Hindu Pushups (Dand) & Squats (Baithak), Plus The Healthy Heart Summit


Had never heard of a Hindu pushup or squat before until reading this article from The Chopra Center, but they look like a great way to get a pretty thorough workout is a very short amount of time. I plan to give them a try, but am not sure how many reps I’ll be able to do. 🙂


The Hindu Pushup (Dand)         

An amazing exercise that originated in India, the dand, or Hindu pushup is one of the most comprehensive and beneficial exercises for the entire body. Ideal for building functional strength, endurance, and hip mobility, the dand resembles a dynamic and flowing combination of two classic yoga poses—downward dog and cobra. Performed in repetitions of 25, 50, or more, the dand requires not only focused and mindful breathing, but also an attentive awareness to posture and bodily alignment. As such, it’s a wonderful exercise to cultivate bodily present moment awareness.

Here’s a video with instructions:

The Hindu Squat (Baithak)

The sister exercise to the dand, the baithak or Hindu squat is an Indian calisthenic bodyweight exercise used by wrestlers to develop lower body strength. As opposed to traditional squats, the baithak resembles more of a deep knee bounce with the heels raised off the ground. The arms swing in rhythmic manner with each squat, moving toward the back during the descent and forward toward the chest on the upward stroke. As with the dand, a focused breathing cadence is necessary to maintain an even tempo with the movement and to ensure adequate respiration during the exercise. The gaze is kept directed straight ahead, which further helps to focus the mind and keep the awareness on the movement at hand. Traditionally, the dand and baithak were performed together in sets—two baithaks for every one dand. Thus, 25 dands equals 50 baithaks. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by these two amazing exercises. Since they are both bodyweight exercises, they can be practiced by anyone provided each person begins at their own level.

Here’s a video with more details and instructions:


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