More Free Resources For You!


Here a some free alternative resources I’ve found out about in the last few days that I wanted to share with you. The first is from Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay…..


I have been busy compiling the latest research on how to heal
cavities quickly and simply. I want to let you know about my latest free one hour “Cure Tooth Decay” interview with Jimmy Moore on the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show. In the interview we discuss some of my most up-to-date research and knowledge on healing cavities.

Here is the link for you to download the mp3 of the interview.

P.S. You can also get a free chapter of “Cure Tooth Decay” by signing up for Nagel’s informative newsletter at:

And use his new automated help system to find an answer to your question or to post new questions at:


Another free dental-related resource, along with a free cookbook offer, this time from Will and Susan over at Orawellness…..

In honor of the contribution Dr Huggins made to championing the damaging impact of mercury amalgams to the world, we invite you to watch the interview we hosted with Dr Huggins for free.  Here’s the link:

Free interview with Dr Hal Huggins.

And our friend, Dr Alan Christianson, author of the Adrenal Reset Diet book is giving away a FREE cookbook that follows his amazing work with addressing weight issues. If you are not familiar with Dr Christianson’s work, he is a brilliant researcher and clinician whose studies have helped shape our current healing diets.

In particular, the concept of cycling when to eat carbohydrates
makes a tremendous amount of sense to us (not to mention has massively helped us get better, more restful sleep)!

Here’s a link to get Dr Christianson’s free cookbook today.

And if you missed the Origins Deep Dive event awhile back like I did (sometime there’s just so much going on at once!), here’s your chance to catch part of it again….

Since we shared the Origins Film with the world a few weeks ago, we’ve had thousands of comments and emails from people all over the world asking us to leave the movie and event up a little longer. We’ve already had 650,000 people watch the movie in just 3 short weeks, but thousands of people missed the “Deep Dive” Event as it launched just before the Thanksgiving weekend. This event was designed to follow up on the topics introduced in the film and give you the tools and resources you need to clean up your health and green up your life.Because so many people missed it, we’ve decided to open the Origins Deep Dive for a limited re-release period THIS WEEK ONLY. Each day, we’ll share a few of the interviews for a 24 hour window.These interviews are with the world’s leaders in health, green, fitness, and conscious capitalism. They are rich, deep, useful, and meaningful and free of charge the day of each broadcast. Here’s today’s schedule:

Dr Tom O’Brian – Understanding Gluten
Abel James – Free Yourself of Things
Dave Asprey – Peak Performance
Tim Reihm – Combat Hidden Toxins
Jeffrey Smith – Non GMO Living
Kim Walls – Non-Toxic Skin Care
Scott Murray – Setting up Your Home Garden
Dr. Daniel Amen – Powering up Your Brain

And this meditation guide from Dr. Juliet Tien seemed to be something that might come in handy right now, with all the stress that often accompanies the holiday season….



Dr. Juliet Tien has more than 4 decades of clinical experience helping people to remove physical and emotional toxins, and heal their physical and psychological wounds. This free 10-minute meditation to reduce day to day stress could help you:

  • quiet your mind
  • improve mental clarity
  • increase creativity
  • uplift your mood
  • improve your sleep

You can sign up to receive the meditation here:

10-Minute Meditation Guide


And finally, if you are still in gift buying mode, or looking for some great things for yourself health-wise, two of my favorite places to shop on-line are offering some great deals. Raw Food World is having their biggest sale of the year, with 17.5% off, plus many “blow-out” specials. And Vibes Up is offering 45 to 61% off items not already discounted. Them wanting to get rid of as much inventory as possible before the end of the year certainly creates a great opportunity for you! You can find out more and get the discount codes on my What’s New page.



p.s. Be sure to subscribe to Self-help Health so you don’t miss any future posts. Also check out my new website Evolution Made Easier and blog of the same name for more helpful information, tips, tools and resources.

Disclaimer: Please note that any information here is provided as a guideline only, and is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician, nutritionist, trained healthcare practitioner, and/or inner guidance system. Always consult a professional before undertaking any change to your normal health routine.

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