A few days ago I got a newsletter from Kaitlyn Keyt at Vibes Up about how we’ve been impacted by all the changes from analog to digital formatting, and I found what she had to say very insightful and thought-provoking….


I remembered when phones where switched from analog to digital. I could hear it and FEEL IT. 

And it set off little alarms in my system. 

It was my insurance company and I called them back and said I am sorry this will sound strange, but I talked to a couple of your employees today that I have spoken to before and today they sounded very robotic. 

Rather than tell me I was kooky, they said “Oh yes, we just had our phone systems switch to digital!” 

My alarm was because I could not READ them (energetically) as clearly thru their voice. Back then I was not even aware of my ability to do this; it was just a natural sense like taste, touch and smell and I never questioned it until that conversation when I was not able to use it. It left me feeling very unsettled. I THINK WE ALL HAVE THIS ABILITY. 

Years later I watched a documentary about analog music vs digital. It was saying when music switched to digital it lost its ‘soul.’ 

It explained that digital takes in the information and scrambles it and resends it out in a form that was not its original. Like organic vs synthetic sound. 

Just like our body does not know how to fully process synthetic foods, it would be the same with sounds. 

I can also imagine this would be the same with images…. 

My dream was showing me the more we are exposed to lower and scrambled PIXELS that it is yet another way to keep humanity in a limited state of being. 

Like consuming food that does not have the full spectrum of its nutrients (KREBS CYCLE), we can not utilize that food item when it’s synthetic and not complete, and it ends up draining our system to try to pull the missing elements from our bodies. 

In the dream I got that  ‘incomplete pixels’  on images also pull from us and leave us in a limited state and with a sense of incompleteness. THAT IS PART OF WHY WE FEEL SO MUCH BETTER IN NATURE!


I will still be processing the pixel message from the dream, but in the meantime, I am getting that the more REAL LIFE, IN PERSON sounds and images (organic) we can take it, the better for our systems and activation of our natural abilities as we step into being true full-spectrum, empowered beings. 

To what lengths will those who want to control the masses keep us from REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES? 

Would they go so far as to keep us away from each other and inside watching TV and on ‘smart’ phones, and only seeing and speaking to each other via synthetic technology? HMMM. 

I feel even more Inspired to consume more ORGANIC experiences! 

How many ORGANIC experiences can you collect TODAY? ~ Kaitlyn Keyt

Kaitlyn’s article got me interested in knowing more about analog vs digital and this is one of the information sources I found in my search:

p. s. Kaitlyn’s Vibes Up site is one of my favorite places to shop for items that rely on Nature to enhance our lives, improve our health, off-set EMFs and other non-beneficial energies, and more. I have done several posts highlighting some of the wonderful items she creates in partnership with Nature and offers on her on-line store. Her Age-Less Crystal Cream (on sale right now!), Therapy Bears, Lotus Oil Roll-ons & Sprays, and multi-purpose “squishies”/energy mats are some of my faves that I use on a daily basis. Shop thru this link and use the code “goodvibes4u” and get $10 off your order, if you are a new customer. 🙂

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Simple Energy Processes for Colds, Flu, Sore Throat and More

Here in the southeast US we have come out of cold and flu season, but are now dealing with an extra intense allergy season and high pollen levels. And these two Jin Shin Jyutsu holds/flows can help mitigate that and so much more. I’m reminded of the ease, simplicity and versatility of this great type of “energy medicine,” and why it’s one of the best things I’ve ever studied. No health and wellness “arsenal” should be without JSJ!

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help for Colds and Flu

Before I knew about Jin Shin Jyutsu self help for colds and flu, I would always expect to get at least one cold a year. And guess what? I did!

Not surprising, given my energy was low, my lymphatic system was congested and one thing I didn’t know that would influence whether I manifested a cold or not: my shoulders were tight. Actually, they were very tight.

I hear you ask:

“Tight shoulders are the cause of a cold?”  Well, yes. Let me explain.

Our bodies are very clever (but we already knew that!). One of our 26 energy sites is located between the spine and the upper corner of the shoulder blade. This energy site number 3 (or Safety Energy Lock as it is formally referred to in Jin Shin Jyutsu) came into the universe meaning The Door, and it is our natural antibiotic.

How does that work?

When the door swings back and forth without obstruction, then it can ‘let out’ tension and ‘let in’ pure energy.

When The Door gets jammed up, that’s when the problems or I should say projects start. Projects like colds and flu.

I see many clients in my practice who have very tight shoulders, and even if they don’t have a cold at the time, they are probably really low in energy and suffering from other discomforts. Therefore, it is really important to keep the shoulders as clear and tense-free as possible!

A dynamic combination

This number 3 energy site called The Door works really well with energy site number 15 which is located on the groin. Holding this combination of energy sites helps open up the 3 first and then clears the energy below the waistline. The energy can then move up the back properly.

Already have a cold or flu (for which obviously bed rest is indicated)? Then these self help holds should assist in speeding up the recovery.

I have personally experienced the power of this Jin Shin Jyutsu self help hold over and over again and it never ceases to amaze me how it works!

Safe for children

I remember how a while back now, I received a rather distressed email from someone taking care of her 3 year-old grandson for a few days, and he’d developed a fever. She asked if there was anything she could do to help him.

I replied, explaining the simple exercise below she could do on her grandson.

A bit later I received a reply from her, and I quote: “It is super how quickly this hold has worked! You wouldn’t say that he had a high fever – he’s now back to being his usual lively, playful and happy self.”

The exercise for colds and flu

To aid breathing, help clear a sore throat, reduce fever, and help the immune system (as in the image above):

For the left flow, place the right hand over the left shoulder (if you can, make sure your fingers rest on the top corner of the shoulder blade usually where it’s sore) and place the left hand on the left side groin. Do for 20 minutes minimum (but if you can’t do it for that long, don’t worry! just hold for a few minutes or as long as is comfortable). If you fall asleep, then the hold will keep working until your hands fall away.

Reverse left and right everywhere for the right side.

To do the exercise on another person: The person lies on their back, face up so that they are comfortable. You sit on the person’s left. For the left flow, place the right hand over their left shoulder (at the top corner of the shoulder blade) and the left hand on the left side groin. If you’re working on a small child then hold only a few minutes, or until the child has had enough.

To help clear a sore throat you can also hold Little fingers. Start by holding the little finger on the side of the throat that is sore.

Mary Burmeister said: “UNLOAD (exhale) all skepticisms. RECEIVE (inhale) your abundance.” That’s how The Door works – our natural antibiotic.


Text and images by Astrid Kauffmann
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and
Self Help Teacher since 2001

Here’s to a healthier you in 2022!

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Avocado “Hacks”

Just got this in a newsletter from Robin Openshaw, aka Green Smoothie Girl. Wasn’t aware of the placing avocados in water idea going around, but have heard of and used some of the other things she mentions. Liked the info about the nub and the tip about buying longer avocados. Had never thought about the shape being something to consider or that there were actual avocado saver devices available. 🙂

This is really important to me. Because avocados are my favorite food. There’s this meme-story going around saying that if you put avocados in water they keep for “freaking-ever.” Have you seen it?

People are saying that when they submerge whole, ripe avocados in water in the fridge they’re lasting FOR WEEKS ……meanwhile, that beautiful avocado you left alone for 2 seconds while you went to the bathroom is suddenly mushy and brown — what!? As I’m sure you know all too well, avocados are perpetually difficult. One day they’re too green, and two days later, they’re overripe. So, who doesn’t want this method to work?
Well, it turns out, it might NOT be as wonderful as it seems …FDA scientists showed that Listeria monocytogenes have the potential to infiltrate and get inside the pulp of avocados when submerged in water in the fridge within 15 days. So, even cleaning the avocado surface wouldn’t solve the problem.So, since you don’t want to risk getting food poisoning, what should you do when you buy a bag of avocados and suddenly they’re all perfectly ripe at the same time?
Simply putting ripe avocados in the fridge (NOT in water) works to extend them for a few days. Like you’ve probably always done. I have.

You can also freeze ripe avocados after slicing them, and put them in a bag or jar. Add them to your green smoothies, because their texture will be different. I’m not sure if they’ll work for guacamole that way, I need to try this.

You can also slice them, sprinkle with a bit of lemon or lime, and put them in a bag with the air squeezed out as much as possible. (This will slow down the action of polyphenol oxidase, the enzyme that causes avocado to turn brown.)

If you have half an avocado, leave the pit in and squeeze some lemon or lime juice on it then put it in an air-tight container.

You can also try placing an avocado half with the pit into a container and add a piece of onion. (The onion helps prevent oxidation, so the avocado doesn’t brown.)

And, they make “avocado savers” that are created just for saving avocados, which you can find on Amazon, and probably other places, too. I don’t have one, so I can’t speak to how they work–but again, they’re preventing oxidation.

Hopefully that helps you.

And, here are some avocado hacks that DO work:

How to know if an avocado is ripe? Pop off the little stem/nub at the top, and check its color. If it’s bright green, it’s good. If it’s yellow, place the numb back and let it ripen for a day or two. If it’s brown, it’s probably too ripe.

Choose longer avocados, because they have smaller pits, so you get more avocado.

You can ripen avocados more quickly by placing them in a paper bag along with a banana (an apple works, too). (The natural gasses released by the banana will speed up the process.)Yes, avocados are super nutritious. And rich in nutrients that many Americans are lacking in, like potassium.

I don’t worry whatsoever, despite coming of age in the “low-fat” 80’s, about “too much fat” in an avocado. It’s the kind of fats that keep you and your cells and your skin and your mind young and healthy. Eating avocados is good for your immune system, and anti-inflammatory. They’re also good for the gut. And they’re good for your cardiovascular system.

Of course, they’re yummy in many ways. You might like them in a green smoothie. I don’t put them in my smoothie because they’re so delicious, I don’t want them lost in my blended-up greens and superfoods and a little fruit.

My favorite thing to do with an avocado is to mash it up, add a little lemon juice and pepper, and salsa, and eat it with some healthy chips. What’s your favorite way?
~ Robyn Openshaw

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Here’s to a healthier you in 2022!

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“Cucumber Redeux”

Too funny! I just saw a post on Facebook about interesting uses for cucumbers and was going to do a post on them when I did a search here and realized I’d already featured the information in a 2013 blog I’d completely forgotten about. It was perfect timing to be reminded of all the unusual uses because both my bedroom and bathroom doors recently developed squeaks and I don’t have any WD-40, so I was thinking about trying coconut oil as a remedy, but now I think I’ll go the cucumber route.

Anyway, I figured, with cucumber season just around the corner here in the southeast, it was time to remind myself and others of the health benefits and versatility of this underappreciated “warty green wonder.” And btw, one of my favorite healthy things to drink is made by throwing a chopped up organic cucumber into the Vitamix, along with a couple of organic celery stalks and some lemon or lime juice and water. Simple and very light and refreshing!

Cucumbers belong to the same botanical family as melons (including watermelon and cantaloupe) and squashes (including summer squash, winter squash, zucchini and pumpkin) and are made up of 96 percent water, so they are a great source of hydration for the body. They are also loaded with Vitamin A, which protects the body from free radicals and lowers the risk of various cancers and illness due to damaged cells. Vitamin A also has many other important functions, including aiding normal bone growth, white blood cell development and normal blood cell functioning, and eye health.

Cucumbers are also a good source of Vitamin K, which is mainly responsible for making some of the proteins the liver requires for blood clotting. It plays a role in building bone and other tissues of the body, as well. And a 100 g serving (around 3.5 oz.) of cucumber contains approximately 150 mg of potassium. This mineral aids in metabolic functions and plays a role in the development of muscle tissue. Adequate potassium is also necessary for maintaining normal electrical activity of the heart. Cucumbers also contain other beneficial minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Cucumbers have not received as much press as other vegetables in terms of health benefits, but this widely-cultivated food provides us with a unique combination of nutrients. At the top of the phytonutrient list for cucumbers are its cucurbitacins, lignans, and flavonoids. These three types of phytonutrients found in cucumbers provide us with valuable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits.


Cucumbers are a valuable source of conventional antioxidant nutrients including vitamin C, beta-carotene, and manganese. In addition, cucumbers contain numerous flavonoid antioxidants, including quercetin, apigenin, luteolin, and kaempferol. In animal studies, fresh extracts from cucumber have been shown to provide specific antioxidant benefits, including increased scavenging of free radicals and increased overall antioxidant capacity. Fresh cucumber extracts have also been shown to reduce unwanted inflammation in animal studies. Cucumber accomplishes this task by inhibiting activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes like cyclo-oxygenase 2 (COX-2), and by preventing overproduction of nitric oxide in situations where it could increase the likelihood of excessive inflammation.


Research on the anti-cancer benefits of cucumber is still in its preliminary stage and has been restricted thus far to lab and animal studies. Interestingly, however, many pharmaceutical companies are actively studying one group of compounds found in cucumber—called cucurbitacins—in the hope that their research may lead to development of new anti-cancer drugs. Cucurbitacins belong to a large family of phytonutrients called triterpenes. Cucurbitacins A, B, C, D and E have all been identified within fresh cucumber. Researchers have determined that several different signaling pathways (for example, the JAK-STAT and MAPK pathways) required for cancer cell development and cancer cell survival can be blocked by activity of cucurbitacins. Eventually, we expect to see human studies that confirm the anti-cancer benefits of cucumbers when consumed in a normal, everyday meal plan.

A second group of cucumber phytonutrients known to provide anti-cancer benefits are its lignans. The lignans pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and secoisolariciresinol have all been identified within cucumber. Interestingly, the role of these plant lignans in cancer protection involves the role of bacteria in our digestive tract. When we consume plant lignans like those found in cucumber, bacteria in our digestive tract take hold of these lignans and convert them into enterolignans like enterodiol and enterolactone. Enterolignans have the ability to bind onto estrogen receptors and can have both pro-estrogenic and anti-estrogenic effects. Reduced risk of estrogen-related cancers, including cancers of the breast, ovary, uterus, and prostate has been associated with intake of dietary lignans from plant foods like cucumber.


And here’s a great little list of 13 Uses For Cucumbers by Matt Agorist, at…

Cucumbers are very easy to grow and make for a delicious treat. But did you know they can prevent hangovers, or clean the kitchen sink? Below is a list of tips and tricks you can do with cucumbers that you do not want to miss!

1. Cucumbers contain most of the vitamins you need every day, just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc.

2. Feeling tired in the afternoon? Put down the caffeinated soda and pick up a cucumber. Cucumbers are a good source of B Vitamins and carbohydrates that can provide that quick pick-me-up that can last for hours.

3. Tired of your bathroom mirror fogging up after a shower? Try rubbing a cucumber slice along the mirror, it will eliminate the fog and provide a soothing, spa-like fragrance.

4. Are grubs and slugs ruining your planting beds? Place a few slices in a small pie tin and your garden will be free of pests all season long. The chemicals in the cucumber react with the aluminum to give off a scent undetectable to humans but drive garden pests crazy and make them flee the area.

5. Looking for a fast and easy way to remove cellulite before going out or to the pool? Try rubbing a slice or two of cucumbers along your problem area for a few minutes, the phytochemical in the cucumber cause the collagen in your skin to tighten, firming up the outer layer and reducing the visibility of cellulite. Works great on wrinkles too!!!

6. Want to avoid a hangover or terrible headache? Eat a few cucumber slices before going to bed and wake up refreshed and headache free. Cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to replenish essential nutrients the body lost, keeping everything in equilibrium, avoiding both a hangover and headache!

7. Looking to fight off that afternoon or evening snacking binge? Cucumbers have been used for centuries and often used by European trappers, traders and explores for quick meals to thwart off starvation.

8. Have an important meeting or job interview and you realize that you don’t have enough time to polish your shoes? Rub a freshly cut cucumber over the shoe, its chemicals will provide a quick and durable shine that not only looks great but also repels water.

9. Out of WD 40 and need to fix a squeaky hinge? Take a cucumber slice and rub it along the problematic hinge, and voila, the squeak is gone!

10. Stressed out and don’t have time for a massage, facial or visit to the spa? Cut up an entire cucumber and place it in a boiling pot of water, the chemicals and nutrients from the cucumber will react with the boiling water and released in the steam, creating a soothing, relaxing aroma that has been shown to reduce stress in new mothers and college students during final exams.

11. Just finish a business lunch and realize you don’t have gum or mints? Take a slice of cucumber and press it to the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 30 seconds to eliminate bad breath; the photochemical will kill the bacteria in your mouth responsible for causing bad breath.

12. Looking for a ‘green’ way to clean your faucets, sinks or stainless steel? Take a slice of cucumber and rub it on the surface you want to clean, not only will it remove years of tarnish and bring back the shine, but it won’t leave streaks and won’t harm you fingers or fingernails while you clean.

13. Using a pen and made a mistake? Take the outside of the cucumber and slowly use it to erase the pen writing; also works great on crayons and markers that the kids have used to decorate the walls!

And check out this great little recipe for fat flush water that uses cucumber:

Here’s to a healthier you in 2022!

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Free On-line Five Elements Class From The Eden Method Team

Just received this announcement and invitation in an e-mail from Donna Eden and thought some of you may want to sign up…..

Donna and her daughters Titanya and Dondi have come together for the first time ever to teach a fun, free, transformational Five Elements class on-line.

The Five Elements can give us understanding and clarity on not just who we are and what we do but WHY we do what we do.

You’ll start to know yourself and other important people in your life in a more profound way than ever before.

And when you learn to identify and recognize the dominant element in yourself and others (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal), there’s not much that you cannot accomplish!

For instance, understanding the Five Elements can help you:
Feel better about yourself at all levels and embrace your true, authentic self.

Rekindle the fires of passion and intimacy with the one you love.

Develop a deeper understanding and compassion for yourself and others in ways that make sense of unwanted or troubling behavior – so you can allow for inspired growth and expansion.

Experience a more blissful flow and greater ease at work and in other creative endeavors.

Make healthy food choices based on your underlying core energy instead of bouncing from trend to trend to figure out what’s right for you.

Resolve problematic traits that have dogged you all your life (for instance, if you’re a lifelong procrastinator, this system can help you change that!)

Improve your health and vitality in a way that’s aligned with your unique body, mind, and spirit.

Establish greater trust and friendship with others (even “difficult” people who drive you up the wall!) and MUCH more!

Understanding the Five Elements can empower you to build a life of genuine love, friendship, confidence, and success, in a way that is aligned with who you truly are!

In this free class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to begin your journey to better health and relationships, plus more joy and satisfaction in all areas of your life and work.

Donna, Titanya, and Dondi’s teachings are deeply insightful, so get ready for more than a few “a-ha” moments!

Join this one-of-a-kind free class now >>

The Eden Method team

P.S. The class is only available for a limited time so reserve your spot now

Here’s to a healthier you in 2022!

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Free Live Long Qigong On-line Event

I just received an e-mail about this workshop from The Shift Network and immediately signed up, Thought some of you might be interested in it, too…..

What if growing older didn’t have to be synonymous with a decline in physical health or mental acuity?

What if there was an ancient wisdom system that’s just as impactful today  — full of practices that provide the path to a meaningful, disease-free, graceful life?

During the recent Qigong Summit, celebrated master Robert Peng introduced Jieqi Qigong, which is associated with your vertebrae, and offered a simple movement and meditation practice to improve your spinal health.

On Saturday, April 16, you can join Robert for an energizing one-hour workshop, where he’ll share how Qigong’s 8 Cycles + 312 Meridian Healing Protocol can become your secret weapon…

… helping you age with energy, strength, clarity, and grace — and unlocking your own fountain of youth.

Qigong’s 8 Cycles Movement is a series of gentle Qigong exercises you can safely practice to energize your body, calm your mind, activate your energy centers…

… and massage your internal organs — leaving you feeling nourished and invigorated so you can live a healthier, more vibrant life.

In this free online video event, Live Long Qigong: Uncovering Hidden Connections Between Your Movement, Health & Longevity, you’ll:

  • Be guided in the movement practice of Playing the Tai Chi Ball (one of the 8 Cycles Movements), to improve balance between your brain and body, harmonize your yin and yang energy, ease inner emotional turmoil in times of crisis — and nourish your body, mind, and spirit
  • Explore the physical, mental, and energetic disconnections that result when the left and right brain hemispheres are out of balance — and how Qigong can empower you to restore this balance
  • Discover the Hegu acupressure, part of the 312 Meridian Healing Protocol — and explore how a simple acupressure exercise can ease pain in your head, face, neck, and shoulders
  • Learn Qigong’s secret for easing stress, cultivating inner joy, and experiencing contentment, calm, and peace
  • Discover how to cultivate and nourish your Qi to achieve balance in your 3 energy centers (or dantians) and your central meridian — the “Four Golden Wheels” that represent the wisdom, love, vitality, and harmony in your life

These modalities can help you feel more connected to others and the world around you, more content with yourself, and more hopeful for the future.

It’s free to attend when you RSVP — here.

Here’s to a happier, healthier you in 2022!

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A Simple Exercise To Improve Brain Power

It turns out doing a series of squats several times a week can do more that build your leg and glut muscles. It also works to improve your brain power as well. And that’s good news, because who doesn’t want to do that?! More good news is that doing squats while listening to music, following a podcast or even watching TV seems to increase the benefit, so you can actually get two things on your “to do” list done for the “price” of one. Good deal!

If squats are part of your daily routine, then we have good news for you! Doing just a few minutes of this resistance exercise can go a long way towards improving your brain power and making you smarter, according to recent research.

Squats are often used by fitness trainers to improve strength and stability, as they involve multiple muscle groups, such as the calves, quadriceps, abdominals, and glutes. But recent research shows that the benefits of the squat go even further to improve your brain health too, reports the BBC.

Squats and your brain

The research findings show that squats can have a significant effect on your cognitive function. “You don’t need to be huffing and puffing and really pushing yourself hard in the gym to target certain parts of the brain,” explains Prof Damian Bailey from the University of South Wales. “You can do some really neat little exercises that don’t really feel like you’re exercising at all and which stimulate the brain really quite remarkably; you can be smart for the brain – it’s about intelligent exercise.”

According to Prof Bailey, doing squats for just three to five minutes, three times a week can be better for your brain than 30 minutes of steady-state exercises, such as a run or a walk.

Going against gravity

As you squat your head moves up and down against gravity. When this happens, your blood flow speeds up and slows down at a significant rate. It is precisely this change in the blood flow rate in the brain that is responsible for the benefits, explains Prof Bailey.

It’s never too late to start

The best thing about the new findings is that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been doing much exercise. This is because those who are not as fit tend to get the biggest brain benefits from this exercise since their brains are not as used to cushioning the changes in blood flow, reports the BBC.

Bring on the podcasts

What’s also interesting about the research findings is that listening to musicfollowing a podcast, or even watching TV as you are doing squats can actually amplify the exercise’s benefits on your brain function.


FYI, this news about squats seems to at least partly explain why the brain exercise given in this previous Self-help Health post works so well. It’s one I try to do on a daily basis, especially since it’s easy and quick to fit in any time and there’s no extra space or special equipment required!…

Another routine I do regularly that just so happens to include squats is the short HIIT series of exercises created by Dr Zach Bush. Glad to see I’ve been automatically getting in a double dose of squats without consciously planning it. HA!

Here’s to a healthier you in 2022!

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Start The New Year With A Free Core Qigong Class!

How nice! I’m only a little familiar with Qigong, so I was excited to receive news of this free class from Steven Washington on Jan 11th at 2 pm ET. It’s supposed to be suitable for all levels and a replay will be available afterwards that will include a condensed version of the routine for regular use. I don’t know about you, but this seems like a great way to start off 2022!

Start 2022 with a Calmer Mind and a More Energized Body

Join Movement Guide, Steven Washington on January 11, 2022, for a free, fun, 75-minute Movement Medicine class designed to create energy, healing and balance within the body. This class is suitable for all levels and will strengthen your focus, relieve your stress levels, and curb anxiety. The workshop includes a fundamental Pilates training, a Qigong practice, a mindfulness meditation and Q&A.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 30 minutes of classic Pilates strengthening, stretching and balance
  • 30 minutes of energy-igniting Qigong
  • A calming Mindfulness Meditation
  • Live, interactive Q&A with Steven at the close of class
  • Replay of the full class, plus 20-minute condensed and Qigong-only versions

You can sign up for the class here.

Here’s to a happier, healthier you in ’22!

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Sugar-free Almond Flour Banana Bread + Free Health Docu-series

Almond Flour Banana Bread

This paleo and gluten free almond flour banana bread recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie is perfect for a healthy snack or breakfast.

Print Recipe

Cook Time 50 minutes

Yield 10 – 12 slices


  • 2 cups fine almond flour
  • 3 overripe bananas
  • 2 eggs (can also substitute vegan options such as flax eggs)
  • 1 TBS baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • Grease or line a 9×5 loaf pan. Preheat oven to 325 F. Stir all ingredients until smooth. Pour into the loaf pan. Bake on the center rack 50-55 minutes. Let it sit until completely cool before going around the sides of the pan with a knife and carefully popping out. It is SUPER moist and fudgy. Refrigerate leftover up to 6 days, or slice and freeze for a rainy day.
  • View Nutrition Facts

This bread is worth baking, if for no other reason than the yummy smell it gives to your kitchen. And the mixture is so dense it’s hard to tell if/when it’s done, so the first time I made it I started testing/tasting it about 10 to 15 minutes before the timer went off. And I’ve discovered that, at least for me, there is no wrong time to eat it, including at zero minutes of baking, as in when you’re licking the bowl. HA!

FYI, the second time I made this I ended up adding 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and about 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts. Next time I think I will add even more cinnamon, but it’s all up to you. And if you want to make it more “dessert-y,” you could try stirring in some sugar-free chocolate chips! Usually I try to stick close to a recipe the first time I try it, and then make alterations/additions in the future. It’s great warm with butter, but so moist it can easily be eaten plain, and, if you’re like me, storage won’t be a problem, because I can eat the whole recipe in just a couple of days. 🙂

Unfortunately, the one caveat I can find with the recipe is that it uses almond flour, which initially was actually one of the main things that attracted me to it, since I love all things almond. But right after I bought 2 bags of the flour on sale, I read an article about how all of the land and water that’s being used for growing almonds is not only a stress on the environment, but also the bee population (here’s one article about how pesticides are also part of the situation).

So, since then I have tried to minimize my use of almonds and almond products, but I figured I had all this flour and didn’t want to just throw it out, so I’ve been able to make the banana bread several times. I would just urge people to do some research and be aware of the bee situation and try to limit when you use almond products.


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Episode 8 – Cancer Breakthroughs

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Here’s to a happier, healthier you in 2022!

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Supplement Censorship Undermines COVID Fight

New science says supplements can help with COVID-19, but the feds say you’re not allowed to learn about it. Action Alert!

Stunning new studies demonstrate how supplements can improve COVID-19 outcomes. This adds to existing research on a variety of natural compounds showing the plausibility of using supplements to prevent or treat COVID-19. Yet, as we’ve been saying for some time, federal rules prevent Americans from taking advantage of these beneficial products. Help us fight for reforms that allow the free flow of information about supplements.

Take quercetin, for example. Reviewers have noted that quercetin is one of the best-studied flavonoids with health-promoting effects such as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, as well as being cardiovascular protective. Quercetin has been found to reduce the release of inflammatory cytokines which are associated with the most severe COVID cases. It has been shown to inhibit viral replication of HIV and is known to inhibit enzymes that are components of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Other studies have found that quercetin can block the entry of the SARS-CoV-2 virus into host cells. In an open-label study, COVID outpatients receiving quercetin supplements were significantly less likely to require hospitalization than those who did not receive quercetin supplements. Among patients who required hospitalization, stays were shorter if they received quercetin. Quercetin supplementation also reduced the need for oxygen therapy. Other studies have found positive effects for quercetin and COVID outcomes.

New clinical trials have also found benefits for arginine, an amino acid. A randomized, double-blinded prospective trial was conducted on arginine and COVID-19. The trial found that adding arginine supplementation to the regimen of patients with severe COVID-19 significantly reduced the length of time patients spent in the hospital and reduced the need for respiratory support.

There is also new information on zinc. A new study found that zinc supplementation might help stave off the symptoms of respiratory tract infections (like COVID, the common cold, the flu, and pneumonia) and cut illness duration.

What is the government doing with this information? A recently updated research review put together by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) called Dietary Supplements in the Time of COVID includes over 400 references, many of which speak to the benefits of these products for COVID outcomes. Yet NIH’s conclusion is “Data are insufficient to support recommendations for or against the use of [supplements] to prevent or treat COVID-19.” This position stubbornly sticks to the government line dictating that only drugs can claim to prevent or treat a disease, even when the science tells us that some supplements can, too.

Currently, the only FDA-approved therapy for COVID-19 other than the vaccines is remdesivir for patients who are sick enough to need hospitalization. One clinical trial on the drug found that remdesivir shortened hospital stays by five days. Another study found that remdesivir recipients had a shorter time to clinical improvement than the placebo group, but it was a median of five days versus a median of seven days. The government’s studyof remdesivir found the drug had an extremely modest benefit, with an 8% mortality rate for the study group on the drug versus an 11.6% mortality rate for the placebo group. But another recent study found that remdesivir treatment was not associated with improved survival but was associated with longer hospital stay. Remdesivir costs approximately $3,120 per patient.

So, according to the FDA, no supplements can be recommended for COVID-19—doctors can’t even talk about the benefits of supplements for COVID without risking sanction from the federal government—yet the FDA has approved a drug with modest (at best) results that have not been consistently confirmed in studies. Something is deeply wrong with this picture.

Part of the problem is that, to gain FDA approval and make disease claims, randomized controlled trials (RCTs) would need to be conducted on supplements, as is required for new-to-nature drugs. But these studies are incredibly expensive, costing millions of dollars. As a doctor reporting on the arginine trial mentioned above noted, “there’s not a lot of money to be made studying supplements.” Drug companies can afford these trials because drugs are patentable; most supplements, being natural, cannot be strongly patented, so the cost of conducting these trials cannot be recouped by supplement companies. Then the establishment, like NIH, claims that the absence of clinical trials on vitamins means we don’t really know whether they work.

It’s time to take this out of the government’s hands and to let consumers decide. We’ve been pushing for legislation that allows the free flow of information about dietary supplements by allowing supplements to cite reputable, peer-reviewed research about their benefits. This will help Americans to learn that there are more options for them to support their health outside of pharmaceutical drugs.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them to support legislation that allows the free flow of information about supplements. Please send your message immediately.


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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional/your inner knowing before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.