For a wide variety of information, products, and resources designed to support better health, conscious well-being, and the evolutionary process, please visit my Evolution Made Easier website. There’s a Resources page to turn you on to some great websites and individuals with all sorts of supportive, cutting-edge products, services, and information; and a What’s New page highlighting new finds and faves to check out, including free events and specials being offered. There’s also a page about the books and services offered by EME, including  A Healthier You From the Inside Out. Also check out EME’s  Links page for a virtual mini-mall of recommended sites for finding great products I think everyone should know about and use.

And be sure to visit the Contact Us/Request Form page for a list of all the free books and reports offered by EME, including the Free Stuff Guidea 21-page directory of websites and resources that offer free e-books, e-courses, mp3s, subliminal/brain entrainment recordings, tele-seminars, and more. Just use the contact form or send an e-mail to and put “Free Stuff Guide” in the subject line to receive your complimentary copy of this valuable directory.

Another resource is the one -on-one phone sessions I offer to assist you in”upgrading” your current life situation by teaching you a variety of energy processes and tools you can use to be more grounded and balanced and help your body heal and rejuvenate. These sessions activate new possibilities in your life and provide energetic support for having and being a happier, healthier you. As a “Probability Flow Director” (part of my cosmic job title :-)) I am able to tune-in to higher probabilities just waiting for you in the ethers and help you become a more conscious co-creator and change what isn’t working in your life.

Watercolor poppy

And be sure to visit my Evolution Made Easier blog for tips and picks spotlighting stimulating, thought-provoking articles, entertaining videos, inspirational quotes, informative tele-seminar series, free events, and more that help you have a healthier, more positive outlook on life. Or take an inter/inner-dimensional healing journey through portals accessed by viewing my visionary artwork.

Hope you make use of all these resources. That’s what they’re here for!

p.s. Don’t forget to spend some time exploring the ever-growing archive of Self-help Health posts, especially the Top Ten For 2013  and Top 20 For 2014 posts.


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