Like a lot of people, I took my health for granted when I was growing up and was fortunate enough to enjoy feeling good most of the time without even thinking about what I was eating or how much I was exercising. Then I started facing a number of health “challenges” and was diagnosed with chronic Lyme’s Disease, severe degenerative bone disease, skin cancer, heavy metal toxicity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, anemia, and more. In my search for relief and better health, I did extensive research, enrolled in numerous courses, tried tons of protocols, took supplements too numerous to mention or remember, did a variety of cleanses, etc., etc. And I learned A LOT along the way, often about what NOT to do. 😦

I have also studied and practice a number of healing/energy modalities, including Reiki, Dr. Yuen’s Energy Medicine, EFT, The Emotion Code/Body Code, Access Bars, Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Training, and Jin Shin Jyutsu, one of my new favorite self-help health tools.

Friends and family who knew about all the time I’d put into researching various health issues and experimenting with different protocols and healing techniques started coming to me for tips and information about various detox methods and alternative health practices. After awhile I decided it would be easier to just put all the information and experiences I’d collected into a book, instead of having to “re-invent the wheel” each time someone wanted to know about liver cleanses, colon cleansingor some other protocol. So I created an e-book titled A Healthier You From the Inside Out  (offered on my website) and revised it periodically with new information I’d come across that I thought was important.

But there is so much happening in the field of alternative health these days that it became too time consuming to constantly be revising the book.  A blog seemed like the answer, so I decided to create this site and focus on current alternative-minded health research/findings I feel are important for people to be aware of, such as all the natural ways of treating and/or preventing Alzheimer’s, how important it is to have adequate levels of Vitamin D, and how good ole Vitamin C is a miracle worker.

I also want to include a lot of self-help oriented tips and routines, since I found that it was often the simple, inexpensive things that I could do on my own, such as oil pulling, salt water flushes, liver cleanses, inversion poses and planking, tongue scraping and using a neti pot, that made the most difference in my health. And there are products that I think no home should be without, like raw apple cider vinegar, Himalayan crystal salt, structured water units, BerryBreeze™, and Vibes Up energy mats, and this blog gives me the perfect format for letting others know about how incorporating these things into their daily lives could have a big impact on their overall health and well-being. 

I also plan to share some of the information and insights I picked up from taking Dr. Josh Axe’s Institute of Nutritional Leadership 8-week training several years ago, including the pros and cons of various diets and exercise routines, healing leaky gut, and using essential oils (my favorite part of the training!) for all sorts of health issues and personal care products.

So I hope you find the information here at Self-help Health useful and come back often (or decide to subscribe) to check out new posts!


p.s. And check out the To Your Health page of my website for more health related tips, and my Evolution Made Easier blog for a wide variety of information and resources to support health and well-being on every level…..mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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    • zirah1 says:

      I sincerely apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I really appreciate you nominating Self-help Health, although I have to say I was nominated for the Liebster Award awhile back on my other blog Evolution Made Easier and never accepted because it seemed like it would be so time-consuming to do everything involved in the process and I figured the time could be better spent putting together blog posts for my readers, plus I didn’t really know who to pass it along to. However, this time I decided to actually accept, but it’s taken awhile to get around to answering the questions, etc. (hope to finish that post soon). And, like you, I will have to start with less than the “official” number of people we’re supposed to nominate. Still, some is better than none, right? And I am grateful you thought of this blog for the award.

      Thanks again!

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  1. Robert says:

    I am appreciating your feedback, I haven’t had the time to develop well defined ideas along these lines, and you have been following Abraham-Hicks much longer than I have!

    You are an angel!



  2. Robert says:

    Zirah, did you read my post entitled Truth? And if you did what is your response to it?
    Also I am contemplating,if not actually beginning to construct another post expanding along a similar train of thought…but I am hesitant thinking it may come across as far too abstract. When I am finished can I bounce this post off of you for any possible input/criticism/clarification that you can provide before I publish it?


    • zirah1 says:

      Have not read it. Will, as soon as I finish what I’m in the middle of right now. And I’m not sure how much I might be of support as a sounding board, but would be happy to help if I can.


  3. Robert says:


    In line with the conversation yesterday, I think this may explain savants. If a savant is given a problem he/she is tuned into the solution because the savant mind does not have the resistance that the rest of us have. Interesting idea! The problem cannot be formulated unless the solution already exists, and the savant uses this since the question and solution are the same thing as far as ideas are concerned.


    • zirah1 says:

      Yes, I love that,… and it rings true and makes “sense.” Now, after that stimulating tidbit to reflect on, I’m heading out to my little balcony where I can work on my laptop and enjoy the sounds and presence of my bird buddies (I have several species that visit the balcony for the seeds and nuts I put out), the wonderful breeze and rustling sound of the leaves. 🙂

      p.s. In regard to the savant thing, I wonder if part of why it may be easier for them to tune into a/the solution is that they don’t even pereceive something as a problem the way we do. I think regarding/judging something as a problem gets in our way of opening to the solution. Sort of along the lines of the reverse fascination thing and whatever we are focused on we get more of….when we are focused on the “problem” and resistant to/fighting against the way things are, then it serves to just energize the problem, rather than a solution?


      • Robert says:

        I agree with you!:)
        Also, Abraham talks of the primary separation of the universe as the presence of an idea and the absence of the same idea. When we get caught up in linear thinking we invent complex algorithms to describe the means of arriving at the solution. Savants do not do this, they receive the answer as soon as the question is posed with no apparent calculation: many in fact are illiterate and uneducated and are incapable of formulating algorithms and in fact a PhD would have trouble with some of them.
        A savant then is tapping into the non linear where the problem and solution are the same!
        Tell your birds hello from me!


      • zirah1 says:

        There’s one particular bird that is more brazen than the others and pretty good about not being scared off if he stops by for a treat and happens to find an unexpected giant (me) as a part of the landscape. He will usually do some chirping and hopping around and then grab a sunflower seed or nut and fly off. Earlier when I was eating on the balcony he happened to stop by and spend some time eating seeds out of the little bowl I have out. Was a neat experience for us to be eating our lunch together. 🙂


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