Is Breast Cancer A Fungus? Plus More Stimulating Things To Consider


A few days ago I did a post that featured information about a 9-part docu-series on cancer and some thought-provoking information about breast cancer. Today’s post continues along that same path with a stimulating question about whether breast cancer and fungus are related. I’ve actually been reading and hearing about the possible connection for several years now, but the theory seems to be picking up steam lately. There definitely seems to be some kind of cause or effect. Whether they are one and the same, or fungus causes or sets a precedent for developing the cancer, there DOES seem to be some relationship between the two.

I know this may seem like a strange notion or possibility to people who are only familiar with what mainstream medicine usually thinks about cancer and its causes, but I wonder what your opinion will be after you read the following information……



What If Breast Cancer Is Really A Fungus?!

According to the National Cancer Center at the National Institute of Health, the word cancer is “a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and are able to invade other tissues.” We all know the rest of the story─thousands of lives lost from breast cancer alone and billions of dollars wasted in the drive to “find a cure.” Despite all this, surgery, chemo and radiation are still the only conventional options available. But what if conventional cancer research and the treatment plans that stem from them, have been asking the wrong questions?

The Cancer-Fungus Connection

“[The terms] ‘tumor’ and ‘cancer’ are formal descriptions. They do not say anything at all,” says Dr. Tullio Simoncini, a trained physician based in Rome, Italy who specializes in oncology, diabetes and metabolic disorders. His book, Cancer Is A Fungus (Edizioni, 2007), examines the causes of rogue cells dividing to form malignant tumors. His conclusion: “Cancer is a fungus that will do what all fungi doform colonies and spread throughout the host area.”

He first made this “out-of-the-box” connection after he noticed the milky-white appearance inside the cancer tumors in his patients. As any woman who has suffered through a yeast infection can confirm, this is similar to how surface-area outbreaks such as candida albicans often appear.

Another link between fungi and cancer is their relationship with sugar. Healthy cells in our bodies use glucose and oxygen to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the main source of energy for cell function. Cancer cells, on the other hand, use fermentation to produce ATP. Fermentation does not use oxygen and is, in general, a very inefficient way to produce energy. Cancer cells must consume large amounts of sugar in order to survive and grow.

Cancer cells love sugar and so do fungi. What is the first thing you do when candida gets out of control? That’s right─lay off the sugar and simple carbs like bread and pasta. Sugar feeds cancer and it feeds fungal growth as well.1

In addition, growing fungi produce chemicals called mycotoxins, which have played some part in the development of cancer in humans according to experimental data.  The connection between mycotoxins and cancer lies in its ability to effect the protein production within cells. For example, it can effect protein 53 (p53), a protein that, when healthy, can activate other proteins that repair DNA. According to Dr. Lynn Jennings, family practitioner and medical writer: “A defective p53 protein could allow abnormal cells to proliferate, resulting in cancer. As many as 50% of all human tumors contain p53 mutations.”

If Cancer is a Fungus, Then Treat it Like a Fungus

Dr. A.V. Constantini, retired head of the World Health Organization’s center for mycotoxins in food, believes that an anti-fungal cancer medication may be just over the horizon. Over the last decades, there has been some anecdotal evidence to support this prediction. Dr. Simoncini, on the other hand, is more doubtful because of the basic nature of fungi itself. “They are social elements,” he says. “They network and they will adapt.”

Dr. Simoncini’s solution to heal cancer naturally is simple. It adheres to the basic principles of natural cancer therapies and to my 7 Essentials ™ System, an evidence-based approach to support and heal the body naturally: change the internal environment in the body from one of acidity (which cancer cells love) to alkalinity.

Dr. Simoncini recommends the use of simple baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate therapy. Because the most effective way to shrink tumors is through direct contact with the sodium bicarbonate, in most cases a catheter is used to go through the arteries to the organs within the body. For some cancers, including breast cancer, a simple local infiltration or injection can be used instead. Dr. Simoncini himself claims that this method carries a 99% success rate for healing breast cancer without surgery.

One can also enjoy an alkaline baking soda drink every day. In a glass of purified water, add the juice of ½ lemon and 1 teaspoon baking soda. Stir and enjoy. Because this is such an alkaline drink, always consume it 30 minutes before and at least two hours after a meal. Proper digestion requires an acidic pH in the stomach.

In order to prevent breast cancer naturally, follow a healthy anti-cancer regime that includes the “7 Essentials” of an anti-cancer diet, herbal supplementation, detoxing, emotional healing, biological dentistry, energy balancing and early detection. Maintaining the proper alkaline balance in your body is key to keeping fungal growth─and breast cancer─at bay.


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Hot Sauce And Multi-purpose Health Aid Rolled Into One!


Wow, every once in awhile I read about a new product and get very excited. This is one of those times. Just got an e-mail from David Wolfe about this new hot sauce, which should not only be amazing taste-wise, but even more fantastic as a health aid. I think it will be similar to the benefits offered by Earthie Mama’s Master Tonic….or maybe even better! Wish I had stock in this or got a commission for promoting it, because if it turns out to be as good as it sounds, then I will be telling everyone about it.

Just ordered two bottles myself because it’s 1/2 price ($9.97) right now….and seems expensive, even at that, but when you think about what we pay for certain health supplements, the cost is minimal and probably a little of the sauce goes a long way. So if you are a gourmet foodie or health nut (or both!) and like things spicy, I think this is a winner!


Introducing the most ADVANCED Superfood Elixirconcealed in a delicious, easy to consume hot sauce!

For years, we’ve slathered our food with brand after brand of commercial organic hot sauce, seeking the perfect combination of spice and flavor.

Some were too hot and some weren’t spicy enough… and not only did the organic alternatives not taste exactly right to us, they also weren’t that healthful either.

Some contained soybeans, agave sweeteners,  and even cheap peppersand those were the organic brands! The conventional brands were oftentimes nothing more thanfiltered tap water, chemically-sprayed, hybridized, GMO peppers, corn sweetenersand ordinary iodized salt.

We knew there had to be an alternative that could not only taste great on most savory foods, but also offer the benefits of of some of the most nutritional substances on the planet…

And that’s when we realized the most advanced information on hot sauces wouldn’t be found in what people are doing now, but what our ancestors have been doing for THOUSANDS of years…

Traditionally, the purpose of mixing hot peppers into a liquid wasn’t merely for culinary benefit, but to boost our immunity and inner health.

In fact, one of the most powerful, ancient tools for warding of illnesses like colds andflus is the combination of medicinal hot peppers, apple cider vinegar, garlic and some honey.

And taken together, the recipe really works! The problem is, it doesn’t taste very good.

That’s when we went into the kitchen, searching for the most PRECISE combinations of some of the world’s most ancient and advanced folk remedies that actually tasted amazing!

Spicy and complex, bold and flavorful, Longevity Hot Sauce™ compliments any meal OR can be taken daily as a solo shot for ongoing immune system support.

Longevity Hot Sauce™ is comprised of TEN incredible ingredients:

1. Superfood Cider Vinegar We all know about apple cider vinegar and it’s incredible health benefits, but do you know about Superfood Vinegar? This organic, raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, concentrated blend of 100% organic goldenberry, papaya, apple, red banana, passion fruit, rose, and mango vinegars creates a vinegar unlike any you have ever tasted before.

This cold-pressed vinegar contains naturally-occurring strains of friendly bacteria, enzymes, and proteins. By our count, that’s adding the benefits of 6 other vinegars to the power of apple cider vinegar.

2. Organic Fermented Black Garlic Black Garlic is produced by “fermenting” and aging whole bulbs of fresh garlic in a humidity-controlled environment in temperatures of about 140 to 170 degrees F for 30 days.

What’s the black color all about? Well, it occurs naturally as the sugars are drawn out of the garlic cloves during the fermentation process. Once out of the heat, the bulbs are left to oxidize in a clean room for 45 days. This lengthy process, involving no additives or preservatives, causes the garlic cloves to turn black and develop asoft, chewy texture with flavors reminiscent of balsamic vinegar and soy sauce. Yum!

During the fermentation process, the compound allicine (which gives raw garlic its distinctive odor) is turned into the water-soluble amino acid, s-allcysteine, (which means no stinky breath for you). The added bonus? It’s absorbed more quickly by the body, is 100% bioavailable, and is a powerful antioxidant.

Another kudos for black garlic? Compared to fresh garlic, it has been found to have twice the antioxidant levels. Black garlic is also packed with high concentrations of sulfurous compounds.


3. Organic Sundried Tomato Really, who doesn’t love the sun? And these sun-dried tomatoes agree! Picked at the peak of culinary quality, they add a delicious savory tang to Longevity Hot Sauce™. Salt free, sulfite free, and gluten-free, these certified organic tomatoes have been grown without pesticides and are naturally dried in the sun to cultivate an unbelievable flavor.

High in potassium, sundried tomatoes are a great source of iron, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. Sundried tomatoes contain vitamin K and vitamin C, as well asvitamin A in the form of lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which function as antioxidants. They also contain calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.


4. Organic Longevity Pepper Our secret ingredient! This incredibly special type of pepper grows wild in the pristine Valley of Longevity in the Ecuadorian Andes where it thrives in volcanic mineral-rich soil in clean, high-altitude air.

This zesty decongestant is a mega source of vitamin C and vitamin A, and is a hefty source of antioxidants that also contains lutein.


5. Organic Achiote Achiote is a shrub native to the tropical region of the Americas and contains small heart-shaped pods which contain the annato seed. You may not even be aware this delightful ingredient is in many of your foods, but it’s actually used in many dishes for the golden tones it lends. Achiote powder is made from grinding the seeds and is thought to have immune system supporting properties.* Achiote is high in carotenoids, which are potent antioxidants that fight the free radicals in the body and support overall health.* The spicy flavor and beautiful color of achiote add an exotic element to this hot sauce.

6. Organic Coffee Blossom Honey Longevity CoffeeBlossom Honey is organically grown in the pristine Valley of Longevity in the Ecuadorian Andes. This delicious, raw honey is derived from the same plants from which the Organic Longevity Coffee™ beans are harvested. The coffee plants are grown on volcanic mineral-rich soil, fed with pure natural spring water, and nurtured in clean, high-altitude air.

7. Organic Turmeric Extract In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric was considered a whole body cleansing herb. Turmeric contains very rich stores of antioxidants, as well as curcumin, which contributes to a healthy inflammatory response within the body.* Tumeric, in addition to providing beautiful color to any meal or food it is added to.

 Longevity Hot Sauce™: Culinary Grade Taste. Medicinal-Grade Benefits.


8. Organic Coffee Blossom Honey Longevity CoffeeBlossom Honey is organically grown in the pristine Valley of Longevity in the Ecuadorian Andes. This delicious, raw honey is derived from the same plants from which the Organic Longevity Coffee™ beans are harvested. The coffee plants are grown on volcanic mineral-rich soil, fed with pure natural spring water, and nurtured in clean, high-altitude air.

 9. Organic Dragon’s Blood No dragons were harmed in the making of this product! Sangre de grado, Spanish for “blood of the dragon,” has a long history of use for both the bark and the resin of the tree. Indigenous tribes throughout Peru and Ecuador have long used the resin and bark in traditional medicine. Dragon’s blood contains taspine and a proanthocyanidin component that have been shown to be beneficial when taken internally*.

10. Himalayan Salt Himalayan Crystal Salt is a pure, hand-mined salt that is derived from ancient sea salt deposits, and it is believed to be the purest form of salt available. Himalayan salt contains the 84 natural elements needed by the body. These salts do not have any impurities since they are mined with bare hands, and explosives are prohibited in mining to preserve the magnificence of the Himalayas.

 **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

You can find out more here.


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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

Should You Be Taking Probiotics?


I’ve written about “friendly flora” or probiotics before, but this article that was originally published by expands on the topic and includes things I wasn’t aware of. It’s a great reminder of just how important it is for us to make sure we’re getting enough prebiotics and probiotics in our diet and includes a juice recipe at the end to help insure that happens…..



7 Signs You Should Be Taking Probiotics

Have you taken an antibiotic over the past year?

Well, if you are like most people these days, you have.

Did you know that antibiotics completely destroy your healthy gut bacteria?

Even if you took one 7 years ago – if you have not replenished the good guys within your gut, chances are really high that you are struggling with imbalance, maybe unknowingly.

But antibiotics are not the only thing hindering your health.

Do you struggle with:

  • Irregular mood
  • Skin issues
  • Erratic sleep patterns
  • Crazy cravings for sugar and other  unhealthy foods
  • Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea or cramping after meals
  • Healthy weight management

If you answered yes to any of these, you should know that these are just some of the symptoms of an imbalanced gut.

You’ve heard me say it before, but it’s important that you realize the impact your gut health has on every single part of your bodyphysical, mental and emotional.

Remember, 70-80% of your IMMUNE SYSTEm is in your gut.

And 95% of your SEROTONIN
 is made in your gut – that’s your “happy” hormone.

Just these 2 factors alone are enough to show that when your gut is out of whack, so are you… on some level anyway.

You’ve likely heard the term probiotics thrown around and maybe you already use them, which is great!

But maybe you’re like many others still confused about WHY they matter when it comes to your health.

I want to make that really clear for you.

PROBIOTICS are the beneficial bacteria within our gut.

They are the guys that:

  • Keep harmful bacteria and microorganisms in check
  • Aid in digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Make sure your body receives the vitamins, minerals, fats and amino acids from the foods that you are consuming – totally necessary!
  • Are needed for the generation of certain B vitamins, vitamin K, folate, and some short-chain fatty acids
  • Contribute to proper immune function

They crowd out bad bacteria, preventing the bacteria’s ability to host in the body, which inhibits infection, INFLAMMATION and disease.

Top-3-immunity-benefits-of-probioticsProven by researchers at UCLA, the correction of healthy bacteria in the gut can optimize neurotransmitter function, leading to improved mental health and may even improve learning and sharpen focus and memory.

So yeah, they are kind of  a big deal.

Probiotics are abundant in fermented foods, but most often their probiotic concentration is not enough to be used therapeutically when the gut flora has been drastically depleted.

Therefore, use fermented probiotic-rich foods as an ongoing part of the diet to keep your levels up as a form of prevention. Then choose a high-quality probiotic, as a form of nutrition therapy.

Wanted-Good-Bacteria-601x1024So how do you know if you’re deficient?

Well, according to the research I have done on the subject, most of us are!

We live in a toxic environment, my friend.

There are chemicals and pesticides in:

  • our food
  • in the air we breathe
  • the water we drink

Despite our best efforts, toxin exposure is inevitable in our modern society.

But we can help minimize the effects and I have a solution to do just that.

But first, here are 7 signs that YOU need to MORE probiotics in your life

1. Antibiotics

Antibiotic literally means “anti-life” –  that’s pretty powerful.

They are designed to kill and they don’t discriminate between the good and bad bacteria, unfortunately.

TIP: Double dose your probiotics for the length of time you were on an antibiotic post-treatment to ensure you are repopulating the good guys! (example: if you were on an antibiotic for 14 days, double dose for 14 days afterwards to help repopulate and get your system back on track.)

2. Food Poisoning

Bad bacteria is lurking in your gut when this happens and it’s important to fight the bad guys.

Probiotics help replenish the good guys and get your digestion moving as it should.

TIP: Taking probiotics regularly gives the body a better defense against any foreign invaders you may come into contact with.

3. Digestive Disturbances

Be sure you are consuming a healthy diet first.

Eliminate hard-to-digest foods such as processed, packaged and fried foods, dairy, gluten, sugar and soy and aim to eat more REAL foods as nature intended.

Probiotics will further support your efforts to bring balance to your gut.

TIP: Ginger is great if you are experiencing any type of digestive distress. I love using extra ginger is most of my green juices, but it’s also great as a tea or as a delicious addition to your meals.

4. Skin Conditions

Our external environment is a direct reflection of our internal environment. That includes rashes, acne, rosacea, eczema, etc.

If your skin does not clear from diet and probiotics alone, you may consider using digestive aids such as apple cider vinegar to promote stomach acid production and enzymes.

Other agents to heal the intestinal lining include l-glutamine and aloe vera.

TIP: Be sure to have your hormones checked, too, to rule out any imbalances so often associated with acne.

5. Mood Disorders

The health of our gut is so closely tied to the health of our brain.

That’s why improving the integrity of your gut has such an effect on the function of your neurotransmitters.

TIP: Further supporting your body with B vitamins and paying attention to the health of your kidneys are also key factors to a balanced mood.

6. Weak Immunity

Signs of weakened immunity may be that you have low energy and need naps or caffeine, have allergies, food sensitivities, skin problems, or asthma, catch colds easily, have high blood sugar and/or digestive issues, your mind feels foggy, you wake up feeling sluggish, have trouble sleeping, and/or take longer to recover from exercise or injury.

Healthy bacteria can train your immune system to distinguish between “foreign” microbes and those originating in your body, making probiotics the best front line against infection.

When your gut is balanced, your risk for illness diminishes significantly.

TIP: Focus on supporting your entire body with healthy foods, daily movement, positive mindset and supplementation where necessary.

7. Yeast Overgrowth

When people hear “yeast,” they often think yeast infections.

The truth is, yeast overgrowth shows up in many different ways.

It might be belly bloat, foggy thinking, sugar and carb cravings, skin problems, gas, low mood, irregular sleep…

There are so many things to consider when it comes to this very common problem and it doesn’t affect  just women and it’s not only relative to yeast infections.

Chronic yeast overgrowth is opportunistic, meaning, given the opportunity to FEED, it will! And the results are those which I mentioned above. The best way to clear the root cause of your symptoms when dealing with yeast overgrowth is to cut off it’s food source and repopulate!

So where do you start?

Cut out the culprits that FEED this guy, such as:

  • refined sugar
  • (reduce) natural sugars (even from fruit)
  • get rid of sugary carbs
  • alcohol
  • caffeine

Yeast overgrowth LOVES these things. Now is not the time to be generous and giving to this sneaky bugger. 

TIP: Taking a probiotic helps to bring the good guys back in the picture and rebalance the ratio of good to bad guys, knocking out the overgrowth of this nasty critter and helping you eliminate the root cause of those annoying symptoms.

To support the health of your gut, here’s a delicious juice recipe for you.

G-Health Juice Recipe

  • 1 cucumber: a natural diuretic, reduces inflammation, relieves stomach acid and provides soothing cleansing effect.
  • 2 celery stalks: aid in bowel movements, promote healthy kidney function and detoxes the body.
  • 1 lime: stimulates digestion, eliminates toxins and purifies the liver and other organs.
  • 1 inch piece ginger: a digestive superfood great for stimulating healthy digestion. It soothes the stomach and helps the body digest everything properly.
  • 1 small handful fresh mint or cilantro leaves: kills microorganisms that are associated with digestive issues, stops cramping, soothes digestion, great for detoxification.
  • 1 TBS apple cider vinegar: contains valuable minerals, live enzymes, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, helps normalize pH and promotes the growth of friendly bacteria. It’s also great for detoxification.
  1. Juice all ingredients except the ACV, you’ll mix that in at the end.
  2. Enjoy!


Article originally published in republished with permission
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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine


Oregano: Flavorful Herb, Powerful Antibiotic And MORE!


Oregano is a well-known, often-used herb, especially when it comes to Mediterranean or Italian cooking. What’s nice is that it not only imparts flavor to food, but also adds a number of health benefits to the body. Did you know that oregano has eight times more antioxidants than apples and three times as much as blueberries? And oil of oregano is an even more potent form of support for the body; it helps with muscle and joint flexibility, works to resist harmful organisms, including candida, energizes the immune system, and strengthens respiratory health. So if you don’t have oregano in your kitchen AND your first aid kit, you’re really missing out on a star performer in both areas, just as this article from Nutrition and You points out….


one of two bowls (10" wide) of oregano(


Oregano is a wonderful perennial culinary and medicinal herb. It has long been recognized as one of the “functional foods” for its nutritional, anti-oxidants and disease preventing properties. The herb, whose name means “delight of the mountains” in Greek, is native to the Mediterranean region. Botanically, it belongs to the mint (Lamiaceae) family, in the genus; Origanum, and is known scientifically as Origanum vulgare.

There are many cultivars of oregano cultivated across Europe, however, the influence of climate, season, and soil have greater effect on the composition of the essential oils than the difference between various species. Origanum heracleoticum is another Greek variety that is having characteristic sharp scent, and flavor. Sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana) is one of closely related species of oregano.

Mexican oregano (Lippia graveolens) is different from origanum species, but related to the verbena family of herbs. It is used in place of oregano in many Central American regions.

Health benefits of Oregano

  • Oregano contains an impressive list of plant derived chemical compounds that are known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties.
  • The herb parts contain no cholesterol; however, are rich source of dietary fiber, which helps to control blood cholesterol levels.
  • Oregano contains several health benefiting essential oils such as carvacrol, thymol, limonene, pinene, ocimene, and caryophyllene. Its leaves and flowering stem has anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, carminative, cholagogue (helps gall bladder secretion), diaphoretic (sweat production), expectorant, stimulant, and mildly tonic properties. Its decoction is taken by mouth for the treatment of colds, influenza, mild fevers, indigestion, stomach upsets, and painful menstruation conditions.
  • Thymol is also been found to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal activities.
  • The herb is rich in poly-phenolic flavonoid anti-oxidants (vitamin A, carotenes, lutein, zea-xanthin, and cryptoxanthin) and has been rated as one of the plant sources with highest anti-oxidant activities. These compounds help act as protective scavengers against oxygen-derived free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that play a role in aging and various disease processes.
  • The active principles in the herb may improve gut motility in addition to increase the digestion power by facilitating copious secretion of gastro-intestinal juices.
  • This marvelous herb is an excellent source of minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, and magnesium. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure caused by high sodium. Manganese and copper are utilized by the body as co-factors for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. Iron helps prevent anemia. Magnesium and calcium are important minerals for bone metabolism.
  • In addition, the fresh herb is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin-C. Vitamin C helps human body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals.

Oregano is a proven super “functional food.” This herb is one of the foundation bases of healthy Mediterranean diet in addition to olive oil, fish and lots of greens, herbs and vegetables. It has an excellent nutritional profile (per USDA National Nutrient data base); just 100 g of oregano herb provides:

Principle Nutrient Value Percentage of RDA
Energy 306 Kcal 15%
Carbohydrates 64.43 g 49%
Protein 11 g 19.5%
Total Fat 10.25 g 34%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 42.8 g 107%
Folates 274 µg 69%
Niacin 6.22 mg 39%
Pantothenic acid 0.921 mg 17%
Pyridoxine 1.210 mg 93%
Riboflavin 0.320 mg 24.5%
Thiamin 0.341 mg 28%
Vitamin A 6903 IU 230%
Vitamin C 50 mg 83%
Vitamin E 18.86 mg 126%
Vitamin K 621.7 µg 518%
Sodium 15 mg 1%
Potassium 1669 mg 35.5%
Calcium 1576 mg 158%
Copper 0.943 mg 105%
Iron 44 mg 550%
Magnesium 270 mg 67.5%
Manganese 4.667 mg 203%
Zinc 4.43 mg 40%
Carotene-ß 4112 µg
Crypto-xanthin-ß 11 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin 862 µg
As with most herbs, fresh oregano is superior in flavor and richer in essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants than dried. Choose leaves with a vibrant green color and firm stem that are free of mold, discoloration and/or yellowing. Fresh leaves should be refrigerated, kept in a zip-lock bag or glass jar, or wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel. Dried leaves can be kept fresh for many months when stored in a tightly sealed container and placed in a cool, dark, dry place. For tips on growing, harvesting and drying your own oregano (and other herbs), check out this post by Round Rock Garden.

And Ethan A. Huff, staff writer for thinks oil of oregano is a must-have for any ‘prepper’ or survivalist…..

If a major emergency were to strike suddenly and without warning, leaving you and your family without the normal comforts of life for an indefinite period of time, would you have the tools, supplies and knowledge necessary for survival? Having extra food, water and even first aid supplies on hand is a great place to start when preparing for the worst, but what about long-term protection against infection and disease?

In their book Beyond Antibiotics: Healthier Options for Families, Michael A. Schmidt, Lendon H. Smith and Keith W. Sehnert explain how essential plant oils possess unique antimicrobial properties that naturally fight and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. And the essential oil of oregano in particular, which survivalists and “preppers” alike are discovering is a top choice for staying healthy during a crisis, is arguably the most potent and effective antimicrobial in the essential oil family.

Most people, if asked what they would stock their own “bug-out” bags with, would probably include basic medicines like painkillers and even antibiotics. But oil of oregano, which can be stored long-term without issue, has a leg up on traditional antibiotics, as it hits microbes where it really matters, blocking their ability to breathe. Antibiotics, on the other hand, are designed to obstruct the normal life cycle or metabolism of bacteria, which leaves room for them to mutate and develop resistance.

“One of the advantages essential oils, like oil of oregano, have over antibiotics is that bacteria do not develop resistance to essential oils,” explains the book Beyond Antibiotics: Healthier Options for Families. “Another advantage to essential oils is that some actually stimulate immune function.”

Oil of oregano 26 times stronger, more effective than conventional antiseptics like phenol

Dubbed the “Rolls Royce of natural antiseptics” by Dr. Cass Ingram, one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, oil of oregano is not only one of the most effective antimicrobial agents in existence — it is also one of the safest, producing no negative side effects and targeting only harmful pathogens while leaving beneficial ones alone.

Tests have also shown that oil of oregano beats out conventional antiseptics like phenol, which is commonly used in commercial antimicrobial products like Lysol, Pinesol and Cloraseptic, by a factor of 26 to one. This means that oil of oregano is 26 times more effective at targeting and destroying harmful pathogens than even the most powerful conventional products used to treat and sterilize things like hospital equipment.

Oil of oregano highly effective against yeasts, disease-causing free radicals

As far as its internal use, oil of oregano is “the best of the best,” according to a French doctor by the name of Belaiche, who in 1977 released his official oregano index, which uses oil of oregano as the base reference for comparing the bactericidal action of other substances. Oil of oregano is so effective, in other words, that an acclaimed doctor and research set it as the standard for comparison more than 30 years ago.

“The essential oil of oregano has always provided me with amazing results in treating infectious diseases,” writes Bee Wilder for Healing Naturally by Bee. “Besides oregano oil’s bactericidal action, it also prevents spasms, convulsions and nervous disorders.”

The same is true for yeasts like candida, which standard antibiotics cannot even treat. The believed-to-be primary active substance in oil of oregano, carvacrol, is highly effective at cleansing the urinary tract and bladder of not only bacterial invaders but also fungal and yeast invaders. Oil of oregano also helps protect the tissues of the body against inflammation by eliminating the free radicals that cause it, thus helping protect the body against debilitating illness.



I think oil of oregano is a must have whether you’re a prepper or not, and I recommend the one by Global Healing Center because their products always seem to be a step above what else in on the market. Here’s what Dr. Edward Group of GHC has to say about the special oregano oil he has created….

“I believe oregano oil is one of the greatest healing agents known to man and I’ve used it for years to enhance my own health and that of my patients. Because it’s so effective, I wanted to create our own product that was organically sourced. Thus began a two year journey to develop the most advanced, vegetarian and vegan friendly oregano oil formula in the world.

In looking for the best source of oregano, I found that oregano grown high atop the Turkish mountain area contained the highest levels of the active ingredient, carvacrol. Combining it with organic peppermint oil and 250,000 scoville heat units of capsicum (the active ingredient in cayenne) in an organic virgin olive oil base would produce a formula like no other. After much testing and many trial batches, we finalized a formula that provides optimal strength and effectiveness and are proud to offer it here.”
-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP

Why is Ours the Best Oregano Oil Available?

  • 300% higher concentration of Carvacrol in the oregano oil (minimum of 80%)
  • No artificial, chemical or toxic byproducts
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Contains a cold-pressed laboratory grade formula of Wild Organic Mediterranean Oregano
  • Contains essential minerals and vitamins
  • Meets USDA National Organic Program standards (ECOCERT SA Organic Certification #1848TR0600z2e).

Start with a small dosage using the capsules provided for the oil and take with plenty of water and some food.

Here are some testimonials to get an idea of how people are using the oil and the results they are getting:

Amazing help!! (5/5)

I’ve used this amazing product to help my battle with sinus problems. I’ve battled “unknown” health issues for years and more recently have experienced “new” symptoms which have gotten worse. The debilitating symptoms I’ve been experiencing have greatly affected my quality of life. Yesterday, I happen to notice my bottle of Oil of Oregano in my cupboard. Out of desperation for relief, I took 5 drops in a capsule. I was astounded at the improvement in my well-being within a short time later. I was able to sit up and function after being bedridden with an uncomfortable feeling of malaise, pain and extreme fatigue for 2 full days. I have taken several servings since and I can say that I know have encouragement and hope that I can learn to cope and deal with this. I will diligently take this product. I might add that I have used other brands of Oil of Oregano in the past, both in capsule form and tincture, and GHC’s Oil of Oregano is far superior than the 5 other brands and forms I’ve tried. God Bless. –Anita

Love it! (5/5)

I am using this for candida cleansing. It does well on its own but does great in combination with GHC’s Paratrex and other yeast killers. I intend to use daily on its own once I kill off most of the candida. Great product and no bad taste because it is in the capsule.–Jenn

Wonderful product (5/5)

I use this product daily as much as I can and have found it to be very effective for digestion and for candida. I do use it in conjunction with GHC’s Latero Flora and also use Paratrex from time to time. If I start having increased digestion problems or a little constipation, I use all three for awhile and it always gets me back on track.

Natural News Seal of Approval

PERSONAL NOTE: I also like GHC because it has an A+ BBB rating, free shipping within the US on GHC products, a 180-day money back guarantee (with free return shipping!), and a Best Product Line Award from Natural News! And until 3/21/15 the oregano oil is 20% off! Use code ‘Oregano2015‘ to take advantage of the discount.


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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

Candida/Yeast Overgrowth: The Major Health Problem You May Not Know You Have


Candida overgrowth effects millions of people and causes all sorts of health issues, some quite serious, and yet a lot of the population isn’t even aware it’s behind many of the problems they are having. I know it has certainly been an on-going issue for me and because candida/yeast overgrowth often goes hand in hand with other heath factors, such as heavy metals, parasites, and pH imbalance, it’s usually not an easy situation to treat….



Description Candida albicans 2.jpg

 Yeast/Candida Albicans

An overly-acidic system, which is common among those on a typical American diet, creates conditions that are ideal for the proliferation of unfriendly organisms. Candida, a type of single-celled fungal yeast that normally is kept in check if the body’s pH is properly balanced, starts to grow out of control when you eat too many acid-forming foods like sugar, bread products, and most proteins. Using prescription antibiotics, birth control pills, cortisone, and other drugs can also contribute to its growth, as can stress, exposure to environmental molds and chemicals, and nutritional deficiencies. Candida, in turn, makes the body more susceptible to parasites, impaired immune function, and many other dis-eases. Yeast overgrowth is thought to affect over 40 million Americans, and is especially prevalent in hyperactive children and those with ADD and ADHD.

“Conventional medical experts say that from 30-70% of the present population have a benign colonization of this yeast. I would bet any well trained naturopath will tell you that more than 90% of the population hosts a Candida colonization and most of them are not benign, not in our modern, processed, easy-food society. In addition, I have never met anyone suffering from any illness, who is not dealing with an overabundance of Candida.

When Candida leads to disease, conventional medical belief states that the infection can be localized, invasive, or systemic. Alternative medical belief would argue that a local infection such as a skin infection, vaginitis, or thrush is an indication that the gut, and likely the whole rest of the body, is already overwhelmed. Lending credence to this belief is the fact that the fastest way to kill any type of Candida infection, and insure it does not come right back, revolves around balancing the gut microbes..” – Michael Edwards for Natural News

Some doctors even theorize that candida or other systemic yeast/fungal infections cause, or at the very least contribute to, the development of cancer. This makes sense. A body-wide candida infection plays havoc with the immune system, which becomes overwhelmed and worn out from fighting the infection, so your body is naturally more susceptible to any number of things. Plus, candida excretes toxins that further weaken and harm the body. The major waste product of the yeast is acetaldehyde, which produces ethanol—a substance that may be great in cars, but in your body it causes excessive fatigue, and reduces strength and stamina. In addition, it destroys enzymes needed for cell energy, and causes the release of free radicals that can damage DNA. It also inhibits the absorption of iron, and since iron is one of the most important oxygen supports in the blood, ethanol indirectly creates low oxygen levels. When your body can’t oxygenate well, all sorts of dis-eases and diseases arise.

Typical symptoms of candida albicans overgrowth are:

  • feeling bad all over, yet the cause is unidentified
  • craving sweets, breads, or alcoholic beverages
  • sweets make your symptoms worse or give you a pick-me-up, followed by a let-down
  • hypoglycemia
  • persistent digestive disturbances and/or bloating after eating bread or other products made with yeast
  • persistent athlete’s foot, infection of the nails and skin, and/or “jock itch”
  • feeling ill when exposed to moldy places, perfumes, tobacco smoke and other chemicals
  • mood disorders
  • chronic fatigue
  • oral thrush
  • sinus infections
  • brain fog
  • recurring vaginal and/or urinary tract infections

Making real inroads against candida can seem like a long process at times for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the yeast actually sends out tendrils that help anchor it to the intestinal walls. It also enjoys a symbiotic relationship with any parasites and heavy metals in your system, so it’s hard to rid your body of one condition until you’ve gotten rid of the others, and vice versa, so there’s a catch-22 factor at play. And since all of these antagonists work to weaken your digestion and immune response, the body often no longer has the energy level required to easily deal with the situation. It’s also hard to overcome candida because it usually requires giving up, at least temporarily, some of the foods most Americans are so fond of—such as sugar, breads, biscuits, and muffins, or anything made with yeast, glutinous grains, aged cheeses, processed meats, alcoholic beverages, mushrooms, melons, coffee, vinegar and vinegar-containing condiments (mustard, mayonnaise, most salad dressings, etc.). And, unfortunately, candida can actually intensify your cravings for these very foods, so that doesn’t help the situation any.

If you have been diagnosed with candida, or feel like it might be an issue for you, it’s best to avoid these foods as much as possible and concentrate on eating lots of vegetables (watch out for high carbohydrate ones like corn, peas, and potatoes though), soaked/sprouted nuts and seeds, eggs, and lean protein like turkey, chicken or fish. Drinking lemon water on a regular basis (use a straw to help protect your tooth enamel from the acid), monitoring your pH (see post on pH Factor) and doing some colon and parasite cleansing will also help rid your body of the overgrowth. Taking a probiotic (see post on this topic), such as Primal Defense™ from Garden of Life, can be helpful as well.

Garden of Life also makes a product called Fungal Defense™ that is specifically designed to treat yeast/fungus conditions. It contains two enzymes (protease and cellulose) capable of literally digesting candida cell walls. The formula also includes two of the most potent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic substances found in nature—wild oregano and olive leaf extract (their fungicidal components work synergistically to help eliminate yeast and fungus on contact). It’s further enhanced with garlic extract, known as Russian penicillin and nature’s premier antibiotic—and it doesn’t destroy friendly bacteria along with the bad. Yucca juice, a potent blood purifier that produces surfactants which help break down the lipid envelope that coats fungi and yeasts, is also in the list of ingredients, so the formula is very comprehensive as far as candida is concerned. I’ve used it a number of times over the years myself. By the way, Primal Defense and Fungal Defense are available at great discount  prices from (if you are a new customer, use code CJG192 and get $5 off and free shipping on orders of $20 or more,  an extra 5% off over $60 and earn loyalty points!).

For more information on candida, you can go to places such as (if you scroll down just over halfway on the page you’ll notice on the right where they offer a free download of a book on candida).  Although, remember that when a site has products and services to sell, the information they offer is often biased toward what they carry.

NOTE: There is a simple test to help tell if you have candida overgrowth: First thing in the morning, before you put ANYTHING in your mouth, get a clear glass of water. Better still; leave the glass of water by your bed the night before so you’ll remember to do the test when you first wake up. Work up a bit of saliva, and then spit it into the water. Check the glass every 15 minutes or so for up to one hour. If you have a candida infection, strings (like “legs”—remember the tendrils mentioned earlier that candida sends out) will travel down into the water from the saliva floating on top, or “cloudy” saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass, or cloudy specks will seem to be suspended in the water. If nothing develops in 30 to 45 minutes, you are probably candida free.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on ways to treat and/or cleanse candida/yeast from the body.

Other resources on candida:



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Master Tonic: Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-parasitical, Anti-you-name-it!


With winter in full swing where I live and the body sometimes being a little sluggish (I seem to automatically want to go into hibernation mode when it’s cold out :-)), plus all the over-doing that can be a part of the holidays, as well as flu season being in full swing, this seems like a great time to feature this cleansing, healing tonic recipe from  Earthie Mama. I sure wish I’d had some this past week!


 Super Cleansing Anti-Everything Tonic


Ingredients and Directions:

  • 1 30 oz. bottle Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (I recommend Braggs ACV)
  • 1/4 cup chopped Garlic
  • 1/4 cup Onions
  • 2 **Habanero peppers (or hottest peppers you can find)
  • 1/4 cup grated Ginger
  • 2 TBS  of grated Horseradish
  • 2 TBS Turmeric or 2 Turmeric root chunks
  1. Blend  ingredients together for a couple of minutes
  2. Strain
  3. Pour liquid back in bottle
  4. Compost everything else!

You can store the tonic in a cupboard for long periods of time. No need to keep in the refrigerator. You can also use it mixed with olive oil for a salad dressing.  Or a shot full on you stir fry.

The most ideal way to make this tonic is to make it on the New Moon and leave it in a dark place until the Full Moon two weeks later, and then strain and bottle.

**It is a good idea to wear gloves especially when handling the peppers as it is difficult to get the heat off of your hands!

*For sore throat, gargle a bit in the mouth and swallow.
*For an illness, such as a cold or flu, take about 2 droppers full or a TBS every couple of hours.  
*For daily immune support drink 2 droppers full/1 TBS every day. Build up tolerance to a shot glass full.
*Eat an orange, lemon, or lime slice after to ease the heat.

Benefits of the tonic…..


The super cleansing tonic is an antibiotic, destroying both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is also a potent anti-viral and anti-fungal/yeast formula, and will increase blood and lymph circulation to every part of the body. It is so effective that it is said to be the cure for colds and the flu, and is the herbal preparation of choice against candida. This basic formula dates back to medieval Europe and the plagues.

Benefit of each Ingredient: (All Organic Of Course!!)

  • Garlic is a broad spectrum antibiotic. Unlike chemical antibiotics that kill off millions of friendly bacteria that your body needs, Garlic only targets the invading bacteria and even promotes and increases your healthy bacteria. Garlic is also a powerful anti-fungal and literally destroys any antigen, pathogen and any harmful or disease causing micro-organism. 
  • Onion is Garlic’s next of kin and has similar but milder action. Together they are a tremendous fighting duo. 
  • Horseradish is a potent herb for the sinus and lungs. It opens up the sinus passages and increases the circulation there, where most doctors agree, the common cold and influenza often starts. 
  • Ginger contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is a tremendous circulatory stimulant.
  • Hot Peppers are the most powerful circulatory propellant known. It simply sends the antibiotic and disease fighting properties of the other herbs where they’re needed most.
  • Turmeric clears infection and reduces inflammation inside of the body. It blocks cancer from developing. Especially helpful for those with joint pain.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Braggs Organic ACV)  There surely must be something really healthy in using apple cider vinegar, since The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, used this vinegar around 400 B.C. for its health-giving qualities. It is said that he had only two remedies: honey and apple cider vinegar. 

Here are some of the testimonials left by people using the tonic:

“My grandfather just finished his cancer treatment.  He had so much trouble eating and building his immune system. He started drinking your Master Tonic and even the doctors are surprised by how well he is doing.  He says he owes it all to your tonic. Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your wisdom” ~ Jeanine M.

“Your Master Tonic helped me from not getting sick when everyone around me was ill. Thank you so much for all that you do!” ~ Diane M.

“I am so grateful I found this recipe.  I have been making it at home and I have noticed a complete change in my health. I used to get sick all the time, my metabolism was slow and I felt rundown.  I have not been sick once since I started drinking the tonic and I have so much energy. Thank you, Alex. You are so inspiring!” ~ Kara M.

“I have noticed that since I have been drinking your tonic, my arthritis has been manageable. I have so much more energy and my body feels better in general.” ~ Mark G.
“This tonic is a staple in my house.  Every time I get the slightest sign of a cold, I drink a shot glass full and it feels like it goes away right then and there.  The Master Tonic is magic medicine! Thank you!” ~ Pamela P.
Don’t want to make your own? No problemo. Earthie Mama’s site offers it already made for $15 a bottle. The website is also a great resource for health information, recipes and more.
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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

Iodine: Essential Mineral For Detoxification, Radiation Protection, And More

How much do you really know about iodine? A few years ago I realized I didn’t know much beyond the information I grew up with as a child…. that it was something that was added to “fortify” table salt and you could also use it on cuts and scraps. But after the disaster at Fukushima a few years ago, iodine was suddenly a hot commodity and I started doing some research. And, boy, was I impressed with how important this essential mineral is for not only protecting the thyroid from radiation, but also providing immune support, encouraging healthy hormone levels, detoxing fluoride, chlorine and bromine, and much more…..


iodine_individual_element_of_the_periodic_table_dartboard ...


I always assumed I was getting enough iodine from using Himalayan crystal salt, a natural source of iodine, and taking Emerald Sea, a supplement that contains iodine-rich seaweed. But when the tragic situation with Fukushima brought radiation concerns to the forefront, I wanted to be sure I was getting enough iodine because it is well-known for protecting the thyroid from radiation.

So I did some testing and was surprised to find I was iodine deficient. That’s not so unusual either, because apparently a large part (75% or more) of the population is deficient, too. And even if radiation isn’t a concern, when your body is low in iodine your mucosal barrier (in your nose, mouth, lungs and intestines) suffers. This barrier, or protective layer, is what keeps hostile outside germs away from your sterile insides, and when it’s not functioning properly your body is at risk for potentially serious immune-system-mediated conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, Epstein-Barr infection, and systemic candidiasis.

So I started searching for and comparing natural iodine supplements and what tested best, at least for me, was Detoxadine from Global Healing Center. I’ve been using it now for a couple of years and I always get a “yes” when I self-test to see if my body wants/needs it. But I never really understood how important iodine is and why the product happened to be called Detoxadine® until I recently watched a fascinating video put together by Dr. Frank Group, creator of the product and the man behind GHC.

Holy cow! I never knew iodine played such a major role in the detoxification process (thus the name of the product!) and that it increases the excretion of lead and mercury and plays a part in so many other body processes. AND it has so many benefits…’s helpful with insulin regulation and diabetes, good for breast and ovary health, promotes healthy hormone levels, improves energy and focus, and has anti-microbial and anti-septic properties. In fact, years ago iodine was the main antibiotic used before other options became available. You can also use it externally on the skin for dealing with cuts and burns, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its uses and benefits!

This video is an hour long, but well worth the time, at least in my opinion. You’ll definitely have a new understanding and appreciation for iodine and the major role it plays in your health if you do. I had only planned on watching a few minutes of it and then got pulled in by all the useful information and insights it was providing.


Want more on iodine?

Here’s information from that you may find helpful regarding recommended dietary allowances and food sources of iodine. I think NIH is often conservative with their RDAs, but it gives you some ballpark figures to use. Everyone is different, so I highly recommend relying on a healthcare professional and/or always testing the supplement you plan to take to see if it’s right for you, and then also testing for dosage. Iodine supplementation is not something to fool around with.

Table 1: Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Iodine 
Age Male Female Pregnancy Lactation
Birth to 6 months 110 mcg* 110 mcg*
7–12 months 130 mcg* 130 mcg*
1–3 years 90 mcg 90 mcg
4–8 years 90 mcg 90 mcg
9–13 years 120 mcg 120 mcg
14–18 years 150 mcg 150 mcg 220 mcg 290 mcg
19+ years 150 mcg 150 mcg 220 mcg 290 mcg

* Adequate Intake (AI)

The World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD) recommend a slightly higher iodine intake for pregnant women of 250 mcg per day.

Sources of Iodine

Seaweed (such as kelp, nori, kombu, and wakame) is one of the best food sources of iodine, but it is highly variable in its content (see Table 2). Other good sources include seafood, dairy products (partly due to the use of iodine feed supplements and iodophor sanitizing agents in the dairy industry), grain products, and eggs. Dairy products, especially milk, and grain products are the major contributors of iodine to the American diet. Iodine is also present in human breast milk and infant formulas.

Fruits and vegetables contain iodine, but the amount varies depending on the iodine content of the soil, fertilizer use and irrigation practices. Iodine concentrations in plant foods can range from as little as 10 mcg/kg to 1 mg/kg dry weight. This variability, in turn, affects the iodine content of meat and animal products because it affects the iodine content of foods that the animals consume. The iodine content of different seaweed species also varies greatly. For these reasons, the values in Table 2 are approximate.

Table 2: Selected Food Sources of Iodine 
Food Approximate
Micrograms (mcg)
per serving
Percent *DV
Seaweed, whole or sheet, 1 g 16 to 2,984 11% to 1,989%
Cod, baked, 3 ounces 99 66%
Yogurt, plain, low-fat, 1 cup 75 50%
**Iodized salt, 1.5 g (approx. 1/4 teaspoon) 71 47%
Milk, reduced fat, 1 cup 56 37%
Fish sticks, 3 ounces 54 36%
Bread, white, enriched, 2 slices 45 30%
Fruit cocktail in heavy syrup, canned, 1/2 cup 42 28%
Shrimp, 3 ounces 35 23%
Ice cream, chocolate, 1/2 cup 30 20%
Macaroni, enriched, boiled, 1 cup 27 18%
Egg, 1 large 24 16%
Tuna, canned in oil, drained, 3 ounces 17 11%
Corn, cream style, canned, 1/2 cup 14 9%
Prunes, dried, 5 prunes 13 9%
Cheese, cheddar, 1 ounce 12 8%
Raisin bran cereal, 1 cup 11 7%
Lima beans, mature, boiled, 1/2 cup 8 5%
Apple juice, 1 cup 7 5%
Green peas, frozen, boiled, 1/2 cup 3 2%
Banana, 1 medium 3 2%

*DV = Daily Value. DVs were developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help consumers compare the nutrient contents of products within the context of a total diet. The DV for iodine is 150 mcg for adults and children aged 4 and older. However, the FDA does not require food labels to list iodine content unless a food has been fortified with this nutrient. Foods providing 20% or more of the DV are considered to be high sources of a nutrient.

**I would stay away from commercially iodized/fortified table salt (and any other food that does not come by iodine naturally) and use Himalayan crystal salt or Celtic sea salt, which contain natural iodine.



FYI, you can get iodine supplements at any number of places on-line, but I would certainly at least check out Detoxadine® at GHC, especially since they’re having a great sale on it through tomorrow (12/3/14). It’s actually what prompted me to finally get around to finishing and posting this information on iodine, because I wanted you to be able to take advantage of the sale. A bottle, which is super concentrated and lasts more than several months, is normally $29.95, but until 12/3 is just $19.95, plus shipping is free. Use code ‘Cyber2014’. I just ordered 2 bottles myself. Here’s a little about the product:

Unlike other iodine supplements which source iodine from the ocean, Detoxadine® is created using 300 million year old salt deposits located 7,000 feet below the earth’s surface. The result is an extremely pure and concentrated nascent iodine that is free of additives and toxins and also screened for radiation.

Detoxadine® is nascent iodine in a vegetable glycerin base. Unlike alcohol based formulas, it has an extremely gentle taste and is appropriate for adults and children alike.

Nascent iodine is also the most easily absorbed and utilized form of iodine available.

Why is Detoxadine® better than potassium iodide?

The nascent iodine in Detoxadine® is pure and much easier for your body to absorb and use. In nature, iodine is attached to other elements as a compound, it doesn’t exist pure. In these forms, absorption may only be 20%, making it biologically inefficient. Detoxadine® is different because it provides a bioavailable, non-toxic source of elemental nascent iodine that the body can efficiently use. Detoxadine® rapidly enters the bloodstream and disperses throughout the body.

The GHC website also has lots of testimonials and a 180 day money back guarantee. Also check out the Aqua-Spirit, O2 Zap (no home should be without it!), Oxy-powder and other products while you’re there.

Read Part II on Iodine, which focuses on some of the things that interfere with iodine absorption, symptoms of deficiency, medication interactions, resources for using iodine against radiation, and more. And see this related Self-help Health post about how certain anti-nutrients can block iodine absorption:


Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine

Detox Tonic & A Free Webinar on Metabolism


It’s double tip day again! The first tip is a detox tonic recipe that I’ve never tried and I’m not sure if I could/would drink a gallon a day, but I think I might make up a “batch” and use over several days. And the second tip today is about a free webinar being offered by Dr. Josh Axe on metabolism… 



cranberry lemonade

There’s more.

Exercise. Sweat. Get your heart rate going. Deep, heavy breathing helps detoxify the body. Exercise vigorously for 20 minutes a day. If you have access to a sauna, especially one of a non-toxic variety, use it! A steam room is great, too, as long as the water is purified, with the fluoride and other chemicals removed.


There is one specific exercise that can help this detox in an unusual way—bouncing. Rebounding on a trampoline, jumping rope, or jogging while ensuring that you’re running with good form (not heel striking) all help circulate your lymph. Do one of these activities for at least 20 minutes a day. Of course, if done vigorously enough to induce heavy breathing and to work up a sweat, the bouncing activities count as the exercise for the day.

Eat. This isn’t a fast. You can detoxify without fasting. You are welcome to fast if you want to and you know your body can handle it, but it’s not necessary in order to receive amazing benefits. Eat produce, salads and fruits. A serious detox is a good time to avoid pretty much anything else and just focus on produce. If the body is very toxic, or so sick that it cannot get nutrition out of food, it’s a good time to juice. Otherwise, we recommend eating whole, unadulterated vegetables and fruits in order to get the fiber and many other benefits that are lost when juicing.

If the gut is out of balance, i.e. Candida overgrowth and/or an abundance of bad bacteria, eat lots of garlic with those salads, and take a high quality probiotic and some undecylenic acid or oil of oregano. (When taking oil of oregano, do not take it with probiotics as it will kill the beneficial bacteria}.

Cranberry lemonade recipe
  • Glass gallon jar
  • Safe, clean, spring water
  • 1 cup of organic cranberry juice, not from concentrate
  • 3 organic fresh lemons
  • A citrus juicer
  • Liquid stevia
  • Liquid cayenne

Fill the jar to about 85% capacity with spring water. Squeeze the lemons and pour the juice into the water. Add cranberry juice. Add stevia to taste and then add cayenne to taste. The amount of cayenne used is up to you, but the more the better.

If you don’t have access to a good spring water source, use other clean drinking water that does not have fluoride. If you don’t have access to organic lemons, use conventional. If there are no fresh lemons, use bottle lemon juice. If you can’t get cranberry juice that is not from concentrate, get the reconstituted kind (just don’t get any kind of cranberry juice that has any other ingredients like sweeteners or other juices). If you can’t stand cayenne, don’t use it. No glass jar? Use plastic. No excuses.

If you have powdered cayenne and/or powdered stevia, I recommend using a blender to mix some of the liquid with the powders so they don’t settle later.

Drinking a gallon of water a day makes an amazing difference to your health and your appearance (google gallon a day water before and after). Drinking this much fluid flushes the organs and the lymph nodes, hydrates the skin, and helps the body to rebuild cells and regenerate in ways that most people do not get to experience. The cranberry and the lemon help flush the liver and the kidneys even more, and in my experience it’s a lot easier to drink a gallon of cranberry lemonade than it is to drink a gallon of plain water. And cayenne has a ton of amazing health benefits. For more, check out, Cayenne – Natures Miracle Medicine.

How long should you do this? I challenge you to ten days. But do it as long as you like. While produce should always be the staple of any healthy diet, no matter what you’re eating, your body will always benefit from this gallon of hydration a day.

Please use common sense with this. If you do not follow a healthy diet with lots of produce, the amount of liquid consumed on this regimen can deplete the body of much needed minerals. Do not attempt to drink a gallon of anything in one sitting. This has been known to kill people, even with just water. If you have kidney problems, this may be the best thing for you. On the other hand, depending on your health issues, it may overload the kidneys. I find that smaller people who weigh less than 120 pounds can see the benefits at 1/2 to 1/3 of a gallon. Your health is in your hands. Again, please use good judgement.

Source: Michael Edwards, Organic Lifestyle Magazine

PERSONAL NOTE: I don’t agree with the author about using a plastic jar or non-organic ingredients. And, of course, I would recommend using structured water. To me, all of these elements are critically important if you want to get the best detox results, otherwise you may be adding more “bad stuff” into your body in the process.

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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

Cleansing the Liver: Part II

I had meant to get this information posted right after my other post on cleansing the liver and gallbladder, but I was involved in a great Drunvalo workshop called Awakening the Illuminated Heart this past week and not spending time on the computer, so I apologize for the delay.

Anyway, in Cleansing the Liver and Gallbladder I talked about several popular routines for cleansing and detoxing the liver, thus the name of the post :-). Here are a few more options, including the routine I finally settled on after experimenting with several different protocols. Hopefully between the information given here and in the previous post you will find something that will work well with your schedule and body. Talking about coffee enemas and yucky stuff coming out of your system are not really fun topics, but these protocols can often make a BIG difference in your health, so…..


How to Clean Your Liver with 5 Natural Liver-Cleansing Tips


Andreas Moritz’s Liver Cleanse Protocol:

You may want to try a couple of different cleanse routines and see which one works best for you. After trying the Great Smokies and Hulda Clark protocols mentioned in my previous post, I settled on a version of the one outlined in the book The Amazing Liver Cleanse, by Andreas Moritz.

His routine is much like Clark’s, but also mentions the possibility of substituting malic acid capsules for people who have blood sugar problems or can’t handle or don’t want to drink all the apple juice required to help soften the gall stones and make them easier to pass. It’s basically the malic acid present in apple juice that has a softening effect and helps dissolve stagnant bile, so taking a specific number of capsules several times a day can be used in place of drinking a lot of juice. I find this makes things much easier than using juice or having to get the phosphoric acid used in the Great Smokies routine, although I think I got the best results with the phosphoric acid—but that may have been because I had a lot more stuff that needed to come out when I first started cleansing.

To follow Moritz’s version of the cleanse, you take from *1500 – 2000 mg. of the malic acid, divided into several doses throughout the day, and always with a full glass of warm water. I notice that my stomach sometimes feels a little queasy (maybe because of the acid content of the malic acid) if I take the morning dose on an empty stomach, so now I make a point of taking it with some food. See what works best for you. And be sure to use a straight malic acid supplement, not one that contains a mixture of malic and magnesium or something else.

Start this dosage 6 to 7 days before the day of the actual cleanse. During that preparation time Moritz recommends avoiding meat, dairy, fried foods, and cold food (harder for the body to digest than warm) and suggests timing the actual cleanse to coincide with the full moon or a few days after. On the day you’ll be taking the Epsom salts and olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture, avoid sweetness, spices, fats, and proteins, and don’t eat or drink anything but water after 2 pm.

The rest of the routine is basically the same as many other liver cleanses (see my previous post), with a dose of Epsom salts at 6 pm and again at 8 pm, and the oil and grapefruit juice mixture at 10 pm.  After downing the oil/juice, Moritz suggests lying down flat on your back, with several pillows propping you up, or if that’s uncomfortable, on your right side with knees pulled up toward your head, then going to sleep. The next morning between 6:00 am-6:30 am drink the 3rd Epsom salt dose, followed by the last dose 2 hrs. later. After a couple of hours you can drink freshly pressed fruit juice, but should eat light for the next couple of days.

Moritz also says to cleanse the colon or have a colonic before and after the liver cleanse, and that you might want to take the malic acid for a few days following the cleanse in case there are some gallstones still in transit out of your system. There are more details about cleansing and maintaining a healthy liver given in his book. It also contains information about ways to improve overall health and well-being, so it might be something you’d want to invest in (you can purchase the book at

 *You can get the malic acid at several sources listed at the end of this post. Also, I recommend self-testing or having someone muscle test you for the amount of milligrams your body wants/needs to take, although the range mentioned should give you a good idea of how much to use.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gallbladder Flush:

I haven’t tried this routine yet, but it incorporates raw apple cider vinegar, of which I’m a big fan. The basic directions are as follows:

A week before the actual 2-day flush, start preparing your body by drinking (slowly) ½ tsp apple cider vinegar (ACV) with 6 oz. apple juice upon arising, at mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and again after dinner. If you’re hypoglycemic or diabetic, then dilute with half distilled, filtered, or structured water. Organic apple juice is rich in malic acid, potassium, pectins and enzymes that act as solvents to soften and help remove debris and small stones from the body. During the actual 2-day flush, no food is eaten, only liquids. Combine 1/3 cup Bragg’s Organic Olive Oil (no substitutes), 2/3 cup organic apple juice, and 1 tsp. ACV. Drink this mixture 3 times during the first day, and twice on the second day. At night, sleep on your right side, pulling right knee toward chest to open pathway for stones to leave.

About mid-morning on the third day, eat a salad made with raw cabbage, carrots, celery, beets, tomatoes, sprouts, and lettuce, topped with ACV and olive oil. Or, if desired, have a bowl of lightly steamed kale, collards, chard, or other leafy greens. Season with Bragg’s ACV, olive oil and a spray of Liquid Aminos. When on the flush, some nausea may occur. This likely shows that toxins, mucus, and bile are being dumped into the stomach, and you may need to regurgitate to relieve the situation. Drink 1 to 2 glasses of purified/structured water and depress your tongue, if necessary, to help get things up and out of your system. (NOTE: This flush is not for diabetics, unless supervised by a health professional.)

3-Day Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse:

In case you’d like still another option for cleansing the liver, and don’t mind drinking a lot of apple juice, here is one more routine. I haven’t tried this one, but it was given to me by a colon hydro-therapist, and I figured she would be someone who’d be “in the know” about such things. After the numerous times I’ve had trouble getting down the ½ cup of olive oil you take in other protocols, I was more than a little nervous about the ½ pint this one calls for, but, hey, it just may be your cup of tea (er, I mean, oil :-)). The instructions are as follows:

For 2 days eat very light. Take 2 TBS. of cold pressed organic olive oil in ¼ cup of apple juice in the morning and evening. Drink 6 to 7 glasses of apple juice throughout the day, plus lots of water. On the 3rd day, do not eat any food! Drink 2 TBS. of olive oil in ¼ cup of apple juice and the usual 6 to 7 glasses of apple juice during the day. That night mix ½ pint of olive oil in some lemon juice and water with stevia drops, and start drinking it 1 hr. before bed. Go to bed and lie on your right side with left leg up to your chest until at least 3 to 4am. Using a coffee enema at 4 to 5 am is very helpful in clearing out the system. If you feel sick, chew on some ginger or drink ginger tea.

Coffee Enemas:

It is believed by many healthcare practitioners that coffee enemas provide quick relief when fatigued, sleepy, headachy, or feeling just plain lousy. The protocol can also help with spasms, precordial heart, throat or chest pain, and difficulties resulting from the sudden withdrawal of all intoxicating sedation. Coffee enemas also work to release toxins from the liver, so they are often included as part of cleansing routines, especially those involving the liver and gallbladder.

Drinking a cup of coffee has an entirely different effect on your system. It can cause problems such increased reflex response, lowered blood pressure, increased heart rate, insomnia, heart palpitations, over-stimulated adrenals, stomach irritation, and leaves a toxic residue in the body. A coffee enema on the other hand, when done properly, causes the liver to produce more bile, opens the bile ducts, and causes the bile to flow. In this process, a toxic liver can dump many of its toxicants into the bile and get rid of them in just a few minutes. This can give great relief to all parts of the body, and often makes the difference between having to lie down after your cleanse or quickly recuperating and being active.

Colon therapies and enemas help to remove the toxic mucoid plaque around the colon walls and the elimination of parasites in the gut. They also facilitate better gut mobility and frequency of healthy bowel movements.

Coffee enemas give an added benefit over typical water based colonic therapies by stimulating the liver to produce greater amounts of glutathione. Glutathione is the bodies master antioxidant and helps protect the intracellular DNA and eliminate toxins from within the cells.

Studies, in test mice, have found that green coffee beans increase glutathione production in the liver by 600% and by 700% in the small intestine. The enema is the most potent way to gain these powerful effects because the enzymes of the digestive tract do not interact with the nutrients before they reach the liver.

Coffee enemas are known to help individuals with gallstones, liver problems, digestive problems, low energy, autoimmune diseases and cancer. They are used in almost every natural health retreat center, around the world, for their remarkable ability to cleanse and detoxify in a short period of time…..

If coffee cannot be tolerated due to allergy, then one could use a diluted raw, apple cider vinegar or green juice enema. You could also try an organic tea such as green tea or an assorted blend of organic herbs that the individual is able to tolerate. Obviously, if you suffer from a serious health condition, it’s best to find an experienced healthcare provider to help guide you through the process. – Dr David Jockers of Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, GA

When I first heard about people using coffee enemas years ago, I thought “Boy, what is the world coming to.” Seemed like some strange routine Hollywood must have come up with. But they kept showing up as part of certain healing routines (coffee enemas, not Hollywood celebs :-)). Then two different hydro-therapists mentioned them, and a naturopath said she used them on a daily basis to help cure her cancer. So I figured I might as well give them a try. During one of my first liver cleanses I found that even after all the stuff I got out with the Epsom salts and oil/juice mixture and the colonic I had scheduled the next morning, I was able to get even more stuff out by following up everything with a coffee enema. Disgusting, but amazing. So you may want to at least consider trying one.

The two routines listed below are very similar, but you may want to experiment and see which one works best for you. Also, there are a number of different substances that have been used over the years in enemas, such as wheat grass juice, aloe vera, and garlic, that you could try using. But because coffee has a direct effect on the bile and liver, it’s the ingredient most often recommended in conjunction with a liver/gallbladder flush.

Coffee enema routine #1: 

Put 3 heaping TBS. of organic coffee in a glass pot and boil uncovered for 10 min.; strain into a qt. jar and fill the rest of the jar with spring/structured water.

Fill enema bag and hang approximately 18” (if you hang the bag too high the fluid will run into the colon too quickly and may cause discomfort) above the body (it seems to work well and make for easy clean-up to set the enema up in the tub, so that if you have any leakage during the process it will just go down the drain; you can suspend a coat hanger or two from the shower head and hang the bag from that); lie on your left side and insert tip (lubricated with non-petroleum jelly or vitamin E) into rectum.

Pinch/clamp tube to control flow of liquid; when all coffee has run through, turn over on your back and raise your hips off the floor/bottom of the tub. Massage abdomen on left side, going up towards your rib cage for a few minutes; then turn over on your right side and bring both knees up to your chest (all this helps move the fluid up through the colon and toward the liver).

Relax and do some deep breathing; try to hold the enema for about 12 min. (yikes! I found that seemed like forever!) to give the intestine a chance to absorb the caffeine (if you can’t hold for that long, repeat the process—but not more than twice). Then sit on the toilet and void.

Later drink some orange, grapefruit, or apple juice, or 1 TBS. apple cider vinegar in a cup of water.

Coffee enema routine #2 (based on Dr. Gerson’s book A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases):

Take 3 TBS. of organic ground coffee and add to 1 qt. of water; let it boil for 3 min. and then simmer for 20 min. Strain and use at body temperature.

Lying down on your right side, with both legs drawn close to the abdomen, insert the lubricated tip of the enema tube.

Breathe deeply as the enema flows into the body in order to draw the greatest amount of fluid from the bag into the necessary parts of the colon. It also helps to let all the air out of the lungs and suck the gut in and out while in this position.

Try to retain the fluid for 10 to 15 min. (it helps to have a clock within easy view and something to read while waiting; I even put a pillow in the tub so it’s more comfortable for my head). The caffeine is absorbed from the fluid within 10 to 12 min. and goes directly through the hemorrhoidal veins into the portal veins, and into the liver (lying on your right side helps move the fluid in the necessary direction).

Sit on the toilet and void.

Often it’s hard to really see what’s coming out when you’re on the toilet because of the dark color the coffee gives the expelled fluid. But, depending on your current health situation and condition of your liver, you may notice more stones (how nice that they float!) and strands of mucus, yeast, etc. After you’ve voided as much of the enema fluid as possible, be sure to clean out the “dregs” from your colon by administering a second enema with purified/filtered/distilled or structured water. You may want to break open a probiotic capsule and add the contents to the “final rinse” water to help re-populate your colon with friendly bacteria.

WARNING: It’s important to remember that any time you cleanse the system, have a colonic, or administer an enema, you are flushing out the good bacteria as well as the bad, so be sure you replenish the friendly flora, either by taking a probiotic or eating naturally fermented sauerkraut, yogurt, etc. Also, coffee enemas cause bile to be excreted, which contains many valuable mineral salts. To lose these salts without replenishing them could be harmful, so be sure you are on a good diet of broths and fresh juices (or take something like Best Whey) to assure vital nutrients are replaced.

Also, you can get many of the ingredients, including organic coffee, for the various cleanses from one of my favorite places to shop; use code CJG192 if you are a new customer and spend more than $40 and you will get $10 off, plus you can take advantage of their wonderful specials and trial offer section. Shipping is free on orders of $20 and up, and there’s no sales tax. There’s an extra 5% off on orders over $60. is another on-line favorite of mine and also has a huge selection of products.  If you are new to Vitacost and make your first purchase of $25 or more through the link on my webpage you will receive a $10 off coupon. And if you plan on shopping again after that, be sure to sign up for a free acct. at, if you don’t already have one. That way you can use the eBates portal to shop at Vitacost (and 100s of other popular stores) and earn cash back on your purchases. Plus, eBates also offers some reward–I got a $10 gift card–when you place your first $25 order at a store through them. How does it get any better than that?!

Or you can check out Global Healing Center and the liver cleanse kit they offer. Type “liver cleanse” into the search function and it will bring up info about the kit, plus other useful liver/gallbladder related information and articles.

Background information on how and why coffee enemas work:

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UPDATE 9/5/14: I just happened across this article and it had information and a couple of liver cleanse protocols, including one that uses walnut oil, which is supposed to be more palatable than olive oil. You may want to check it out:



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Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.