to digital!” 

My alarm was because I could not READ them (energetically) as clearly thru their voice. Back then I was not even aware of my ability to do this; it was just a natural sense like taste, touch and smell and I never questioned it until that conversation when I was not able to use it. It left me feeling very unsettled. I THINK WE ALL HAVE THIS ABILITY. 

Years later I watched a documentary about analog music vs digital. It was saying when music switched to digital it lost its ‘soul.’ 

It explained that digital takes in the information and scrambles it and resends it out in a form that was not its original. Like organic vs synthetic sound. 

Just like our body does not know how to fully process synthetic foods, it would be the same with sounds. 

I can also imagine this would be the same with images…. 

My dream was showing me the more we are exposed to lower and scrambled PIXELS that it is yet another way to keep humanity in a limited state of being. 

Like consuming food that does not have the full spectrum of its nutrients (KREBS CYCLE), we can not utilize that food item when it’s synthetic and not complete, and it ends up draining our system to try to pull the missing elements from our bodies. 

In the dream I got that  ‘incomplete pixels’  on images also pull from us and leave us in a limited state and with a sense of incompleteness. THAT IS PART OF WHY WE FEEL SO MUCH BETTER IN NATURE!


I will still be processing the pixel message from the dream, but in the meantime, I am getting that the more REAL LIFE, IN PERSON sounds and images (organic) we can take it, the better for our systems and activation of our natural abilities as we step into being true full-spectrum, empowered beings. 

To what lengths will those who want to control the masses keep us from REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES? 

Would they go so far as to keep us away from each other and inside watching TV and on ‘smart’ phones, and only seeing and speaking to each other via synthetic technology? HMMM. 

I feel even more Inspired to consume more ORGANIC experiences! 

How many ORGANIC experiences can you collect TODAY? ~ Kaitlyn Keyt

Kaitlyn’s article got me interested in knowing more about analog vs digital and this is one of the information sources I found in my search:

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