A Revolutionary Way To Save On Food!

In my previous post I featured an article with tips on how to preserve the nutrition and shelf life of the produce you buy…..helpful information to have, to be sure. But I recently came across a little device that I think will revolutionize what’s possible when it comes to storing and using the foods you eat…..something that could save you a lot of money, plus save the environment from extra garbage. How does it get any better than that? Well, actually it DOES, so read on!


I recently discovered a compact device called BerryBreeze™ that filters and cleans the air in your fridge using patented technology that employs activated oxygen to neutralize bacteria, mold and other harmful microbes. As a result, your food stays fresh for longer and your fridge smells as fresh as a daisy, …or actually fresher, since all odors will be gone. And it accomplishes all this without the use of carcinogens, chemicals or harsh cleaners. Plus, it’s cute….looks like a Mini Me version of R2D2, but without arms and legs. 🙂

BerryBreeze™ also oxygenates, cleans and re-invigorates the fruits, vegetables and other foods stored in your refrigerator, extending both their life and their freshness, while preserving their nutritional benefits. It extends the life and longevity of your food, and that in turn extends the life and longevity of you (and the money in your wallet :-))! You’re reducing food waste and protecting the environment at the same time!

Here’s what this great little device does:

~Keeps your fruits, vegetables, and other foods from spoiling and decay (they last 2 to 3 times longer), while maintaining freshness and nutritional value.

~Cures “sick refrigerator syndrome” and sanitizes your fridge by safely and naturally neutralizing undesirable microorganisms, germs, mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

~Completely eliminates all unwanted odors, tastes and smells from your refrigerator and your food.

~Saves you an estimated $2200 per year per household by avoiding spoilage of food in your fridge, equivalent to $165 billion a year for all Americans.

~*Can help feed the planet. The average American wastes around 40% percent of all edible food and if we were able to save just 15% of that, it would be enough to help feed 25 million people.

~*Can help eliminate pollution. Americans waste over 33 million tons of food per year, which is the largest component of U.S. municipal solid waste and a large portion of methane emissions.

~Helps save the planet and reduces your carbon footprint for a greener planet by reducing plastic containers, bags, and wraps.

~Is easy to use and maintenance-free (other than replacing the D batteries it uses 2 to 3 times a year). Just put the unit in your fridge and it works without having to remember to replace absorption packs or filters.

~Is the only refrigerator product to use a superior patented technology that produces activated oxygen versus aluminosilicate (absorption packs).

*National Resources Defense Council August 2012

The average American wastes about 20 pounds of edible food every month; driving to the store and buying more to replace it means more gas used and more discarded packaging, things that hurt our environment and that BerryBreeze™ can help eliminate or cut back on. And with BerryBreeze™ many stored foods no longer need to be covered in plastic or protected in some other way, so you save the environment in that way, too.

This smart little device makes living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle easier than ever, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Many experts in the field of health and nutrition are starting to endorse  BerryBreeze™. And I read the other day where Matt Monarch of Raw Food World was excited about how the activated oxygen produced by BerryBreeze™ effectively oxidizes and breaks down poisonous pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables, while still maintaining the vitamins and nutrition of the food. Imagine no longer having to worry about scrubbing your produce! AND, if produce is ever slated to be recalled due to e-coli or other similar issues, BerryBreeze™ has stated that their units will neutralize the bacteria on that food within 4 hours. Wow! I’m impressed!

I believe saving money and eating healthy should both be possible and that’s why I am so excited about this product. Personally, I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t buy one. I actually think it would be worth it for the government to pay for everyone to have one of these devices because of all the good it would do for the environment. There’s also a coupon code mentioned on my Evolution Made Easier website  Links page that you can use at check-out to save $10! How does it get any better than that?!

10/11/15 UPDATE: Oops! I just found out the coupon code for $10 off is no longer valid, BUT shipping is now free on BerryBreeze™ AND the unit pays for itself in the first couple of months with all the money you save by food staying fresh longer and not having to be thrown out. Plus, you can sign up for a free 50-page e-book  with tips on getting the most out of your produce that also includes juicing and smoothie recipes. I love my BerryBreeze™ and have even taken it out of the fridge a couple of times and used it to deal with odors and stale air in the pantry and elsewhere! Multi-purpose, indeed. 🙂

Some mentions of BerryBreeze in the news:



And for information about another simple device that could have a big impact on your health, as well as the health of your pets, plants and the planet, be sure to read my post about structured water:


Happy eating (and savings) everyone!



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