FYI: EMF Update On New Cell Phones


I am what I would call a “low tech” person…..I don’t use a cell phone, tablet, iPad or anything other than a good ole laptop or PC. Plus, I recently took a week off from technology in general, which is almost impossible these days. I did use the computer, but as minimally as possible.

Anyway, I know I’m the exception, not the norm, and that there are a lot of people out there that want whatever the latest “new, best, fastest thing” is, so I think it’s good for everyone to be aware that those “plus” items almost always come with their own set of “minuses,” but you’ll never hear the companies that sell the products mention those. This article from Dr. Desaulniers, who is a breast cancer survivor, does a good job of listing some of the things all you techies should at least be aware of about the new technologies……



EMF Update: New Cellphone Threats in 2017

One of the big selling points for new cell phones on the market today are upgrades to technology which allow devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 to “fast charge” using “Qi” technology, portable wireless charging pads designed for small devices such as cellphones. Wireless charging stations can charge phones in about half the time as “plug in” devices and save on wear and tear to internal plug-in ports.

But do these conveniences come at a price to your health?

Is Wireless Charging Safe?


“Qi” uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power between the cellphone and the pad. This process, also called “induction,” was invented by Nicola Tesla over 100 years ago.

Industry organizations, such as the  “Wireless Power Consortium,” have declared “Qi” wireless charging technology to be safe because it uses “tight coil wiring,” which supposedly produces less EMF emissions.

Other experts beg to differ. In 2011, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared cell phones and WiFi in general to be “Group 2B Possible Carcinogens,” possible cancer-causing agents.

In 2016, the US Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program announced findings of a study that directly linked cellphone use to cancer. Other studies have made the connection time and again between close-range cellphone use, brain cancer and breast cancer.

Wireless Tabletops

Qi wireless “pad” technology is just the beginning of a new wave of surface-area charging options for 2017. Other devices use rezence technology, which utilizes magnetic resonance. Rezence is found in desktops, tabletops and even entire kitchen counter tops: you simply put your computer or other compatible device on the surface and, voila, instant charge. Wireless tabletops are beginning to appear in US Starbuck’s, in McDonald’s in Britain and in some new car models.

The real danger of rezence technology lies in its ability to provide wireless at long distances; much of this technology can connect devices from over 20 feet away. Once these chargers find a connection, they send out radio-frequency signals. The amount of “free-flowing power” produced by tabletop charging is a lot more than regular WiFi, according to some industry insiders.

“I don’t think I would want to be in a room with free moving power signals,” said one wireless tech executive in a recent interview.

Integrated Bluetooth technologies in desktop chargers as well as in other new devices such as wireless headphones (the new iPhones no longer have headphone jacks), iWatches and Fitbits add another dimension to the EMF risk, especially for the millions of individuals who wear these devices all day long.

On the horizon: 5G

In July, 2016, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the construction of a nation-wide “5G” cellphone network. 5G utilizes “millimeter waves” which operate at a much higher frequency than 2, 3, or 4G. Millimeter waves also can’t penetrate building walls as readily, leading to the speculation that one 5G “antennae base” may eventually be needed for every 12 homes.

Some in the EMF Safety community, such as Dr. Joel Moskowitz of the UC-Berkeley School of Public Health, express concerns that not only will millimeter waves have a more harmful effect on human tissue, they may also effect bacteria and protozoa, putting the very building blocks of our natural world at risk. The full conversion of existing cell towers to be “5G compatible” is still a few years away; it is not too late to express your opposition to this harmful technology upgrade, which many individuals and organizations around the country are choosing to do.

Get Protected 

Reducing your exposure to EMFs through turning off devices at night and keeping sensitive body parts such as the breasts and brain away from cellphones and other WiFi devices is the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself and your family from the onslaught of new EMF threats. Sometimes exposure to EMF is unavoidable though. In this case, consider utilizing EMF protection technology. In my experience, the most reliable and scientifically-based EMF protection devices out there can be found through *Gia Wellness. This is the only company that has patented technology and scientific studies proving the protective effects of their products against EMFs. My home, my electronics, my cell phone and my body are protected with this high-tech resonance technology.

*Personal Note: I am not familiar w/ Gia Wellness, but it’s nice to know that’s what Dr. Desaulniers recommends. Personally, I use the Vibes Up products a lot to help off-set EMFs and other non-beneficial energies.


Dr. Veronique Desaulniers is the founder of The 7 Essentials System ™, a step-by-step guide that teaches you exactly how to prevent and heal Breast Cancer Naturally. To get your F.R.E.E. 7 day mini e-course, and to receive her weekly action steps and inspiring articles on the power of Natural Medicine, visit

Also, someone left a comment on Dr Desaulniers article that had this useful info……

“….., thank you for educating the public on the need to use technology safely. The best solution is to use hard-wired Internet connections with the device in airplane mode. This cuts off the radiation, and also gives a much faster and more reliable connection. For those just learning all wi-fi operates off of unshielded two-way microwave radiation, and that it is biologically hazardous, you are welcome to view this five-part cable series, The Dangers of Wi-Fi. Folks find it very informative and down-to-earth in its delivery. Each video averages a half-hour, and under each episode on YouTube you will find links to important information. Thank you for your time and consideration.

And be sure to check out the Self-help Health archive for more information about EMFs and the dangers of certain types of technology.



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Foods That Kill Cancer Stem Cells That Radiation & Chemo Can’t


I don’t know about you guys, but I watched every episode (some parts twice!) of  the docu-series The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest that aired recently, and was so impressed with the helpful information and inspiration it provided. Personally, I think it should have been required viewing for everyone so individuals could at least be made aware of certain data and statistics that aren’t normally presented by mainstream medicine or the news.

Anyway, one of the key things I learned had to do with cancer stem or mother cells and how conventional treatments don’t kill these particular cells and that’s why people often have recurrences of the disease elsewhere in their bodies. This article by Sayer Ji, who was featured in the docu-series, does a great job of highlighting the natural foods that DO kill stem cells. Woo-hoo, Mother Nature comes to our aid once again!


25 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Foods Smarter Than Chemo & Radiation

25 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Foods Smarter Than Chemo & Radiation

A new scientific review identifies 25 of the top foods and herbs which kill the cancer stem cells at the root cause of cancer malignancy. 

There are thousands of natural compounds that have been studied with demonstrable anti-cancer activity (check out over 600 on our cancer research database), but only a small subset of these have been proven to target and kill the cancer stem cells which lie at the root of cancer malignancy. Turmeric, for instance, we have featured a number of times for this “smart kill” property of targeting just the heart of cancerous tumors. More recently, ginger has been found in pre-clinical research to contain a compound up to 10,000 times more effective than the chemotherapy drug Taxol at killing breast cancer stem cells. Even common food like blueberry have special cancer killing properties, as discussed in a previous article: Research: Radiotherapy Causes Cancer, Blueberry Kills It.

A new study published in the journal Anticancer Research titled, “Natural Products That Target Cancer Stem Cells,” has made our job much easier of identifying this special category of cancer killers by reviewing the extant literature on the topic and listing the top 25 substances in this category. They are listed here below, along with some of their commonly recognizable dietary sources:

  1. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)Green Tea (see article at the end of this post for more on green tea fighting cancer)

  2. 6-Gingerol – Ginger

  3. β-Carotene – Carrot, Leafy Greens

  4. BaicaleinChinese Skullcap

  5. CurcuminTurmeric

  6. Cyclopamine – Corn Lilly

  7. Delphinidin – Blueberry, raspberry

  8. Flavonoids (Genistein) – Soy, red clover, coffee

  9. Gossypol – Cottonseed

  10. Guggulsterone – Commiphora (myrrh tree)

  11. Isothiocyanates – Cruciferous vegetables

  12. Linalool – Mint

  13. Lycopene – Grapefruit, tomato

  14. Parthenolide – Feverfew

  15. Perylill alcohol – Mint, cherry, lavender

  16. Piperine – Black pepper

  17. Placycodon saponin – Playycodon grandifloruim

  18. Psoralidin – Psoralea corylilyfolia

  19. Quercetin – Capers, onion

  20. Resveratrol – Grapes, plums, berries

  21. Salinomycin – Streptomyces albus

  22. Silibinin – Milk Thistle

  23. Ursolic acid – Thyme, basil, oregano

  24. Vitamin D3 – Fish, egg yolk, beef, cod liver oil

  25. Withaferin A – Withania somnifera (ashwaganda)

Why are these substances so important?

The primary reason why conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy have failed to produce any significant improvements in cancer survival rates is because cancer stem cells are resistant to these interventions. In fact, chemotherapy and especially radiation are both capable of increasing the number and virulence of these cells in a tumor, while at the same time having the well known side effect of further damaging the patient’s immune system.

While the cancer industry is still very much resistant to incorporating the implications of these findings into their standard of care (which is highly unethical), there are an increasing number of health practitioners that will not turn their back on the truth and are very much interested in alternative ways to prevent and treat cancer using food and/or plant-based approaches.

The new study addresses the relevance of cancer stem cells as follows:

The cancer stem cell model suggests that tumor initiation is governed by a small subset of distinct cells with stem-like character termed cancer stem cells (CSCs). CSCs possess properties of self-renewal and intrinsic survival mechanisms that contribute to resistance of tumors to most chemotherapeutic drugs. The failure to eradicate CSCs during the course of therapy is postulated to be the driving force for tumor recurrence and metastasis. Recent studies have focused on understanding the unique phenotypic properties of CSCs from various tumor types, as well as the signaling pathways that underlie self-renewal and drug resistance.”

At present, the cancer industry has failed to produce a single drug that targets the cancer stem cell population of cells within a tumor, as confirmed by the study:

If indeed the CSC response is a vital criterion for cancer treatment evaluation, there are still no drugs in clinical use that specifically target CSCs.

The ability to selectively target cancer cells, and cancer stem cells in particular, while leaving intact the non-tumor cells in tissue is extremely important. We have created a section on our database that indexes research on these substances and now includes sixty seven of them here. We are also building a section that collates research cancer stem cells, a topic will no doubt become a central part of the future of cancer treatment, assuming the priority is to actually alleviate suffering and not just make money off of patients.


Here’s another article that talks about cancer stem cells and how they are finding that a new therapy involving Vitamin A can help keep them in check:

And more about how green tea works to conquer cancer…..


The drink that conquers cancer cells

( by Carl Lowe) Cancer of the mouth can be a death sentence: Oral cancer kills half of its victims within five years of being diagnosed. But a particular beverage can support your chances of beating this disease.

Research at Penn State shows that a natural chemical found in green tea beneficially attacks proteins in oral cancer cells but does not harm healthy cells.

While other studies have shown that the natural substance – epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) – can destroy cancer, no one understood why. The Penn State research shows that it disrupts the function of cancer cells’ mitochondria, tiny cellular structures that produce energy for cells.

“EGCG is doing something to damage the mitochondria and that mitochondrial damage sets up a cycle causing more damage and it spirals out, until the cell undergoes programmed cell death,” says researcher Joshua Lambert. “It looks like EGCG causes the formation of reactive oxygen species in cancer cells, which damages the mitochondria, and the mitochondria responds by making more reactive oxygen species.”

As the mitochondria in the cancer cells attempt to defend themselves against EGCG, the cells are forced to lower their defenses against the body’s immune system and are more likely to be attacked and destroyed by immune cells.

“So, (a cancer cell is) turning off its mechanism of protection at the same time that EGCG is causing this oxidative stress,” Lambert notes.

The Penn State scientists found that EGCG did not cause this to happen in normal, healthy cells. Quite the opposite – EGCG seems to boost the protective abilities of normal cells against harm.

Lambert believes that EGCG is a more effective way to fight cancer than other methods: “The problem with a lot of chemotherapy drugs – especially early chemotherapy drugs – is that they really just target rapidly dividing cells, so cancer divides rapidly, but so do cells in your hair follicles and cells in your intestines, so you have a lot of side effects,” he says. “But you don’t see these sorts of side effects with green tea consumption.”



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Flax: A Thumbs Up Or Down? and Free Events


For the last 10 years or so there have been plenty of sources touting the wonders of flax seed and oil. I myself jumped on the bandwagon back then because of all the wonderful things I was reading and hearing. But then I learned about how fragile the oil content of the seed is and how if flax isn’t processed, bottled and stored properly, it can go rancid very quickly. I also started hearing more about phytic acid and I wondered why no one seemed to be mentioning this issue when they were talking about all of flax’s pluses. So I’ve actually eaten very little flax in the last 5 or 6 years, but was wondering if maybe I’d over-reacted.

Well, I just came across a fairly comprehensive article that addresses some of the concerns I’ve had, plus ones I hadn’t even thought about. It’s by Megan Stevens for Food Renegade, and if nothing else, it goes to show that you can easily be eating things you think are healthy for you, but if you don’t know all the facts, then you may be in for some rude awakenings. I’m finding out more than ever that nutrition is a complicated and complex issue; you need to do your due diligence and you need to make sure what you are eating is really what your body wants and needs.


the cultivation harvest of flaxseed is said to date back



However, when I started the GAPS diet this was, in part, called into question. I learned that flax should be eaten in moderation and I plan to share with you why.

Since that time, four years ag.o, I have also read accounts and studies about flax that raise a few more red flags. Let’s look at 5 reasons to exercise caution and moderation when it comes to flax.


  1. Is flax an efficient form of fatty acids?
  2. Does flax cause changes in hormone levels?
  3. What are the phytate levels in flax?
  4. Does flax actually reduce inflammation?
  5. How is flax grown?

Years ago, when I was a vegetarian, I put two heaping tablespoons of flax seed meal on my morning granola every day. Reminiscent of the wheat bran that was marketed as healthy in the 1980’s, I was adding this supplement to my food, trying to get extra omega-3 fatty acids into my diet.


As Chris Kresser explains,

Fish contain a variety of fatty acids, but the ones that are believed to confer the majority of the benefits are the long-chain omega-3 fats eicosapentanaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These omega-3 fats are found exclusively in seafood and marine algae… it is also possible for the body to synthesize EPA and DHA from the short-chain omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). ALA is found in plant foods such as flax… However, research clearly indicates that the conversion of ALA to EPA and DHA is extremely limited. Less than 5% of ALA gets converted to EPA, and less than 0.5% (one-half of one percent) of ALA is converted to DHA. (emphases mine)

The human body does not produce EPA and DHA on its own and flax consumption cannot meet the body’s need for these vital fatty acids. Consuming fresh fish, and some forms of algae to a lesser extent, are the recommended means of obtaining these nutrients. (Refer to this post if you’re trying to get more fish into your diet.)


Flax contains phytoestrogens called lignons. As a result, flax can increase estrogen levels and have a blood-thinning effect, lengthening one’s menstrual cycle or causing mid-cycle bleeding. Those who already have high levels of estrogen, who then consume regular amounts of flax seeds or flax oil can experience symptoms including fibrocystic breast tissue, depression, and the aforementioned bleeding.

Many women report heavy periods while consuming gluten-free flax crackers or flax baked goods, unaware of the correlation. Those with low or moderate levels of estrogen may not be affected at all by regular consumption of flax.

Another example of how flax affects hormone levels is seed cycling, a natural method for women to intentionally support the different stages of their cycle. In this scenario flax is used from the 1st day of menstruating until ovulation, to support the body’s production of estrogen. Up to 2 T. daily is recommended. We can see why eating the same volume of flax seeds throughout one’s cycle would cause a hormonal imbalance.


Like all seeds (and nuts) flax contains phytates. This compound can be neutralized by soaking with most seeds and nuts, but flax becomes sticky and soaking isn’t effective. Ranking high in phytate content, flax should be eaten in moderation to prevent mineral depletion, the result of eating a high-phytate diet.


All omega-3s reduce inflammation. But as we’ve discussed above, very little omega-3 fatty acid is derived from flax seeds. Therefore, touting flax as a major anti-inflammatory is misleading. Nonetheless, the soluble fiber in flax can help reduce inflammation to some extent.


Lastly, as with all purchases, our consumerism affects the supply of goods. Buying organic flax, boycotting the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, is a priority for me.  Here’s why:

Flax is a popular crop for farmers to choose to grow. With flax oil now being recommended by practitioners and flax seeds being put in many commercially made cereals, not to mention being used by more home cooks than ever before (and as a food supplement), flax demand is on the rise.

Buying organic flax sends a message of demand to farmers that it’s a safe crop to grow, (in lieu of conventional flax) – that they will be able to sell their product come harvest time.

While it’s convenient to grab a bag of Bob’s Red Mill flax from Trader Joe’s, I recommend looking twice. If it’s not organic, what kind of farming is your purchase supporting?


The Weston A. Price foundation does acknowledge the health benefits of flax, recommending up to a 1/2 tsp. flax seed oil daily, the equivalent of which is 1 1/2 tsp. flax seed meal daily. Tim Boyd writes, “Flax oil is fine if it is a good quality and in small amounts… People are taking too much flax oil…Remember to always store flax oil in the refrigerator.”

I personally appreciate baking with flax seed meal. It is one of several ingredients I use in my grain-free baked goods to achieve a certain texture and moistness. So I am not down on flax.

But I do value understanding it as a complex food— both one from which we can derive benefits and one which I will not exalt to a higher nutritional platform than is accurate.

I am also aware of my hormone levels and prefer to eat flax during the first half of my cycle, as I know personally I have a tendency toward estrogen dominance and flax does affect me adversely if eaten too often or universally throughout my cycle.

What about you? What are your experiences with this charming seed that, while truly healthy, must not be misunderstood or over-consumed?

(Author Megan Stevens is in the process of publishing her first cookbook titled Eat Beautiful: Grain-free, Sugar-free & Loving It.)


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And here are a couple of free health-related resources for you. This first one is an interesting-sounding event I signed up for that some of you may be interested in, too, especially if you are sensitive to EMFs and other electrical radiation like I am…..


Free Interview

Thursday, 7th May at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) Lloyd Burrell is interviewing Dr. William LaVelle. Dr. LaVelle is a founding director of the original California Acupuncture Association. While maintaining a general practice for the last ten years he has taken particular interest in the effects of his therapies with regard to the effects of EMFs on health.

Lavelle explained to Burrell that people were coming to see him with a wide range of issues—a bad back, a sore shoulder, a bad knee, heart issues, Achilles tendon etc.—and he started muscle testing (i. e. using kinesiology) them to test their reaction with a cell phone or other EMF device.

Here’s the thing: he found that everyone he tested was electrically sensitive.

Over time he developed a therapeutic treatment to treat this electrical sensitivity. He’s termed this technique “Natural Brain Firewall Activation”.

Natural Brain Firewall Activation

It’s a gentle, two stage, hands-on procedure that initially works on the cranial bones to coordinate movement and create more space for the brain. This is followed by a fine tuning of the atlas with the occipital bone and the other cranial bones. Both stages utilize key acupuncture points.

Dr. LaVelle believes that throughout a persons life there is a minute expansion and contraction of the skull that possibly acts as a frequency generator or generator of life energy.

He believes that his technique works by stimulating these higher frequencies (the brain’s natural firewall), which can then harmonize and neutralize adverse frequencies.

Why Weren’t You Born With Your Firewall Activated?

You probably were. According to Dr LaVelle our Firewall becomes de-activated as the result of our stressful, toxic environment. Stress, trauma and toxicity can damage tissues and adversely affect underlying neural control patterns. This in turn impacts our physiological processes.

Dr. LaVelle’s technique expands the space between the brain and the skull and allows for better brain function because of increased cranial amplitude and motion. He believes that before activation EMFs are able to penetrate the skull in a way that weakens the nervous system. Firewall activation provides more space for the brain by the increased micro movement and expansion of the skull.

Long Term Relief

Dr. LaVelle claims that everyone who has been tested a year or more after Brain Firewall Activation is “still holding.” One of his patients still tested strong after four years. Another patient came back after seven years and still tested strong against the normally weakening effects of EMF radiation from her cell phone and smart meter.

If all this sounds interesting to you (it certainly does to me!), you can click here to sign up for the free interview. There will also be a replay available for 24 hrs to those who have signed up. You can access the tele-seminar via your computer or telephone and can submit questions ahead of time. You can do this in 2 ways:

  • before the day, by clicking here and sending your question (if you’re not sure what time the tele-seminar starts, the page has a countdown timer).
  • on the day of the event, by putting your question directly to Dr Lavelle

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Another free event to check out……

 Trudy Scott is putting on another season of the Anxiety Summit. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, social fears, food addictions, this free summit is for you.

You will discover the connections between anxiety and real food, why broths and sauerkraut are brain food, the good mood benefits of red meat, sardines and pumpkin seeds, the impact of toxic mold, parasites and SIBO, eating for hormone balance, why all grains may be a problem, GABA and serotonin, social anxiety and pyroluria, mind/body medicine, histamine, nature, gluten, micro-nutrients and much more!

The summit runs May 6th – 20th and you can find out more and sign up here.


And don’t forget about the Essential Oils Revolution (mentioned in a previous post) that will be starting in just a few days on May 11th. I can’t wait! If you haven’t already signed up, you can learn more about the event, bonuses offered, and presenters here.



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Iodine: Part II

In my previous post I featured a fascinating video on iodine by Dr. Ed Group of Global Healing Center and information about RDA and food sources for this very important nutrient. Today’s post focuses on the role iodine plays in health, some of the reasons so many of us are iodine-deficient, the dangers of over-supplementing and drug interactions, and resources for understanding the connection between the thyroid, iodine and radiation…. 



[In the gas phase, iodine shows its violet color]

Iodine and Health

According to NIH, due to its important role in fetal and infant development and thyroid hormone production, iodine is a critical nutrient for proper health at all life stages. The four main areas of bio-medical research examining iodine’s role in health and disease are fetal and infant development, cognitive function during childhood, fibrocystic breast disease, and radiation-induced thyroid cancer.

Fetal and infant development
Iodine sufficiency during pregnancy is extremely important for proper fetal development. During early pregnancy, when fetal thyroid gland development is incomplete, the fetus depends entirely on maternal T4 and therefore, on maternal iodine intake. Production of T4 increases by approximately 50% during pregnancy, requiring a concomitant increase in maternal iodine intake. Sufficient iodine intake after birth is also important for proper physical and neurological growth and maturation.

Cognitive function during childhood
The effects of severe iodine deficiency on neurological development are well documented. Results from several studies suggest, for example, that chronic, moderate-to-severe iodine deficiency, particularly in children, reduces IQ by about 12–13.5 points.

Fibrocystic breast disease
Fibrocystic breast disease is a benign condition characterized by lumpy, painful breasts and palpable fibrosis. It commonly affects women of reproductive age, but it can also occur during menopause, especially in women taking estrogens. Breast tissue has a high concentration of iodine, especially during pregnancy and lactation). Some research suggests that iodine supplementation might be helpful for fibrocystic breast disease, although a specific mechanism of action has not been established and data are limited.

Radiation-induced thyroid cancer
Nuclear accidents can release radioactive iodine into the environment, increasing the risk of thyroid cancer in exposed individuals, especially children. Thyroidal uptake of radioactive iodine is higher in people with iodine deficiency than in people with iodine sufficiency. For this reason, iodine-deficient individuals have a particularly high risk of developing radiation-induced thyroid cancer when exposed to radioactive iodine.

For more information go to:

Indications of an iodine deficiency:

    • Weight gain
    • Dry skin
    • Low energy/fatigue
    • Inability to maintain a healthy weight
    • Cold hands and/or feet
    • Hair loss
    • Brain fog
    • Poor sleep pattern
    • Tingling in hands and feet
    • Depression
    • Muscle aches
    • Swelling in ankles

Iodine is absolutely essential to the body and overall health, especially for creating the thyroid hormone. But as we grow older our thyroid starts to slow down and can’t metabolize the iodine it needs as efficiently, which means a decrease in the hormone produced. The two main reasons, other than aging, so many of us are iodine-deficient are:

  • Inadequate dietary intake – Iodine is not abundant in the food we eat; it is primarily found in seaweed, kelp, certain seafood, and plants grown in iodine-rich soil. But these days soils are naturally deficient, especially the further you go inland.  Iodine’s rarity in many soils, due to initial low abundance as a crust-element, and also leaching of soluble iodide by rainwater, has led to many deficiency problems in land animals and inland human populations. (See previous post on iodine for a chart with various foods listed with their iodine content.)
  • Exposure to toxic substances  – Iodine is easily displaced from the body by toxins called toxic halides  that include fluoride, bromine and chloride

Fluoride is the worst culprit. It’s found in toothpaste and in the water supply, so every time you take a shower, brush your teeth or drink from the tap, the body is exposed to fluoride, leeching out iodine. Basically a toxic by-product of aluminum production, fluoridation was sold as a way to prevent cavities because some areas with natural fluoride in the water also had lower instances of tooth decay, but it has actually been found to do a poor job of preventing cavities.  It is hard to understand how, when scrapped off aluminum refinery smokestacks, the fluoride is considered a hazardous waste, yet when put in bags and dumped into the water supply, it somehow magically transforms itself into something beneficial. Hmmm.

Bromine is an endocrine disruptor that competes for the same receptors for capturing iodine. Essentially, bromine crowds out iodine. How prevalent is bromine? Since it’s used to make bread dough more elastic and easier to handle, every time you bite into store bought bread you are probably taking in some bromine. It is also in:

  • Bakery goods
  • Citrus flavored soft drinks
  • Fabric fire retardants
  • Hair dyes
  • Medicines
  • Pesticides used on strawberries, especially in California
  • Plastics
  • Spaghetti & pasta
  • Toothpaste and mouthwashes, and
  • Your automobile!

So considering the American diet and way of life, it’s easy to see how and why so many of us are iodine-deficient. But having too much/excessive iodine is also a health risk and can happen in certain instances, especially if someone is unknowingly over supplementing….

Health Risks from Excessive Iodine

High intakes of iodine can cause some of the same symptoms as iodine deficiency—including goiter, elevated TSH levels, and hypothyroidism—because excess iodine in susceptible individuals inhibits thyroid hormone synthesis and thereby increases TSH stimulation, which can produce goiter. Iodine-induced hyperthyroidism can also result from high iodine intakes, usually when iodine is administered to treat iodine deficiency. Studies have also shown that excessive iodine intakes cause thyroiditis and thyroid papillary cancer. Cases of acute iodine poisoning are rare and are usually caused by doses of many grams. Acute poisoning symptoms include burning of the mouth, throat, and stomach; fever; abdominal pain; nausea; vomiting; diarrhea; weak pulse; and coma.

Responses to excess iodine and the doses required to cause adverse effects vary. Some people, such as those with autoimmune thyroid disease and iodine deficiency, may experience adverse effects with iodine intakes considered safe for the general population, so, as I mentioned in Part I, iodine supplementation is not something to fool around with. Work with a healthcare professional or be sure to have someone test you (or self-test, if you have a method for doing that) to make sure you are using the form of iodine and dosage your body wants and needs.

And you also need to be aware of the possibility of supplementing with iodine and possible medication interactions. Here’s some information from NIH on the subject:

Interactions with Medications

Iodine supplements have the potential to interact with several types of medications. A few examples are provided below. Individuals taking these medications on a regular basis should discuss their iodine intakes with their health care providers.

Anti-thyroid medications
Anti-thyroid medications, such as methimazole (Tapazole®), are used to treat hyperthyroidism. Taking high doses of iodine with anti-thyroid medications can have an additive effect and could cause hypothyroidism.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors
Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, such as benazepril (Lotensin®), lisinopril (Prinivil® and Zestril®), and fosinopril (Monopril®), are used primarily to treat high blood pressure. Taking potassium iodide with ACE inhibitors can increase the risk of hyperkalemia (elevated blood levels of potassium).

Potassium-sparing diuretics
Taking potassium iodide with potassium-sparing diuretics, such as spironolactone (Aldactone®) and amiloride (Midamor®), can increase the risk of hyperkalemia.

FYI, you can get various forms of iodine at any good health food store, but today is the last day for the sale on Detoxadine®, the supplement I take from GHC, so I would definitely recommend checking that out. Here’s what I wrote about it in my previous post….

It’s actually what prompted me to finally get around to finishing and posting this information on iodine, because I wanted you to be able to take advantage of the sale. A bottle, which is super concentrated and lasts more than several months, is normally $29.95, but until 12/3 is just $19.95, plus shipping is free. Use code ‘Cyber2014’. I just ordered 2 bottles myself. Here’s a little about the product:

Unlike other iodine supplements which source iodine from the ocean, Detoxadine® is created using 300 million year old salt deposits located 7,000 feet below the earth’s surface. The result is an extremely pure and concentrated nascent iodine that is free of additives and toxins and also screened for radiation.

Detoxadine® is nascent iodine in a vegetable glycerin base. Unlike alcohol based formulas, it has an extremely gentle taste and is appropriate for adults and children alike.

Nascent iodine is also the most easily absorbed and utilized form of iodine available.

Why is Detoxadine® better than potassium iodide?

The nascent iodine in Detoxadine® is pure and much easier for your body to absorb and use. In nature, iodine is attached to other elements as a compound, it doesn’t exist pure. In these forms, absorption may only be 20%, making it biologically inefficient. Detoxadine® is different because it provides a bioavailable, non-toxic source of elemental nascent iodine that the body can efficiently use. Detoxadine® rapidly enters the bloodstream and disperses throughout the body.

The GHC website also has lots of testimonials and a 180 day money back guarantee. Also check out the Aqua-Spirit, O2 Zap (no home should be without it!), Oxy-powder and other products while you’re there.


See this related Self-help Health post about how certain anti-nutrients can block iodine absorption:

Robert J. Gilbert, Ph D about radiation fall-out and using potassium iodide:

And after Fukushima I featured a number of iodine-related posts at my Evolution Made Easier blog that contain a lot of information and resources you might find helpful:



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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

Iodine: Essential Mineral For Detoxification, Radiation Protection, And More

How much do you really know about iodine? A few years ago I realized I didn’t know much beyond the information I grew up with as a child…. that it was something that was added to “fortify” table salt and you could also use it on cuts and scraps. But after the disaster at Fukushima a few years ago, iodine was suddenly a hot commodity and I started doing some research. And, boy, was I impressed with how important this essential mineral is for not only protecting the thyroid from radiation, but also providing immune support, encouraging healthy hormone levels, detoxing fluoride, chlorine and bromine, and much more…..


iodine_individual_element_of_the_periodic_table_dartboard ...


I always assumed I was getting enough iodine from using Himalayan crystal salt, a natural source of iodine, and taking Emerald Sea, a supplement that contains iodine-rich seaweed. But when the tragic situation with Fukushima brought radiation concerns to the forefront, I wanted to be sure I was getting enough iodine because it is well-known for protecting the thyroid from radiation.

So I did some testing and was surprised to find I was iodine deficient. That’s not so unusual either, because apparently a large part (75% or more) of the population is deficient, too. And even if radiation isn’t a concern, when your body is low in iodine your mucosal barrier (in your nose, mouth, lungs and intestines) suffers. This barrier, or protective layer, is what keeps hostile outside germs away from your sterile insides, and when it’s not functioning properly your body is at risk for potentially serious immune-system-mediated conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, Epstein-Barr infection, and systemic candidiasis.

So I started searching for and comparing natural iodine supplements and what tested best, at least for me, was Detoxadine from Global Healing Center. I’ve been using it now for a couple of years and I always get a “yes” when I self-test to see if my body wants/needs it. But I never really understood how important iodine is and why the product happened to be called Detoxadine® until I recently watched a fascinating video put together by Dr. Frank Group, creator of the product and the man behind GHC.

Holy cow! I never knew iodine played such a major role in the detoxification process (thus the name of the product!) and that it increases the excretion of lead and mercury and plays a part in so many other body processes. AND it has so many benefits…’s helpful with insulin regulation and diabetes, good for breast and ovary health, promotes healthy hormone levels, improves energy and focus, and has anti-microbial and anti-septic properties. In fact, years ago iodine was the main antibiotic used before other options became available. You can also use it externally on the skin for dealing with cuts and burns, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its uses and benefits!

This video is an hour long, but well worth the time, at least in my opinion. You’ll definitely have a new understanding and appreciation for iodine and the major role it plays in your health if you do. I had only planned on watching a few minutes of it and then got pulled in by all the useful information and insights it was providing.


Want more on iodine?

Here’s information from that you may find helpful regarding recommended dietary allowances and food sources of iodine. I think NIH is often conservative with their RDAs, but it gives you some ballpark figures to use. Everyone is different, so I highly recommend relying on a healthcare professional and/or always testing the supplement you plan to take to see if it’s right for you, and then also testing for dosage. Iodine supplementation is not something to fool around with.

Table 1: Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Iodine 
Age Male Female Pregnancy Lactation
Birth to 6 months 110 mcg* 110 mcg*
7–12 months 130 mcg* 130 mcg*
1–3 years 90 mcg 90 mcg
4–8 years 90 mcg 90 mcg
9–13 years 120 mcg 120 mcg
14–18 years 150 mcg 150 mcg 220 mcg 290 mcg
19+ years 150 mcg 150 mcg 220 mcg 290 mcg

* Adequate Intake (AI)

The World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD) recommend a slightly higher iodine intake for pregnant women of 250 mcg per day.

Sources of Iodine

Seaweed (such as kelp, nori, kombu, and wakame) is one of the best food sources of iodine, but it is highly variable in its content (see Table 2). Other good sources include seafood, dairy products (partly due to the use of iodine feed supplements and iodophor sanitizing agents in the dairy industry), grain products, and eggs. Dairy products, especially milk, and grain products are the major contributors of iodine to the American diet. Iodine is also present in human breast milk and infant formulas.

Fruits and vegetables contain iodine, but the amount varies depending on the iodine content of the soil, fertilizer use and irrigation practices. Iodine concentrations in plant foods can range from as little as 10 mcg/kg to 1 mg/kg dry weight. This variability, in turn, affects the iodine content of meat and animal products because it affects the iodine content of foods that the animals consume. The iodine content of different seaweed species also varies greatly. For these reasons, the values in Table 2 are approximate.

Table 2: Selected Food Sources of Iodine 
Food Approximate
Micrograms (mcg)
per serving
Percent *DV
Seaweed, whole or sheet, 1 g 16 to 2,984 11% to 1,989%
Cod, baked, 3 ounces 99 66%
Yogurt, plain, low-fat, 1 cup 75 50%
**Iodized salt, 1.5 g (approx. 1/4 teaspoon) 71 47%
Milk, reduced fat, 1 cup 56 37%
Fish sticks, 3 ounces 54 36%
Bread, white, enriched, 2 slices 45 30%
Fruit cocktail in heavy syrup, canned, 1/2 cup 42 28%
Shrimp, 3 ounces 35 23%
Ice cream, chocolate, 1/2 cup 30 20%
Macaroni, enriched, boiled, 1 cup 27 18%
Egg, 1 large 24 16%
Tuna, canned in oil, drained, 3 ounces 17 11%
Corn, cream style, canned, 1/2 cup 14 9%
Prunes, dried, 5 prunes 13 9%
Cheese, cheddar, 1 ounce 12 8%
Raisin bran cereal, 1 cup 11 7%
Lima beans, mature, boiled, 1/2 cup 8 5%
Apple juice, 1 cup 7 5%
Green peas, frozen, boiled, 1/2 cup 3 2%
Banana, 1 medium 3 2%

*DV = Daily Value. DVs were developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help consumers compare the nutrient contents of products within the context of a total diet. The DV for iodine is 150 mcg for adults and children aged 4 and older. However, the FDA does not require food labels to list iodine content unless a food has been fortified with this nutrient. Foods providing 20% or more of the DV are considered to be high sources of a nutrient.

**I would stay away from commercially iodized/fortified table salt (and any other food that does not come by iodine naturally) and use Himalayan crystal salt or Celtic sea salt, which contain natural iodine.



FYI, you can get iodine supplements at any number of places on-line, but I would certainly at least check out Detoxadine® at GHC, especially since they’re having a great sale on it through tomorrow (12/3/14). It’s actually what prompted me to finally get around to finishing and posting this information on iodine, because I wanted you to be able to take advantage of the sale. A bottle, which is super concentrated and lasts more than several months, is normally $29.95, but until 12/3 is just $19.95, plus shipping is free. Use code ‘Cyber2014’. I just ordered 2 bottles myself. Here’s a little about the product:

Unlike other iodine supplements which source iodine from the ocean, Detoxadine® is created using 300 million year old salt deposits located 7,000 feet below the earth’s surface. The result is an extremely pure and concentrated nascent iodine that is free of additives and toxins and also screened for radiation.

Detoxadine® is nascent iodine in a vegetable glycerin base. Unlike alcohol based formulas, it has an extremely gentle taste and is appropriate for adults and children alike.

Nascent iodine is also the most easily absorbed and utilized form of iodine available.

Why is Detoxadine® better than potassium iodide?

The nascent iodine in Detoxadine® is pure and much easier for your body to absorb and use. In nature, iodine is attached to other elements as a compound, it doesn’t exist pure. In these forms, absorption may only be 20%, making it biologically inefficient. Detoxadine® is different because it provides a bioavailable, non-toxic source of elemental nascent iodine that the body can efficiently use. Detoxadine® rapidly enters the bloodstream and disperses throughout the body.

The GHC website also has lots of testimonials and a 180 day money back guarantee. Also check out the Aqua-Spirit, O2 Zap (no home should be without it!), Oxy-powder and other products while you’re there.

Read Part II on Iodine, which focuses on some of the things that interfere with iodine absorption, symptoms of deficiency, medication interactions, resources for using iodine against radiation, and more. And see this related Self-help Health post about how certain anti-nutrients can block iodine absorption:


Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine

Vibes Up Special Deal: It’s a Great One!

Have been busy moving my 92 yr old father into assisted living the last 5 days, so I hadn’t planned on posting anything this week. But this deal with the Vibes Up Earth Energy Mats, probably my favorite product of their’s, is too good not to give you a quick heads up about. Kaitlyn Keyt, owner and creator of this Visionary Aware winning line of products, is offering a 3 for 1 special on her very popular Earth Energy Mats, so you end up getting them even below wholesale. I have several of these mats and love them because they are so versatile and so easy to move around and use in so many different places/ways. And these are the new, improved, “double stuff,” puffy crystal with zeolite ones that have more umph than ever to off-set EMFs and radiation, as well as provide grounding, harmonizing, energizing vibes for the body or whatever they come in contact with. The way to use them is almost unlimited, so it’s great to be able to get 3 for the cost of 1. I use one under my bottom sheet for sleeping, one in the driver’s seat of my car, and one in the chair at my computer, plus also move them around and use as “place mats” to energize food and water and lots of other stuff. Vibes Up has a limited number of the mats available, so act quickly if you want to take advantage of this. Here’s part of the message from Kaitlyn about the special…..


3 for 1 on EARTH MATS!!!
We will literally TRIPLE ALL MATS in your cart! 🙂 🙂
You order 1, you get 3
2 you get 6
3 you get 9 ..and so on 🙂

We have only done a triple mat special ONCE before in our 8 yr history. Everyone was CRAZY HAPPY to have this available so they can afford to line their modern living with Mama Nature’s Miracle Mats.

What a PERFECT TIME as WINTER is  fast approaching for most of us, which means even less time out in Nature and less fresh food. These mats will be bringing the concentrated infrared rays of Nature into our everyday living, for yourself, your food, your clothing, your children, your pets and so much more. SEE 108+ Mat uses list below

LIMITED STOCK: We have made 500 Large, 450 Medium and 530 small.

See below for a Nutshell of the 5 ways the Earth Mats Work:

1. Send over 1 million Rays of Healthy Balanced (piezo) Energy per second to your food, water, bodies etc. Your body can do amazing things when it has the energy or fuel to work with. Its bio-available energy, which means your body knows how to utilize it.
2.  It breathes! It’s NOT just about grounding. The Earth Mats are constantly feeding new energy IN and pulling non- beneficial energy OUT, just like the earth naturally does and how we breath in and out. This will not work on a voltage tester as it is literally CREATING its own ENERGY.

3. Raises Vibrations A scientific fact, High and Low Vibrations can not coexist. Low vibrations include, disease, non beneficial germs, pain, depression, ants, parasites. Common sense would say its a very good idea to raise vibrations.
4. Imprints Nature – The infrared rays are passing through the nature ingredients of the mat, Essential Oils, Gemstones, Flower Essences and more. These rays can pick  up on all the brilliance of Nature, helping to bring a constant imprint of these nature ingredients to everything it comes in contact with. The exact same way a computer imprints a movie on to a DVD!
5. Balance! Everything was once natural and balanced. When its balanced its harmonious and sustainable. its only when its out of balance that it becomes destructive. The Earth Mats can help imprint the phi ratio or golden measurement ratio of 8 Feminine (-) Electron and 5 Masculine (-) Proton to everything it comes in contact with, REMINDING IT OF ITS NATURAL AND HARMONIOUS BALANCE.
6. Reminds our Cells – When something is in its 8- 5 phi balance it creates a special zero point energy, which is intelligent LIFE ENERGY. Example: A pine cone as 8 swirls UP and 5 swirls down. Wherever they cross or come together, a SEED or LIFE is created. Same with the polarities of our cells. When they are reminded of their correct polarity ratio balance, they can start to create energy from within.  Imagine all the trillions of our cells GENERATING THEIR OWN ENERGY! How much more of our health and abilities would we activate?  YEAH! Super Humans who would not need synthetic technology.


You can get as many as you like of all sizes. It’s automatically set to give you triple mats, no need to ask in the comment box.

Squishies & round plate mats are NOT a part of this special. 
Wholesale stores can also participate as its set up to automatically give you 3 for 1 of the retail price, which is even better than wholesale!

Go to the Vibes Up site, click ‘Shop’ from the top menu, select ‘Shop Online’ and you will see the first listing on the left under Categories is the 3 for 1 weekly special. I believe there is also a page on the site that lists over 100 different ways to use the Earth Energy Mats.

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Cutting-edge Information About EMFs & How to Deal With Them

I have another free resource to tell you about and this one is very timely. If you watched the documentary Resonance: Beings of Frequency I recommended in a recent post, then  you are aware of the invisible electro-magnetic “smog” that surrounds us and the possible health risks it poses. So I appreciate that Alison Heath of Your Vibrant Health Secrets has put together the world’s first summit on the topic to help us better understand the situation and how we can still live vibrant, healthy lives.



EMF Summit: Protect Yourself, Your Children, Your Family


The EMF Summit has gathered a stellar lineup of world class experts to give you a complete picture of the electromagnetic fields that surround us and how they affect our health, our children and our environment. The event starts on Tuesday Sept 2nd and replays of the live presentations will be available to watch for 48 hours afterwards free of charge.

Here are some of the topics to be covered:

Dirty Electricity: How We Can Co-exist With This Powerful Techno logy and Its Inherent Dangers with Dr. Samuel Milham the physician-epidemiologist who first alerted the world about electromagnetic exposure in various careers and the link to human disease

Why We Resist Knowing and How Our Fun Toys Can Bite Us with Dr. Ross Andersen an EMF Consultant and retired Chiropractor & Naturopathic physician

The Health Benefits of Filtering Dirty Electricity with Dave Stetzer a retired military electrician with top secret clearance who has dedicated the past ten years to cleaning up dirty electricity

Biological Effects of EMF and RF on people with MS, Diabetes and More with Dr. Magda Havas a Trent University professor currently working with electrically hypersensitive individuals and researching sick building  syndrome as it relates to power quality in schools

Adopting the Precautionary Principle with Dr. Martin Blank whose research on the damage electromagnetic radiation causes to the DNA of our cells indicates the need for greater caution and control over the spread of EMR in the environment

How to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution with Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, internationally acclaimed nutritionist, visionary health expert, and best-selling author

Our Choices With a Government Supported by a Corrupt Industry with Sharon Noble founder of Stop Smart Meters BC and co-founder of Citizens for Safe Technology

How Smart Meters Impact Your Health, Privacy, Safety and Your Pocketbook
with Farren Lander a specialist in electro-pollution consulting, detection and protection

Is Your House Sick From Geopathic Stress and EMF Radiation? with Karen Mileson,`sick house`survivor and author. She was ill for many years without understanding why. When her husband also became ill and died she discovered their home was killing them

How Microwave Weapons Mirror Today’s Wireless Frequency with Barrie Trower a retired microwave military expert and consultant for the British Secret Intelligence Service MI5 and MI6.  He came out of retirement as he was appalled by children being exposed to wireless in schools

BEMER The Healthy Side of Electromagnetic Fields with Chitvan Milak the CEO of BEMER India. Chitvan’s extensive knowledge of BEMER vascular therapy illustrates how we can use electromagnetic pulses to increase circulation and minimize the negative effects of EMF radiation on our body

How to Recognize, Avoid and Deal with Symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity with Dr Olle Johansson, whose research on EHS symptoms was in part responsible for Sweden recognizing EHS as a disability

And much, much more …All at no charge to you!

You can listen to these inspiring programs with our compliments. We’ve scoured the world to bring people to share the truth. They are world-renowned experts who are raising EMF
awareness and changing the lives of thousands and thousands of individuals.

Their knowledge, tips, techniques and methods are easy to implement and proven to be powerful in enabling your to thrive in an irradiated world.

They are coming together in this extraordinary free online event to help you discover the healthy and vibrant you and help you rise above the fear and chaos of our wireless environment so you may enjoy a rewarding and satisfying life.

You can reserve a seat here.

I’ll see you there,

Alison Heath

PERSONAL NOTE: The products from Vibes Up are the main way I off-set the EMFs in my environment. I love how versatile and multi-purpose they are. Here’s one testimonial Kaitlyn Keyt, creator of the products, received recently:

Hi Kaitlyn…. I want to give you a big THANK YOU! And shout out for the transformation your products have brought to me! A year ago my energetic medicine consultation showed very high geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress causing a high level of toxicity in my body…. I got the results today from an annual follow up…NO GEOPATHIC STRESS OR ELECTRO-MAGNETIC STRESS SHOWING UP IN ME AT ALL! !! THANKS TO ALL OF YOUR GOODIES, INCLUDING THE PYRAMID! AND MY TOXICITY LEVEL WAS WAY DOWN IN HEALTHY NUMBERS….THANK YOU! THIS IS ANOTHER REASON YOUR COMPANY IS GROWING SO FAST….I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MANY CARING AND RESPONSIVE PEOPLE LOOKING OUT FOR ME! YOU ARE LIKE A FAMILY, NOT A COMPANY…AND YOUR PRODUCTS SAVE LIVES….AND YOUR INSIGHTS SAVE LIVES AND SANITY….THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
Suzanne T. Naples Florida

“When I asked Suzanne’s permission to share her experience she responded back with more details” -K

Hi Kaitlin …. This is great! Thanks for acknowledging me! I keep all of our food and water on squishys in the fridge or on the counter. I have a mat under my pillow and in the bed…..plate size squishys gridding the bed (they are a little lumpy to sleep on), I use a squishy under the plate if I go out to eat which isn’t too often, I won’t eat anything if it hasn’t been on a suishy first. I ALWAYS have a squishy in my waistband so I am getting 24/7 vibes. I also have a pyramid in my car!


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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

Dragon’s Blood: Scary Sounding, Amazing Stuff!

Up until a few days ago I don’t think I’d even heard of Dragon’s Blood, let alone its many uses and benefits. So I was intrigued and majorly impressed when I recently received some information written by Matt Monarch at Raw Food World. As I was reading about all the things Dragon’s Blood can do and help with, my first thought was “Holy cow, why haven’t I heard about this before?!” My second thought was “OMG, this sounds too good to be true,” but the Raw Food World website provides numerous links to over 50 clinical studies that back up the benefits of Dragon’s Blood for wound and fracture healing, as well as stopping bleeding. It’s also analgesic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor/cancer, and can be used for radiation protection, neuro-degenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, Huntington’s), diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, pulmonary fibrosis, stomach and intestinal ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, vascular issues, herpes, influenza, respiratory problems, and boosting the immune system. Now do you see why I thought “OMG?!”

 *New Product* Dragon’s Blood – Backed by Over 50 Clinical Studies!SANGRE DE DRAGON

Dragon’s Blood, also known as Sangre de Dragon, comes from the Croton Uechleri trees found in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. The flowers found high in the trees’ branches resemble a dragon’s head, thus the interesting name for its wild-crafted resin. The blood-like red sap is rich in taspine, an alkaloid known for its tissue and skin regeneration properties, that can quickly stop bleeding and heal wounds. And the high percentage of proanthocyanidins, which are also found in grapefruit seeds, make Dragon’s Blood one of the most potent antioxidants on the planet.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here is just some of what Matt Monarch wrote in his article…. 

  • Dragon’s Blood is used extensively in native pharmacopoeia to also treat many other skin disorders and conditions, such as herpes, fungal issues, skin cancer melanoma, hemorrhoids, and more
  • Dragon’s Blood may be able to help with receding gums and dental health (Matt says “While I found no clinical studies related to dental health and Dragon’s Blood, I did find an Ayurvedic website that has countless testimonials, which can be found at the link here. It states, “It is incredibly astringent, so it pulls the gums tighter around your teeth. It stops bleeding, and encourages regeneration of tissue.” I tried this and I could feel the astringent effect immediately around my gums. If you go to that website and look at the testimonials, you will see numerous people and animals who healed their gum and teeth issues where intense dentistry work would have otherwise been needed. For dental use on my gums, I like to take a few drops of Dragon’s Blood straight into my mouth and swirl it for a few minutes, then I spit it out without using any water to rinse, so that the astringent action stays working for as long as possible. I just have to spit out many times, instead of rinsing away with water.)
  • Dragon’s Blood is the number one item I travel with, because as shown in clinical studies, it has the potential to treat insect bites, arrest diarrhea, and protect the body and brain from radiation
  • Effective constituents of Dragon’s Blood were found to be potential candidate therapeutic agents for neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s
  • Clinical studies show how Dragon’s Blood can be useful in helping with diabetes, osteoporosis, healing fractures and other traumatic injuries
  • In clinical studies, Dragon’s Blood showed the potential to be anti-tumor and anti-cancer, inhibit hepatitis A and B viruses, have potent activity against isolates and laboratory strains of respiratory syncytial virus, influenza A virus, and parainfluenza virus, reduce pulmonary fibrosis (scarring of the lungs), boost the immune system, have anti-tumoral effects on human colon cancer cells, alleviate pain associated with gastrointestinal and other related disorders, reduce acid reflux, treat rheumatism, help heal stomach and intestinal ulcers, reduce inflammation, act as an antioxidant with free radical scavenging capacity, and act as a food preservative due to its inhibitory activity against various food borne pathogens
  • Dragon’s Blood seems to be one of the best all-round treatments available for blood; in Chinese medicine, Dragon’s Blood is commonly prescribed to invigorate blood circulation for the treatment of traumatic injuries, blood stasis and pain; it can reduce the formation of blood clots and has been shown to promote blood circulation, alleviate inflammation, stop bleeding and may be beneficial for arterial and vascular diseases.
  • When used externally, clinical studies show that Dragon’s Blood has the potential to heal wounds faster, stop bleeding, remove pain, promote skin repair, and act as an antiseptic, because it is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-spasmodic and anti-tumor.

It’s crazy how Dragon’s Blood works for external use!

To use Dragon’s Blood externally, you put a bunch of drops onto the palm of your hand. Then you take the pointer finger from your other hand and keep rubbing the liquid in a circle until it turns into a silky paste. You can then scoop that paste up with the same pointer finger and smooth it over your wound. The Dragon’s Blood will stiffen up on the wound and act as a natural band-aid!… At the same time, the Dragon’s Blood also cleans the wound by killing bacteria, microbes and other junk with its antiseptic properties, helps take the pain away, helps the wound heal faster, helps lower inflammation and stops the bleeding. At the clinical study here, it states, “The beneficial effect of Dragon’s Blood on wound healing was confirmed. Dragon’s Blood stimulated contraction of the wound, formation of a crust, formation of new collagen, and regeneration of the epithelial layer.” At the clinical study here, it states, ‘The group treated with RDEE (Dragon’s Blood) showed significantly better wound contraction and better skin-breaking strength as compared with the control group. The present study provided a scientific rationale for the traditional use of RD in the management of wounds.” USDA economic botanist Dr. James Duke says, “Dragon’s blood was shown to speed healing four times faster”.

Matt’s Raw Food World article also includes links to over 50 clinical studies that backup all the uses and benefits mentioned. I also found a number of anecdotes that speak to the amazing power of Dragon’s Blood on the The Whole World Botanical site. Here is just one:

A testimonial from a Chilean woman in her 60’s who is a high altitude trekker confirms clinical studies of the benefits of Dragon’s Blood for pre-cancerous and even cancer lesions. She used external applications twice a day on the cancerous lesion she had on the top of her finger and had remarkable results. In just two weeks the lesion was healed and since then she has used Dragon’s Blood for pre-cancerous sensitive spots on her face with great results in a week.—Whole World Botanical

The site also mentions the sap being used to quickly heal an infected spider bite in 3 days, as well as being used as a great rinse for bleeding gums and abscessed teeth. After brushing and flossing, swishing with a few drops of DB mixed in high quality warm water, a little Himalayan salt and Camu vitamin C can apparently do wonders to maintain dental health.

Dragon’s Blood is also a winner when it comes to beauty care. Supposedly a few drops applied directly to the skin reduces infection and swelling due to rashes or acne, can minimize scarring and lighten sun spots, and will even shrink and lighten dark moles and skin tags. It will also reduce the itching of eczema and psoriasis. And using it internally and externally may help with nail fungus (a word of caution—it sounds like if you use Dragon’s Blood internally that you also need to use a good probiotic or fermented foods to keep your gut flora at a healthy level, since, as an anti-bacterial agent, DB can kill the good, as well as the bad bacteria).

And if you have pets, then you’ll want to have some Dragon’s Blood around to use on your animals. Whole World Botanicals mentions it being used to heal pets’ cuts and scrapes, plus ease the pain and swelling of insect bites from spiders, red ants and even scorpion and bee stings. It also mentions where it was used to heal a cat’s infected gums, prevent infection from porcupine quills in a dog’s snout, and heal deep lacerations in a horse.

After reading all this, I was more than ready to give Dragon’s Blood a try, so I was happy to learn that Raw Food World is offering it as one of its ‘at-cost’ specials right now. Apparently the price of a bottle of 100% Raw Croton Lechleri Sap/Dragon’s Blood is normally $14.95 (I was pleasantly surprised, considering all it is capable of doing!), BUT you can get it for $10.47 (1 to 2 bottles) or for $9.42 (3 bottles or more). This special price is good until Tuesday, September 30th 2014 (midnight PST).

I like to spend my money with companies that are conscientious and support local communities and indigenous cultures that have been the caretakers and guardians of rain forest plants. So I was glad to learn that RFW is in direct contact with harvesting families in the Peruvian Amazon where their DB extract is sourced. This allows them to get 100% raw and fresh “Sangre de Grado” crude extract that has not been through any physical or chemical treatment like other products you may see on the market today. This ensures that the phyto-chemical and other properties are freshly preserved, so you can receive all of the benefits of this amazing plant sap. It also supports the local economy and environment and ensures no tree logging is performed on these trees, as the latex extraction is made by small incisions in the bark in the traditional manner.

Anyway, I’ve ordered 3 bottles and can’t wait to give DB a try. I also ordered some Siberian Pine Nut Flakes, a new product at RFW that is supposedly Matt’s favorite new superfood, and D3 patches, so I’m looking forward to trying some new things. If you are new to RFW, they are a great source for raw, organic superfoods and exotic gourmet treats. One of the things I usually buy is Shaman Shack Fermented Sea Clear, a raw, enzyme-rich, probiotic cleansing superfood that rejuvenates, alkalizes and supports healthy intestinal flora. It’s made with 100% organic, non-GMO, non-pasteurized miso, kelp, chlorella, raw apple cider vinegar, turmeric and black pepper.

Just add to water for a nourishing broth or use as a spread on crackers, or as a dip for veggies. The first time I bought it I got it because it was supposed to help with heavy metals and radiation (it’s based on the recipe used in Japan to clear radiation in people after Hiroshima), but it looked so unappetizing I put off trying it for a month. Once I got up the courage to taste it, I realized I loved using it as a warming broth (tastes like a snappy, peppery miso) in the morning, an afternoon pick-me-up, or when I’m not feeling well and need something really nourishing, but light on my system. Love it!

Suggested Use for Dragon’s Blood:

Internal: One to three times a day, take 1-3 drops in water.

External: Put 5-20 drops in hand, rub with fingers until liquid thickens into paste. Apply to wounds, or rub into skin to cleanse and tighten pores.

Dental: Use 5 to 10 drops in a little water as a mouthwash or place directly on toothbrush for natural toothpaste.

Put 5-8 drops directly in mouth and swish for 3-5 minutes for mouth ulcers and gum health.

Here are a couple of recent testimonials RFW has received from new users of the Dragon’s Blood:

“Wanted to let you know that I applied it to my spider veins, a condition chronic to my family because we are alcoholics by gene, and the area started to pulsate. I think if I apply it for 3 months I can alleviate the conditions. I used it on my face and it definitely plumps.”

“We have a friend over who I told to use Dragon’s Blood.  He has colitis and get’s mouth sores a lot.  His dad is a dentist and he gets a lot of prescription formulas from his father but they taste bad and take a lot of time to work.  He used the Dragon’s Blood and it immediately healed his mouth sores.  He is drinking water with Dragon’s Blood and he’s doing Dragon’s Blood enemas for colitis.  We are awaiting the colitis results.  I wanted to let you know though that he is blown away by the product and just raved about your company and how fast it shipped!  He’s a customer for life!”

And I’m including this one from Melissa because she’s given a previous testimonial about how it’s helped with wrinkles on her face, and this talks about the routine she uses and also mentions something you need to be aware of….Dragon’s Blood will easily stain any linens, towels, etc. it comes in contact with. So be careful!

Hi 🙂 When I dip my finger into it in my hand, I activate it on my face. After using it for so long, that is how my routine has blossomed. I tried activating it in my palm first, but then it dries a bit too quickly for me. I put it on in sections of my face. It also stains clothing, so beware! My pillowcase is ruined, but I don’t care, I just switched to a darker color. It will also stain the washcloth when I rinse it off in the morning. Whooo cares!!? Not me 😀 Thanks for offering such amazing prices and the new discount! I need more and will order again! I have even tried mixing it with my moisturizer! Depends on my day… Merry Christmas!


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New Device To Off-Set Cell Phone Radiation

Kaitlyn Keyt of Vibes Up is always coming up with new, innovative ways to help us live happier, healthier lives. Her latest creation is a device that works to off-set cell phone radiation and its negative side effects. This new product is especially for those who are on their cell phones a lot or who are sensitive to the EMFs/radiation that are such a big part of our lives these days…..AND right now it’s on sale!




More and more of us are switching the work and play that we used to do on the computer over to our mobile smart phones. This means a lot more electronic toxins not only in the palms of our hands, but also lasered toward our vital organs.  
Necessity is the MOTHER of invention!
Here’s what Kaitlyn has to say about the new product:
I personally am not only electronic sensitive, but I also spend massive hours working on my cell phone; both of which can make our cell phones detrimental to our well-being. I’ve analysed all the challenges here, and created a solution I am delighted with. This may not be for everyone BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE MINE!!!
Introducing the “ultra squishy” EMF phone cover that brings a plethora of happy solutions. Here are the areas that are solved by the squishy phone cover.
1. Healthy handle makes a great way to comfortably hold on to your phone in any angle
2. Quickly interchangeable with your regular Vibes UP ion cover, but once you put it on, you may love it so much you’ll just leave it on
3. Blocks the toxic laser that points to your body; on most phones, the plug-in area on the bottom points like a laser towards your heart, breast, liver and other vital organs. Tests done in Ireland found that plug-in areas tend to send out rays of electronic toxic energy, which is solved by this new VU device
4. No touching as you hold your phone; now you’re only holding the squishy and not touching your phone at all.
5. The foot petal makes a great thumb rest
6. Forms a body barrier if it’s in your pocket or purse by putting the squishy side between you and the phone (often people experience problems in the area where they tend to keep their phone next to their body….like the girl who used to stick her’s in her bra and ended up getting breast cancer in that very spot)
7. Does an energy treatment on your whole body via the reflex points in your hand; all the organs and meridians in our body are directly connected to the ending points in our hands and feet (and ears, too, which is another reason NOT to hold your phone directly up to your ear!); this squishy changes what we hold in our hands from being electronic toxins to a device that generates healthy ions and contains Nature’s ingredients….essential oils, flower essences, gem stones, liquid crystals, and more. So the non-beneficial positive ions and radiation from the phone are off-set by negative ions and other energies that balance and harmonize the body. Cool!
How to charge your phone? 
You can either pull the cover back or lift the foot petal forward exposing the ‘plug in’ area to be able to easily charge your phone. And the new squishy device is available to fit an iPhone or any phone.
Fits iPhone option:
Reg. $39.99 on sale for $29.99
Has already assembled iPhone cover, New BLACK EMF super squishy, EMF harmonizer insert, EMF foot petal. 
A $75.00 value if pieces were bought separately
ANY phone option: 
Reg. $35.99 on sale for $25.99
Has the EMF Squishy and special ‘option to remove’ adhesive to attach to any phone or cover (common sense applies; do NOT put glue in holes or on screen)
Go to Vibes Up to explore these and other products for your cell phones and other EMF/radiation emitting devices.
Still not sure you really need to worry about cell phone usage? This graphic provides an overview of the possible health risks involved (for more in-depth information on the topic, check out this previous post on the latest health findings related to cell phones)…..
How Using Cell Phone affects Your Health?


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Don’t Underestimate The Power of C!!

With all the new superfoods and super supplements clamoring for our attention these days, it’s often easy to forget that good ole Vitamin C is still one of the best cure-alls around. And from the research I’ve been doing, when it’s used in a liposomal form and in high enough doses, vitamin C can be an outright miracle worker.  

(NaturalHealth365) Since our body doesn’t produce it – vitamin C is essentially the most important vitamin you’ll ever consume for overall good health. Vitamin C can help prevent, lessen, and even reverse degenerative health problems, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease. It offers protection against colds and flu and can eliminate the threat of every virus known to man – if taken in large enough dosages.

It can cure over 30 major diseases, and is a treatment for shingles, an effective prevention and treatment of radiation exposure, is better than chemotherapy

One of the most important health tips you’ll ever receive would be to consume vitamin C on a daily basis. Generally speaking, most people would benefit from 1 to 2 grams of vitamin C (daily) – but those suffering from serious health conditions may require substantially more. Always consult a qualified healthcare provider for best results.

Naturally, choosing the right foods to consume each day will go a long way to keeping you healthy and strong. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population have been taught that an orange is the “best source” for vitamin C. But, while oranges have a nice amount of C, they actually aren’t the food with the highest levels by far!

Let’s take a closer look at the best sources of vitamin C – some of them may surprise you.

1. Camu Camu has about 30 times more vitamin C than oranges. This fruit that originates from a shrub in the Amazonian rainforest also has extremely high levels of iron, potassium and B vitamins. About 1/2 a teaspoon of powdered camu camu provides more than 400% the RDV of vitamin C.

2. Amla is also commonly referred to as “Indian gooseberry,” this antioxidant rich fruit is important in ayurvedic medicine. Juice from the amla has about 20 times as much vitamin C as oranges. This green round fruit can be found on a tree that grows in tropical India.

3. Guava actually has the highest level of vitamin C, so when you’re looking for the top sources of vitamin C, don’t miss this often overlooked fruit. The guava has about 228 mg of vitamin C.

4. Red and green hot chili peppers – While you might not be able to tolerate eating one on its own, both red and green hot chili peppers are also among the absolute best sources of vitamin C. There is about 181 mg in a half cup of chopped peppers; this is a whopping 182% of the DV. A single chili pepper provides about 110 mg of vitamin C.

5. Red Pepper is a great way to jazz up your salad. A half cup of red sweet peppers offer 142 mg of vitamin C. If you cook them, the level gets reduced a little, but it’s still impressive.

Green peppers are lower in vitamin C, as they have about 60 mg in a half cup.

6. Acerola cherry, uncommon to many people, is a tiny fruit that has about 65 times as much vitamin C as an orange. This fruit is available in powder, supplements and also as a frozen berry that you can add into shakes and smoothies.

7. Kiwis have about 70 mg of vitamin C, so it also easily tops the orange. A little known fact, when you eat a kiwi, you’ll also receive as much potassium as you would from a banana!

8. Oranges aren’t at the tip-top of the list of the best sources of vitamin C, but they still offer a substantial amount. One orange or a 3/4 cup of juice has about 70 mg. Orange zest is also packed with Vitamin C, so don’t just throw away this amazing part of the fruit. It’s amazing when added to soups or salads.

Of course, whenever possible, always buy (or grow) organic oranges or any other piece of produce.

9. Strawberries have about 50 mg of vitamin C per ½ cup. You’ll also get a high amount of fiber and antioxidants with this fruit or just about any other whole fruit or vegetable.

10. Leafy greens, like kale and mustard greens, are quite high in vitamin C. For example, just one serving of raw kale provides 120 mg.

11. Melon, from cantaloupe and honeydew to watermelons, are a delicious way to boost up your vitamin C intake. One cup of cantaloupe has about 67 mg of Vitamin C.

12. Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are great additions to a vitamin C rich diet. You can get 89 mg in a serving of broccoli, and 75 mg per cup of Brussels sprouts. Just don’t overcook the vegetables or you’ll lose the nutritional value.

People reach for vitamin C during the winter when they are facing a cold of flu. However, it really makes sense to get enough vitamin C all year long, as it strengthens the immune system, helps to maintain healthy tissue and cellular function. Consuming these delicious natural sources of vitamin C daily will improve your iron absorption rates, protect your cells from free radical damage and lower your cancer risk in the process. What’s not to love?

See more at:

Here’s a good reference chart from for identifying foods high in C:

World’s Healthiest Foods ranked as quality sources of
vitamin C
Food Serving
Cals Amount
Foods Rating
Papaya 1 medium 118.7 168.08 224.11 34.0 excellent
Bell Peppers 1 cup 28.5 117.48 156.64 98.9 excellent
Broccoli 1 cup 54.6 101.24 134.99 44.5 excellent
Brussels Sprouts 1 cup 56.2 96.72 128.96 41.3 excellent
Strawberries 1 cup 46.1 84.67 112.89 44.1 excellent
Pineapple 1 cup 82.5 78.87 105.16 22.9 excellent
Oranges 1 medium 61.6 69.69 92.92 27.2 excellent
Kiwifruit 1 2 inches 42.1 63.96 85.28 36.5 excellent
Cantaloupe 1 cup 54.4 58.72 78.29 25.9 excellent
Cauliflower 1 cup 28.5 54.93 73.24 46.2 excellent
Kale 1 cup 36.4 53.30 71.07 35.1 excellent
Cabbage 1 cup 43.5 51.60 68.80 28.5 excellent
Bok Choy 1 cup 20.4 44.20 58.93 52.0 excellent
Grapefruit 0.50 medium 41.0 44.03 58.71 25.8 excellent
Turnip Greens 1 cup 28.8 39.46 52.61 32.9 excellent
Beet Greens 1 cup 38.9 35.86 47.81 22.1 excellent
Mustard Greens 1 cup 36.4 35.42 47.23 23.4 excellent
Collard Greens 1 cup 62.7 34.58 46.11 13.2 excellent
Raspberries 1 cup 64.0 32.23 42.97 12.1 excellent
Swiss Chard 1 cup 35.0 31.50 42.00 21.6 excellent
Tomatoes 1 cup 32.4 24.66 32.88 18.3 excellent
Lemons and Limes 0.25 cup 13.4 23.61 31.48 42.2 excellent
Limes 0.25 cup 15.1 18.15 24.20 28.8 excellent
Spinach 1 cup 41.4 17.64 23.52 10.2 excellent
Asparagus 1 cup 39.6 13.86 18.48 8.4 excellent
Sea Vegetables 1 TBS 10.8 12.16 16.21 26.9 excellent
Fennel 1 cup 27.0 10.44 13.92 9.3 excellent
Parsley 2 TBS 2.7 10.11 13.48 88.6 excellent
Thyme 2 TBS 4.8 7.68 10.24 38.0 excellent
Sweet Potato 1 medium 180.0 39.20 52.27 5.2 very good
Winter Squash 1 cup 75.8 19.68 26.24 6.2 very good
Green Peas 1 cup 115.7 19.56 26.08 4.1 very good
Blueberries 1 cup 84.4 14.36 19.15 4.1 very good
Watermelon 1 cup 45.6 12.31 16.41 6.5 very good
Green Beans 1 cup 43.8 12.13 16.17 6.7 very good
Summer Squash 1 cup 36.0 9.90 13.20 6.6 very good
Carrots 1 cup 50.0 7.20 9.60 3.5 very good
Cranberries 1 cup 23.0 6.65 8.87 6.9 very good
Plum 1 2-1/8 inches 30.4 6.27 8.36 5.0 very good
Garlic 6 cloves 26.8 5.62 7.49 5.0 very good
Basil 0.50 cup 4.9 3.82 5.09 18.8 very good
Romaine Lettuce 2 cups 16.0 3.76 5.01 5.6 very good
Potatoes 1 medium 160.9 16.61 22.15 2.5 good
Yams 1 cup 157.8 16.46 21.95 2.5 good
Avocado 1 cup 240.0 15.00 20.00 1.5 good
Onions 1 cup 92.4 10.92 14.56 2.8 good
Banana 1 medium 105.0 10.27 13.69 2.3 good
Apple 1 medium 94.6 8.37 11.16 2.1 good
Pear 1 medium 101.5 7.65 10.20 1.8 good
Beets 1 cup 74.8 6.12 8.16 2.0 good
Leeks 1 cup 32.2 4.37 5.83 3.3 good
Apricot 1 whole 16.8 3.50 4.67 5.0 good
Celery 1 cup 16.2 3.13 4.17 4.6 good
Cucumber 1 cup 15.6 2.91 3.88 4.5 good
Cayenne Pepper 2 tsp 11.4 2.75 3.67 5.8 good
Peppermint 2 TBS 5.3 2.42 3.23 10.9 good
World’s Healthiest
Foods Rating
excellent DRI/DV>=75% OR
Density>=7.6 AND DRI/DV>=10%
very good DRI/DV>=50% OR
Density>=3.4 AND DRI/DV>=5%
good DRI/DV>=25% OR
Density>=1.5 AND DRI/DV>=2.5%

Read more at:

And an excerpt from an article by Dr.Thomas E. Levy about the part vitamin C plays in bone density:

Is there any evidence that osteoporosis is ‘focal scurvy’? By itself, the supplementation of vitamin C in osteoporosis has been documented to both increase bone density (improving the bone density test results with structurally sound bone), while lowering the chances of an osteoporotic fracture. This is further supported by the substantial research data confirming that vitamin C is vital for the formation and cross-linking of collagen in the bone, the formation of non-collagen bone matrix proteins, the differentiation of stem cells into bone cells, and the regulation of the cells forming cartilage and collagen in the bone.

See more at:

But supporting bone density is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vitamin C….some real miracles are happening when it’s given in mega doses delivered in liposomal form….

(NaturalNews) Liposomal vitamin C is a lipid encapsulation of ascorbic acid granules that delivers more vitamin C to cells orally than even mega-dose intravenous (IV) vitamin C. At first, vitamin C expert Dr. Thomas Levy found this hard to believe, even as clinical results were being achieved.

Then he analyzed liposomal C to discover that, although IV C delivers more vitamin C into the bloodstream than orally ingesting vitamin C, not all of it permeated tissue cells.

It’s estimated that maybe 20% of IV vitamin C volume gets into cells, while 90% of liposomal C permeates tissue on a cellular level. Vitamin C is water soluble, and cell walls are fatty. Liposomal C is a lipid (fatty substance) encapsulated on a molecular level.

This enables higher oral doses vitamin C to permeate cells while not overwhelming bowel thresholds.

More power

Some of you may be familiar with the story of New Zealand dairy farmer Alan Smith, who recovered rapidly from a coma induced by flu complicated double pneumonia and leukemia. Many online accounts make it seem as though only IV C led to his recovery.

But following several legal attempts from Alan’s family to continue administering 50 to 100 grams of IV C after showing positive results when they were ready to pull the plug on his life support, the hospital cynically conceded to continue with only two grams IV C daily.

That’s when his family members found out about a newly produced liposomal C, which they brought to Alan daily. Each packet contained one gram of encapsulated vitamin C. Alan consumed six daily and achieved the miraculous results he had experienced with the 50 to 100 grams daily of IV C.

Yes, six grams of liposomal C did the work of 50 to 100 grams of IV C.

He walked out of the hospital in days on his own power. A year later, he was examined and there was no trace of leukemia either. Here’s a New Zealand 60 Minutes video clip that covers his story well:

At the Fukushima hot spot, a team of orthomolecular (mega-dose supplement medicine) scientists administered 25 grams of IV C before working and six grams daily of liposomal C to one group of site clean-up workers while giving none to another group.

The vitamin C crew came back with no signs of radioactive poisoning, while the crew without vitamin C showed high toxicity levels. The radiation poisoned group was then given the same IV and liposomal C treatments as the first group, and they all recovered.

Learn more:

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And you can search the archives at Natural Health 365’s Talk Hour for a program where using liposomal C is discussed:

Or check out these articles that include a video clip of an interview where Dr. Saul talks about curing his pneumonia with high doses of liposomal C:

Recently I discovered that *Dr. Joseph Mercola offers a product that features lypo C in capsule form, so I ordered some. I got it on special and the price was much less than the lypo-spheric C in packets and much easier to take. Would love to see some kind of testing done to see if the capsule form delivers the same level of benefit. If so, then that would be the way to go, in my opinion (or make you own following instructions in the videos below).

*There are probably more sources of lypo C available now since this article was first written.

For info on Dr. Mercola’s product:

And here’s more information about Vitamin C as a cure for cancer and the benefits of using liposomal C, the benefit of using a multi- C (different forms of C) protocol, plus videos on how to make your own. Nice to have that option, but I wonder if it actually matches up to the quality of the professional/commercial version. And it’s certainly easier, although more expensive, to just buy some:

For “regular” vitamin C, ascorbic acid and ingredients for making your own liposomal version at discount prices, check out, one of my favorite on-line places for natural health products. If you shop at Vitacost, sign up for a free account at Rakuten (formerly beforehand, if you don’t already have one. That way you can use the Rakuten portal to shop at Vitacost and earn cash back on your purchases. Plus, Rakuten also gives a gift card or some other “prize” when you place your first order (right now when you spend $20, you also get $20!). How does it get any better than that?! is another good discount place to shop; use code CJG192, if you are a new customer, and spend more than $40 and you will get a discount, with free shipping on $20 or more, plus you can take advantage of the good deals in their trial offers section.

And don’t forget to check out these other vitamin C related Self-help Health posts:

Ascorbic Acid Flush & Lemon Routine

Homemade Vitamin C


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